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One Mile Scroll. You have been here sometime. AMASSBLOG. Art From Behind - behind the art world. Art Fag City — As relevant as Eric Fischl. New York art news, reviews and gossip. Mondo Cane. Project No.8. Swimsuit department. REFERENCE LIBRARY. The selby - photos in your place. featuring photographs, paintings and videos by todd selby of interesting people and their creative spaces.

Today and tomorrow. Partners & Spade. Picture of the Week : Daniel Eatock. Empty Pallets Full Truckweek 16 CCTV Enforcement Towedweek 15 Problemweek 14 Open Windowweek 13 Warning Signweek 12 Divererted Signweek 11 Delivery Van Deliveredweek 10 Free Home Deliveryweek 9 Untitledweek 8 Skittlesweek 7 Dying Dead End Signweek 6 Hazardous Wasteweek 5 Caravan Carrierweek 4 Delivery Van Deliveryweek 3 Mother & Childweek 2 Rubbish Rubbish Binweek 1 Rescued Treeweek 52 Sofa Seatedweek 51 Rescued Treeweek 50 Untitledweek 49 Altered Benchweek 48 Two Tone Treeweek 47 Wet Behind The Earsweek 46 Carpetweek 45 Camouflage Cardiganweek 44 Chameleonweek 43 untitledweek 42 untitledweek 41 Run-Over Pedestrian Crossingweek 40 Untitledweek 39 Personalised Number Plateweek 38 Untitledweek 37 Almost Matchesweek 37 We Deliver For Youweek 36 Mother & Childweek 35 Rubbish Binweek 34 Different Doorsweek 33 Light Supportweek 32 Red Doorsweek 31 Stopped Lightweek 30 Chameleonweek 29 The Truthweek 28 Up Down Signweek 27 Echoweek 26 Echoweek 25 Untitledweek 24 Next Doorweek 23 Fenceweek 22.

Picture of the Week : Daniel Eatock

Eric kvatek. Sight Unseen. But does it float. Wallpaper* magazine. The new shelton wet/dry. Tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on { One man’s nearly three-decade quest to authenticate a potential Mark Rothko painting purchased at auction for $319.50 plus tax has turned up convincing evidence in the work’s favor, but the experts seem unlikely to issue a ruling.

the new shelton wet/dry

Rothko expert David Anfam, who published the artist’s catalogue raisonné in 1998, has been familiar with Himmelfarb’s painting since the late 1980s. The scholar even discovered a black-and-white photograph of the work in the archives held by Rothko’s family, but still declined to include the work in his book. | Art net | full story } When I wake up in the afternoon, which it pleases me to do What do you want to hear first: Good news or bad news? Photo { Anna Grzelewska } Let’s follow that fire truck I think your house is burnin down related { Processing new information during sleep compromises memory } photo { Daniel Bejar, The Visual Topography of a Generation Gap (Brooklyn, NY, #1), 2011 } Every day, the same, again.

Rise Jewelry. Atelier. MONDOBLOGO. The best time of the day. ROLU, rosenlof/lucas, ro/lu (a modern landscape design studio's blog in minneapolis) Neistat Brothers. Unchanging Window. Tell You (Today) 2THEWALLS.COM - 2THEWALLS. Jennilee Marigomen. X818 Deluxe & Delinquent™ Peter Nidzgorski X011. the making of, the making of: movies, art, &c., by greg allen. L'esprit □ ro-to-no. Valerio Mezzanotti for The New York TimesA gathered skirt in striped silk with a bustier at Christian Dior couture spring/summer 2013 in Paris.

L'esprit □ ro-to-no

Six months ago, Raf Simons presented his first haute couture collection for Dior; he then followed with a hit ready-to-wear show that instantly restored prestige to the house’s tailoring. If people didn’t believe that Mr. Simons, a maverick in men’s wear and a relative newcomer in women’s, could take control of Dior, they certainly were convinced after those shows. COUTURE FASHIONCathy Horyn’s reports from the haute couture shows in Paris. On Monday, in a recreated garden in the Tuileries, Mr. At the start of the show, the models emerged from a dressing room underneath the white set and began walking along paths arranged with dense boxwood mounded around skeletal trees. This organic approach meant deceptively simple shapes at the beginning of the show.

Everywhere you looked there was something for the eye. Mr. Mr. Mr. Images: source nytimes extra. I'M REVOLTING. Magical and Otherwise. Iveseenthat. Stopping off place. An ambitious project collapsing. HAPPY ACCIDENT. Tom Sachs. Uglycute. KIOSK - Interesting things from interesting places. Homebodies. M O O D. Intelligent Clashing. Fabrice Anneron › Eric kvatek... dispatches. Sumire visits Kapital Kountry… Ebisu.

eric kvatek... dispatches