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9to5Mac Flickr Blog FiveThirtyEight TechCrunch TED Blog upside Blog The Mecca in Decline « They sit in a Harlem church basement or a south Brooklyn deli, at an elite high school in Queens or a failing middle school on the Lower East Side, near Madison Square Garden or the Cage or the Rucker or some other calcified shrine, and they explain what their city has lost. Once, New York was home to more basketball talent than any other city on the planet. No more. New York is no longer the greatest basketball city on earth. When we talk about the decline of New York City basketball, we’re not talking about the Knicks’ interminable incompetence or the Nets’ lavish and misguided efforts to build a contender. In the 1970s, eight different New Yorkers made All-Star teams. Football has always belonged to the Midwest and the South, baseball to America’s suburbs. New York’s personalities have long been legion; it’s a magnet for artists and bankers, immigrants and tourists; it’s home to Donald Trump and Louis Farrakhan and all permutations in between. We can keep going. How did this happen?