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Common Core Map. Tasks, Units & Student Work - Common Core Library. Keywords (optional) Enter keywords (e.g., K.OA.3, informational text, arguments, quadratic equations, etc.)

Tasks, Units & Student Work - Common Core Library

Grade (select at least one) Subject (select one) Math Resources. AVID Homeroom Strategies. Decades of College Dreams. Reviews and Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music. Edmodo, Common Sense Launch Social Learning Digital Literacy Curriculum. Digital Citizenship | News Edmodo, Common Sense Launch Social Learning Digital Literacy Curriculum.

Edmodo, Common Sense Launch Social Learning Digital Literacy Curriculum

10b-results_meeting_protocol. Wait Time & Wait Time II. Stronger questioning techniques has always been an area of needed growth – I have improved through the years – but in order to be my best – it requires me to be very intentional.

Wait Time & Wait Time II

I understood the idea behind wait time – but when I read A Student’s Perspective of Classroom Culture – how no wait time and allowing callouts from a handful of students is frustrating for the student who wants to be engaged and learn. It reminded me of times I had the same experiences – when I was trying to think, wanted to answer, but someone else was calling out the answer before I could even get my thoughts together – and the teacher moved on… Common Core State Standards Resources - Curriculum & Instruction. 73 percent of teachers think they are prepared to teach the Common Core, and other facts that should keep CCSS supporters up at night.

Video Library. Steal These Tools / Professional Development Modules. America Achieves: Welcome. Common Core Toolkit. Three-Minute Video Explaining the Common Core State Standards. Grades 3-5 ELA Curriculum: Appendix 1: Teaching Practices and Protocols. Grades 3-5 ELA Curriculum: Appendix 2: Graphic Organizers. Appendix B.indd.

Studysync (Study Sync) School Improvement Network, Professional Development for Educators and Teachers. COMMON CORE - The Learning Network Blog. One example of the new Science Take video series.

COMMON CORE - The Learning Network Blog

As our regular readers know, the mission of this blog is to find New York Times content suitable for teaching and learning — then, via lesson plans, writing prompts, quizzes and more, suggest ways for teachers to use it. In the course of our daily scavenging, we naturally pay close attention to the sections and features that most people think of first when they think “New York Times”: breaking news, Op-Eds and editorials, reviews, multimedia and photojournalism, important special reports and, increasingly, video. But we also regularly search a number of other, less well-known features of the paper that reliably yield curricular gold. When we present them at workshops and conferences, however, many teachers tell us they’re hearing about them for the first time. Below, we’ve compiled our essential list, categorized by subject area.

What Do the Common Core State Standards Mean for History Teaching and Learning? John Lee, S.G.

What Do the Common Core State Standards Mean for History Teaching and Learning?

Grant, and Kathy Swan Social Studies Assessment, Curriculum, and Instruction Collaborative (SSACI) Read Excerpt The Common Core is only a first step. With the solid statement validating history and social studies literacies that the Common Core offers, our efforts now should be to establish a larger framework for social studies that compels and supports democratic life. Steal These Tools / Professional Development Modules. Brokers of Expertise - California K-12 High Speed Network. The California Department of Education (CDE) recognizes the urgent need to connect educators with one another to enable them to collaborate and think more critically about their practice and to provide them effective tools as they attempt to close the achievement gap and raise overall student achievement across our large and diverse state.

Brokers of Expertise - California K-12 High Speed Network

Working with the K-12 High Speed Network (K12HSN), the CDE has established the Brokers of Expertise (BoE) initiative to embrace technology and provide effective tools and resources to schools and districts as they strive to reach ambitious goals for student achievement. The BoE project will accomplish this by offering online resources that: Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative. NOYCE FOUNDATION: Math - Resources. Most of the coaching and performance assessment materials listed here are available in a more user-friendly format on the Inside Mathematics website.

NOYCE FOUNDATION: Math - Resources

We encourage you to visit the tools on Inside Mathematics and contact us if you have any questions. Pedagogical Content Coaching Core Ideas, Grades K-10 Math Teaching Rubric. Illustrativemathematics. K-12_math_crosswalks. Common Core State Standards Initiative. Mathematical Practices. Resources for Implementation. Sample curriculum framework documents District curriculum framework documents need to address the curriculum at different grain sizes to be effective, and the Charles A. Dana Center supports districts in creating such framework documents. Sampled below are three of the four types of curriculum framework documents on which we work. Ccss_math_priorities. Mathsolutions. Tips for Writing Instructional Objectives - Bloom's Taxonomy Job Aids.

I am so delighted to see this post that includes Bloom's Taxonomy Wheels by ZaidLearn.

Tips for Writing Instructional Objectives - Bloom's Taxonomy Job Aids

I always find that it's far easier to design materials using these wheels than it is to see the verbs/products in lists. Many instructional designers can benefit from these job aids when trying to find the right action verbs for their objectives. Here are some wheels for the cognitive domain. Source: Source: Walk-Throughs Are On the Move! Classroom walk-throughs are a trend that is on the move!

The non-threatening, non-evaluative walk-throughs give principals a quick snapshot of student learning. That snapshot is used to engage teachers in conversations about how to improve teaching. Included: Principals talk about the benefits of walk-throughs, and how to initiate walk-throughs with teachers who might fear frequent classroom visits by the principal. Conducting_Classroom%20Walkthrough_SUPPLEMENTAL%20TO%20GSBA%20PRESENTATION. Welcome to the Bladen County Schools Website.

Instructional_Norm_Walk-Through_Protocol_1. Nebraska+ESU+4. 10 ways to encourage student reflection. Split Screen Teaching Optimal learning occurs when students are active participants in their own learning, rather than passive recipients of teacher-delivered content.

10 ways to encourage student reflection

For this to be effective, students really need to think about their learning. I worked with a group of teachers recently who felt their young students were not capable of writing meaningful reflections for their end of semester reports. That might be true. Graphic Organizers. Bloom's Apps - 21nnovate. Revised_Bloom_taxonomy_circle.GIF. Metacognition and Student Learning - Do Your Job Better.

By James M.

Metacognition and Student Learning - Do Your Job Better

Lang This evening, my family will sit down on the couch together to enjoy the opening episode of America's favorite spectacle of poor metacognition. Along with millions of others, including some of you, we will marvel at the sight of so many human beings eager to put their deficient cognitive skills on display for the world. I'm talking, of course, about the season premiere of American Idol, where lousy metacognition will join lousy singing for two cringeworthy hours tonight and another hour tomorrow night, as amateur musicians audition for the opportunity to win fame, fortune, and a recording contract. The opening two episodes of each season have become notorious for featuring the worst singers who auditioned for the show, encouraging viewers to engage in some gentle schadenfreude as Idol participants make fools of themselves on national television. Cognitive psychologists use the term metacognition to describe our ability to assess our own skills, knowledge, or learning.

Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. Membership, policy, and professional development for educators - ASCD. Khan Academy-Related Talks and Interviews. Liar Truthteller Brain Teaser. Infographic App & Presentation Tool. 21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020. "Within the decade, it will either become the norm to teach this course (high school Algebra I) in middle school or we'll have finally woken up to the fact that there's no reason to give algebra weight over statistics and IT in high school for non-math majors (and they will have all taken it in middle school anyway). " - Shelley Blake-Plock 21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020 by Shelley Blake-Plock Last night I read and posted the clip on "21 Things That Became Obsolete in the Last Decade.

" Well, just for kicks, I put together my own list of "21 Things That Will Become Obsolete in Education by 2020. " 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Flipped Learning Network Ning - A professional learning community for teachers using screencasting in education. Studysync (Study Sync) Professional Learning Communities: What Are They And Why Are They Important?: References. Home | Issues ...about Change Archive | Professional Learning Communities: What Are They And Why Are They Important? Astuto, T.A., Clark, D.L., Read, A-M., McGree, K. & Fernandez, L. deK.P. (1993). Challenges to dominant assumptions controlling educational reform. Andover, Massachusetts: Regional Laboratory for the Educational Improvement of the Northeast and Islands. Boyd, V. (1992). School context. Issues . . . about Change is published and produced quarterly Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL).

What is an Instructional Coach? An instructional coach is someone whose chief professional responsibility is to bring evidence-based practices into classrooms by working with teachers and other school leaders. In PIIC, we focus our one-on-one and small group support for teachers, coaches, and school leaders around evidence-based literacy strategies and the instructional coaching process with the goals of increasing student engagement, improving student achievement, and building teacher capacity in schools. Coaching is an established professional practice. Many professions ensure that their practitioners benefit from the wise counsel and hands-on assistance of experienced colleagues — in other words, coaches. Some professions require coaching as an essential part of mastering the requisite skills. Role_of_the_coach_principal. Instructional Coaching. Constance Buto - Instructional Coach Job Description. Greenville County Schools. Instructional Coaching Research.

Peer Coaching Program - Reflections. Peer Coaching in Practice. Leadership vs Management Skills. There are many cross over skills when comparing leadership vs management skills, though there are some strong distinctions. Many leaders and organizations recognize the principle of leadership as taught at WestPoint Military Academy that everyone is a leader in training. While not everyone will become a leader, this approach empowers people to make decisions, empathize with their authorities, recognize their strengths, and become better and more efficient soldiers or employees. Newsweek - Newsweek and The Daily Beast. The Week Magazine: Political News and Cartoons, Current Events and Entertainment Online. Educational Research. K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work.

How to Present a Workshop that Really Works. Knowledge Library - Education Research - James B. Hunt, Jr. Institute for Educational Leadership and Policy. Center on Education Policy, national independent advocate for public education and more effective public schools. School Services of California Home. School Improvement Network, Professional Development for Educators and Teachers. ~ rethinking school back to relevance ~ Baer.