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Läsarnas mattetips. S A G O K I S T A N. Home — Bloxels. Ämnesutveckling - Matematik. Vi skapar #BlackOutPoetry. Reading to Learn – Teaching Children to Read. Readly - Tusentals tidningar – alla i ett abonnemang. The Padagogy Wheel - It’s Not About The Apps, It’s About The Pedagogy - Story Maps. eAdventure. iTEC Scenarios, Design and Prototyping. A scenario is a narrative that is used in iTEC as a medium to understand challenges and opportunities of advanced learning practices in European schools.

iTEC Scenarios, Design and Prototyping

Make learning an adventure. SEGAN: Welcome to the Serious Games Network. Science & Nature - Climate Challenge. JA Titan Simulation Home Page. Business Simulation Games Best Money Financial Sims. Jesse Schell: When games invade real life. TimeMesh – welcome. The project. Education Edition - Resources. My first MinecraftEdu server. Nätverksträff om undervisningen för elever och studerande med invandrarbakgrund 5.4. Matematik - Hem. Kaosteknik.

3D Printers in Elementary School. This week I am hosting some guest bloggers.

3D Printers in Elementary School

This is a guest post from Terri Eichholz. We were recently gifted with a Makerbot Replicator (5th Gen) to pilot in our elementary school library. Our librarian, Angelique Lackey, and I knew that time was short before the end of the year, but we wanted students to experience the power of creating with this device. If you search the web for 3D printing curriculum to use in elementary schools, you will find a sparse number of appropriate resources. Most of the “curriculum” turns out to be instructions on using a 3D printer like this, or lists of manipulatives teachers can make on a 3D printer.

As we researched, though, we came across the CityX curriculum. If you feel like the City X curriculum doesn’t suit your needs, I encourage you to check out the #makered Twitter chat that occurs every week on Tuesdays at 8 CST. Google to offer 360-degree Street View for 40 National Parks and cultural sites. In the age of virtual and augmented reality, vacations in the near future could mostly take place from behind a headset.

Google to offer 360-degree Street View for 40 National Parks and cultural sites

In anticipation of this, Google has teamed up with the National Park Service to offer 360-degree Street View imagery for 40 National Parks and cultural sites. In addition to Street View virtual tours, you’ll also have access to a sort of online museum featuring historical artifacts and and “national treasures” complete with descriptions and accompanying history. From Alcatraz Island to the Tuskegee Institute, your virtual vacation is just a couple of mouse clicks away. ➤ Google Cultural Institute [Google via Engadget] » Hyvät käytöstavat -materiaali MOLLA. Alla olevissa videoissa on esitetty erilaisia tilanteita, joissa joudutaan pohtimaan käytöstapoja: mitä ovat hyvät ja huonot käytöstavat ja minkälaisissa tilanteissa niitä saatetaan kohdata.

» Hyvät käytöstavat -materiaali MOLLA

Videot ovat esimerkki helposti toteutettavasta, tietotekniikkaa hyödyntävästä työtavasta, jonka avulla voidaan nostaa esiin jokin ajankohtainen aihe lasten kanssa yhdessä käsiteltäväksi. The Defining Characteristic Of Early 21st Century Learning. The Only Thing You Need To Be A 21st Century Teacher by Terry Heick Contrary to what you’ve probably read, you don’t have to be engaging to be a great teacher—at least not in any charismatic and charming sense of the word.

The Defining Characteristic Of Early 21st Century Learning

You can be relatively “boring” and lead students to outstanding academic progress, mainly by staying organized, being reflective, flexible, and in constant contact with an active and ambitious professional learning networking. Teaching differently requires work. A resourceful teacher with an internet connection is likely to encounter more professional development materials in a few days than many teachers saw in a lifetime two generations ago, which makes this an exciting time to be an educator. Inquiry-Based Learning: Developing Student-Driven Questions. Defining Inquiry Inquiry-based learning, rather than presenting a set of facts, uses student inquiries, questions, interests, and curiosities to drive learning.

Inquiry-Based Learning: Developing Student-Driven Questions

This level of student involvement makes the learning more relevant, encouraging students to develop their own agency and critical thinking skills. 10 URLs to Find Out What Google Knows About You. Google is much more than just a search giant.

10 URLs to Find Out What Google Knows About You

It is also home to many of your favorite products: Gmail, YouTube, and Chrome, just to name a few. Apart from that, it also offers many products to help you keep track of your data. Most of these are hidden deep inside the My Account dashboard, which many users don’t really know of. These hidden tools may reveal interesting details about your usage of Google’s many services. 8 Classroom Management Apps for Tech Savvy Teachers. For teachers, the calling to make a difference in a student’s life is strong.

8 Classroom Management Apps for Tech Savvy Teachers

But for many, the workload and burden overwhelms their ability to deliver a strong impact. Fortunately, education technology is here to lend a hand. In this post we will be looking at 8 apps tech savvy teachers can use to better manage their classrooms. These apps give the teachers a leg up in helping to keep track and be aware of each of their student’s progress, to help them get the students more actively involved in class, to better plan and create their lessons and a whole lot more. Most (not all) of these apps are available for free, and most (again, not all) are available as mobile apps (for Android, iOS and beyond).

Gender neutral parenting doomed to fail. Sex therapist and psychologist Bettina Arndt says gender-neutral parenting is impossible and that women expect too much from husbands and fathers.

Gender neutral parenting doomed to fail

Arndt has served on a number of committees advising government policy, including the Family Law Pathways Advisory Group and the Child Support Review Reference Group and says women are taking over all the parenting, even going as far as raising them to be more like women. Toimijuutta Rantakylässä. TÄNÄÄN 15.10. webinaari klo 15:30 Rantakylän yhtenäiskoulussa toimijuus näkyy ja tuntuu työskentelykulttuurissa.

Toimijuutta Rantakylässä

Kymmensormijärjestelmä ja näppäintaidot peruskoulussa. Toiminnallinen kielioppi. Ninan jutinoita: elokuuta 2014. Nina Maunu 28.8.2014 Toiminnallisesta arvioinnista.