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How I Teach Classes Remotely. > ...

How I Teach Classes Remotely

So the attendees for the session either see you, or they see the content: but not both at the same time. No. With the correct configuration in OBS, they can see both - you and the screen. This is the latest video I have uploaded to demonstrate the visual effect I mean: > Unless you run OBS in the virtual machine, and join the Zoom session from the virtual machine too, in which case OBS is unnecessary. Hmm? I run OBS on the Windows 10 host system.

You can then use one of a few plugins for OBS to present the output of all of this as a virtual web cam, which can be presented to Zoom as your camera. But OBS then gives you another trick (among many): scenes. Firstly that a green screen allows you to increase the possibility of eye contact with your audience by bolstering your size in the frame without having a rectangle of mess behind you (see the video I posted above as an example of what a green screen now looks like.) This all comes with a few key benefits... Modern Enterprise Learning Platform - Aggregate, Empower, Motivate. Home - CogBooks. Class Quiz Games with Quizizz (an Alternative to Kahoot) I love hosting classroom quiz games.

Class Quiz Games with Quizizz (an Alternative to Kahoot)

Seven Good Student Response Systems That Work On All Devices. Earlier today I received an email from someone who had found this comparison chart of student response tools.

Seven Good Student Response Systems That Work On All Devices

He was interested in learning a bit more about each of them beyond what was in the chart so I put together this collection of information about popular student response tools. Each of these tools can be used on iPads, Android tablets, and in the web browser on your laptop or Chromebook. Infuse Learning is a free student response system that works with any Internet-connected device. Infuse Learning allows teachers to push questions, prompts, and quizzes out to students' devices in private virtual classrooms. Beyond the Chalkboard: 5 Apps That Will Change the Way Your Students Learn. Despite technology’s onward march, the fundamentals of teaching have remained relatively unchanged.

Beyond the Chalkboard: 5 Apps That Will Change the Way Your Students Learn

Sure, phones are smarter and software is freakishly advanced, but the role of a well-informed, caring adult is more important than ever — someone who connects to the student on a human level, shepherding the often overwhelming path to subject comprehension. In light of this, the mere notion of altering tried-and-true methods of teaching is met with skepticism, even outright hostility by many lifelong educators. Be that as it may, turning a blind eye to the unprecedented needs of digital natives benefits no one. We are, after all, talking about children that learn to use mobile apps before tying their own shoelaces.

Quality educational technology seeks to enhance, not obliterate, the role of teachers. Tappestry Ever learn something cool and feel like announcing it to the whole world? Why is this app effective? The tools I use to teach and some remaining niches. The opportunities for new tools.

The tools I use to teach and some remaining niches.

The gaps I’ve identified are in planning lessons, special educational needs, parental engagement and qualifications. These are the ones that I experience. However there might be an elegant solution already in existence, if so please do leave a note. Planning lessons. (Creatively) Lessons are what teachers do.

We could look at the design of the lesson plan document itself or the way we review our lessons but these can also stagnate without external stimuli. Could there be a tool that suggests new ideas for teachers in built into their lesson planning routine? 8 Classroom Management Apps for Tech Savvy Teachers. For teachers, the calling to make a difference in a student’s life is strong.

8 Classroom Management Apps for Tech Savvy Teachers

But for many, the workload and burden overwhelms their ability to deliver a strong impact. Fortunately, education technology is here to lend a hand. In this post we will be looking at 8 apps tech savvy teachers can use to better manage their classrooms. These apps give the teachers a leg up in helping to keep track and be aware of each of their student’s progress, to help them get the students more actively involved in class, to better plan and create their lessons and a whole lot more. Most (not all) of these apps are available for free, and most (again, not all) are available as mobile apps (for Android, iOS and beyond). 1. Class DOJO is a very helpful tool for teachers to gather and generate data on the behavior of students.

By using this tool, a teacher has a number of predefined behavior options under the categories of positive and negative behaviors. GlassLab Games. Socrative introduction. UPDATED: 2 tools are better than one: comparing Socrative and Kahoot. (Updated September 7, 2015 to reflect new features in Socrative 2.0).

UPDATED: 2 tools are better than one: comparing Socrative and Kahoot

Sometimes we want a quick check to see how our students are doing with a topic. We want to ask a few questions and know right away if the students were right or wrong. We want to be able to discuss questions students got wrong in the moment, so they can learn from their mistakes and deepen their understanding. Many tools exist that allow us to “poll” and “quiz” students on computers, tablets, or smartphones. This updated post looks at two such tools. Kahoot is a free, Web-based tool that allows you to survey students, ask formative assessment questions, or facilitate an online discussion on computers or mobile devices.