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India raises social security, market acess, visa issue with US. India wants early conclusion of the totalisation agreement or Social Security Agreement with the US.

India raises social security, market acess, visa issue with US

India-US flags File Photo India on Tuesday pressed for setting up a high-level committee to look into a range of issues including American Totalisation and non-tariff barrier, as also the Social Security Act that discriminates Indians working in the US. Www.dnaindia. Africa Must Improve Its Welfare Services. African governments must provide a better level of social protection for their citizens.

Africa Must Improve Its Welfare Services

Social work attacks, the Tory plot in a nutshell. Axing funds for the College of Social Work and the professionals it supports is a direct assault on those who stand up for the most vulnerable in our society, warns STEVEN WALKER THE recent decision by the new Tory government to cut funding to the College of Social Work and end its existence is part and parcel of the attack on the welfare state.

Social work attacks, the Tory plot in a nutshell

The mainstream media portrayed the decision as a rational step to end an organisation that had failed to recruit enough members. But in reality the Tories want to continue their ideological attack on welfare by undermining professionals working in social services who support vulnerable citizens. The UK budget: King Canute and the triumph of moralism over morality. The UK Budget of July 2015 could be interpreted as a vainglorious attempt to tell the waves of globalisation to go back.

The UK budget: King Canute and the triumph of moralism over morality

Blatantly utilitarian, with some class smirking, it was designed to benefit the perceived middle class, making the majority happier, at the expense of a minority, with mild raps for the plutocracy and elite, while allowing affluent family friends to keep more of their inherited wealth. We should reflect on the moralistic project that underpins the budget. Before doing so, consider the economic reasoning behind the headline-making policy of a new national “living wage”, even though the term itself is a misnomer, since it will be neither national nor an amount on which to live in any decency.

The test is whether it can be a means of turning back the waves. That is most unlikely. New Obama Gun-Control Plan Surprises NRA. Q&A: Kathy Park works to reduce racial inequalities in Madison's social service systems. For youth who commit crimes, Kathy Park seeks options that will keep them out of the criminal justice system, a path that can be difficult from which to recover.

Q&A: Kathy Park works to reduce racial inequalities in Madison's social service systems

Park is the executive director/CEO of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency, a nonprofit that promotes equitable justice through research and public policy. The organization works to improve decision-making in the child welfare, justice, education and other social service systems. Services: The next big thing. New York Acts to Mandate $15 Minimum Wage in Fast Food. Start here - 80,000 Hours.

Our key advice.

Start here - 80,000 Hours

Chinese opportunity shifting to services, say trade watchers. Will climate refugees in Canada finally spur action on climate change? A young child arrives at the hospital emergency room in respiratory distress, his asthma worsened by smoke exposure.

Will climate refugees in Canada finally spur action on climate change?

An elder has uncontrolled blood pressure because there wasn't time to get her medications when the evacuation orders came through. Scabies and other illnesses related to crowding spread quickly through the close quarters of the evacuees. Sudden departure from and worry about home bring significant mental stress. These sorts of health problems are commonplace for people in circumstances like the more than 13,000 Northern Saskatchewan residents forced to leave their homes due to forest fires. EU countries trying to attract young Canadians, avoid youth-mobility quota cuts. Europeans are working to attract more young Canadians to visit their countries for work, in hopes of avoiding a Canadian quota cut that could mean less opportunity for foreign youth to take a working holiday in Canada.

EU countries trying to attract young Canadians, avoid youth-mobility quota cuts

Whether they want to teach skiing at Whistler, go surfing in Tofino, learn French in Quebec or pour lattes in Toronto, twenty-somethings from all over the world are eager to spend a year travelling and working in Canada. Canadians, though, don’t seem as keen to take working holidays abroad. It’s a trend that has the Canadian government flirting with the idea of cutting back quotas for foreign youth participating in International Experience Canada. Network of Robots Studies the Ocean From Top to Bottom. “Because of this, it has not been possible to get large-scale bulk phenomena over large spatial and temporal domains.

Network of Robots Studies the Ocean From Top to Bottom

You can’t do it with a ship,” says Kanna Rajan, an engineer at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute who studies artificial intelligence capable of making decisions. Bug-Inspired Robots Designed to Do Our Dirty Work. In 2007, Robert Wood, the founder of Harvard’s Microrobotics Lab, became the first person to get a fly-size, flapping-wing robot to take off; a minuscule motor powered its plastic wings.

Bug-Inspired Robots Designed to Do Our Dirty Work

The whole thing — including a carbon-fiber body not much bigger than a fingernail — weighed just two-thousandths of an ounce. ISIS Transforming Into Functioning State That Uses Terror as Tool. ISTANBUL — The Islamic State uses terror to force obedience and frighten enemies. It has seized territory, destroyed antiquities, slaughtered minorities, forced women into sexual slavery and turned children into killers. But its officials are apparently resistant to bribes, and in that way, at least, it has outdone the corrupt Syrian and Iraqi governments it routed, residents and experts say. To see the full article, subscribe here. Correction: July 21, 2015 An earlier version of this article omitted the name of one of the authors of a study about the Islamic State’s evolving legal system that was published in Foreign Affairs. » BLOG. i4j DC Leadership Forum – Project Plan i4j Leadership Forum on Innovation for Jobs Policy Sep 1, Washington DC – (conference page here) There are silos in government: Labor policy is for workers.

Innovation policy is for entrepreneurs. 4. IFVP AustinTX 2015 - Joel Garreau. Who benefits from Canada’s Universal Child Care benefit? If you hand parents a cheque, will they work more? The federal government is rolling out beefed-up child benefit cheques, which increase this year to $160 from $100 per month, per child under six years old. The benefit is meant to help cover the cost of child care, the lack of which has left many parents scrambling to juggle work and family commitments. Economists have argued a lack of accessible, affordable daycare hurts Canada’s economy and labour force, as parents cut back on the hours they work because there’s no one to look after their kids.

READ MORE: How lack of affordable, accessible child care hurts the economy. Should We Redesign Capitalism to Address Our Jobless Future? - Singularity HUB. “There are more net jobs in the world today than ever before, after hundreds of years of technological innovation and hundreds of years of people predicting the death of work. The logic on this topic is crystal clear. China's Campaign Against Its Nomads. China’s campaign to force its millions of nomadic herders into static lives of grim social engineering is proceeding rapidly. The massive uprooting is leaving members of this ancient culture groping for a place in the government’s badly planned new world.

Beijing says that by the end of the year the remaining 1.2 million nomads will have been moved from the western border grassland into towns offering electricity, health care and schools. Will Robocars Vastly Increase Battery Life? - Singularity HUB. We know electric cars are getting better and likely to get popular even when driven by humans. Why We Should Stop Blaming Poverty and Parents for Hungry Kids. Nothing tugs at our collective heartstrings more than hungry kids.

Explicit cookie consent. ON A RAINY Sunday morning, Chong Boon market is buzzing. No English Please, We’re Pakistani. The Class Divide. Pakistan has many social problems however one of the main problems that it is facing is the class division and language barrier, where the main focus is on learning English and the ones who know this language are at better advantage of getting jobs and admission in universities.

Stop subsidies, switch to organic farming. Story highlights. Why is Pakistan swapping English for Urdu? Pakistan is to abolish English as its official language in favour of Urdu. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is backing the move, which would mean a range of government documents - including passports, utility bills and websites - will be published in Urdu. Entrepreneurs in the New Cuba. Cyprus to embark on ‘unprecedented’ civil service reforms. India launches ‘smart cities’ challenge. India’s government has launched a country-wide ‘Smart Cities’ competition which will hand out five-year grants worth around $7.5bn to winning cities to help them promote progressive urban planning, improve governance, and strengthen their infrastructure.

Prime minister Narendra Modi announced the initiative on 25 June, which is led by the Ministry of Urban Development and will be conducted in partnership with knowledge partner Bloomberg Philanthropies. Governments ‘could benefit’ from high levels of transparency championed by New Zealand, Treasury chief says. Cognitive biases in futurist thinking. Home care for Ontario seniors affected by move to non-profit agencies. Tracing Urban Change in Brooklyn From ‘Kotter’ to ‘Girls’ Is Our Art Equal to the Challenges of Our Times? At Comic-Con, Bring Out Your Fantasy and Fuel the Culture. A New Look at Apprenticeships as a Path to the Middle Class. Obama Program to Connect Public Housing Residents to Web. UN goals on reversing AIDS epidemic 'achieved and exceeded' HIV/AIDS: What's behind the decline in new infections. Water Crisis Brings Out Puerto Rico’s Creative Side.

A Living Wage for Caregivers - The New York Times. Aid-in-Dying Laws Are Just a Start - The New York Times. The Third Replicator - The New York Times. Explicit cookie consent. Greece pledges to crack down on tax evasion as a way of life as part of bailout tax reform. MaySell.pdf. The Coming Problem of Our iPhones Being More Intelligent Than Us. Can We Control Our Technological Destiny—Or Are We Just Along For the Ride? - Singularity HUB. China and Russia Lay Foundation for Massive Economic Cooperation. Horizons. 9 Ways the TPP Is Bad for Developing Countries. It's No Myth: Robots and Artificial Intelligence Will Erase Jobs in Nearly Every Industry - Singularity HUB. Ukraine Is a Mess, But It’s Still No Greece. China’s Stock Market Safety Net Is Too Much, Too Late. Extreme Wealth Should Be Transformed Into Global Impact—Here's How - Singularity HUB.

Pope Francis Focuses on Family in Ecuador Mass. Angela Merkel Faces Monumental Test of Leadership After Greek Vote. Perfectly human: Behavioral economists target natural instincts to eradicate poverty - Times Leader - Digitizing Surgery: How New Technologies Will Transform Old Medical Practices [Video] - Singularity HUB. This Week’s Awesome Stories from Around the Web (Through Jul 4) - Singularity HUB. Cuba’s New Tourism Industry Is Potentially Bad News for the Rest of the Caribbean. How France Can Fix Its Homegrown Terror Problem. The Global Magazine of News and Ideas. The Worst-Case Scenario for the Global Economy.

What Are the Geostrategic Implications of a Grexit? Africa’s Angry Young Men. Letgocomic. Kurzweil Responds to 'When Robots Are Everywhere, What Will Humans Be Good For?' [Video] - Singularity HUB. When the Toaster Shares Your Data With the Refrigerator, the Bathroom Scale, and Tech Firms - Singularity HUB. What's the Meaning of Life If Society Doesn't Need You Any Longer? - Singularity HUB. WorkWeWant. Long live ROS: Why the robotics revolution is being driven by open source development.

Invention may make hydrogen a real green contender: Don Pittis. Earth Has Entered First 'Mass Extinction' Since Dinosaurs, Study Warns. Majority Of CEOs Say Canada Too Dependent On Alberta: Survey. How Ontario Is Leading Energy Storage in Canada  Canada Could Become a Global Leader in the Internet of Things  How Computers Will Crack the Genetic Code and Improve Billions of Lives - Singularity HUB. These Robots Will 3D Print a Steel Bridge Over a Canal in Amsterdam - Singularity HUB. China rights activists drop lawyers, halt subversion trial. Alberta introduces bill to hike taxes on corporations and wealthy.

Digital detox challenge gets mixed response from students – and parents. Explicit cookie consent. Mindfulness lessons can help kids get a leg up in life, UBC study suggests. Healthy Eating May Shield the Aging Brain. Inside the world's best mental-health program to keep homeless people off the street. Inside the world's best mental-health program to keep homeless people off the street. 16 Startups Poised to Disrupt the Education Market. Millennials increasingly are driving growth of ‘nones’ Europe's refugee problem an echo of the 1930s. Canada's racism problem? It's even worse than America's. Canada’s youth are highly connected, girls face different rules online: study. It’s time to talk to your tweens and teens about “sexting”  Too much screen time creates health risk for children - Saskatoon. Ontario Self-Employment Benefit shuts down in 2016 after funding cut - Ottawa.

Mental illness meets big data: a predictions opportunity. Anxiety is the biggest mental-health problem college students face - Business Insider.