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Read & Write for Google - Chromebook Classroom. Bulb: Digital Portfolios for Students and Teachers. Bulb is a web based platform where students and educators can curate, create, share, and showcase their smarts.

bulb: Digital Portfolios for Students and Teachers

The main goal of the service is to provide a space where students and teachers can evaluate the meaningful works they have created, and to showcase their highlights by bringing in all forms of multimedia. It’s an excellent resource and offers some great features that aren’t typically seen in other digital portfolio providers. Let’s take a look! Before jumping into the review, here’s an overview of bulb from their team: Another great place to start is their Hello Page, which provides overviews for all of their features. EdPuzzle – Online Tools for Teaching & Learning. EdPuzzle is a free assessment-centered tool that allows teachers and students to create interactive online videos by embedding either open-ended or multiple-choice questions, audio notes, audio tracks, or comments on a video.

EdPuzzle – Online Tools for Teaching & Learning

Edpuzzle interactive videos can be made with videos from a number of websites, including YouTube, TED, Vimeo, and National Geographic. Tool Snapshot EdPuzzle is a great formative assessment tool for teachers who run a flipped classroom, assign videos for homework, or want to encourage asynchronous communication. Teacher also can have students use EdPuzzle to show whether or not they achieved the goals at the end of the semester. “Example of a video with an embedded question on EdPuzzle” [Screenshot].

In EdPuzzle teachers can create online classes and upload original videos or select online videos, add interactive features, assign those videos to students, and send the video assignments to students’ email addresses by providing either access code or a link. Dr. Math. How to Start a Student Podcast with Soundtrap. Shortly after deciding to start my own podcast, it seemed like a logical next step to try it out with my students.

How to Start a Student Podcast with Soundtrap

Although I’ve experimented with a variety of other ways of having students create digital material, I never really felt confident introducing audio recording and music making, and wasn’t sure how it could fit. Now that I’ve started, I’ve quickly realized why using an audio creation platform like Soundtrap to podcast with students should be an essential addition to any classroom. Here’s why: 1. The Speaking and Listening Standards: We know we’re supposed to teach kids how to speak and listen, and we know from Jeff Zwiers that academic conversations are a fundamental part of developing strong critical thinking skills. 2.

One of the most challenging aspects of trying to promote listening and speaking skills amongst students is the fact that not all students share the same level of comfort speaking in front of the whole class or in groups. 3. 4. 5. 10 image creation tools for students - Ditch That Textbook. Wakelet Now Lets You Copy and Build Upon Collections. Wakelet is free bookmarking and note-taking service that I've been using since April when I started looking for alternatives to Padlet.

Wakelet Now Lets You Copy and Build Upon Collections

On Wakelet you can create collection and sub-collections of notes, bookmarks, and pictures. You can add those materials to your Wakelet collections through a browser extension or by adding them directly to your collection on the Wakelet website. Wakelet has always let users share their collections with others. This week Wakelet added the option to let other users make copies of collections that you make publicly available. 10 Ways to Use Buncee Boards in the Classroom - Buncee BlogBuncee Blog. Here at Buncee, we’ve all been really excited to release #BunceeBoards From the moment they were proposed, it felt like they couldn’t come soon enough. This new feature brings a new level of collaboration, sharing, and feedback to our Buncee users. Whether you’re collecting all of your resources in one place, working together as a team to accomplish a task, or sharing the output of exceptional class work – the Boards make it easy! With commenting and fun reactions, you and your students are going to have fun sharing, viewing, and commenting on each other’s Buncees!

Watch the video and check out the list below of 10 Ways to Use Buncee Boards In the Classrom ! Have Buncee Board questions? 1. Your students are studying different ecosystems in groups. 2. If your students are taking all of their science notes in Buncee, take it to the next level, and crowdsource the knowledge. 3. 4. 5. 6. 20 Classroom Technology Tools You Might Not Know. The use of technology in the classroom is no longer up for debate.

20 Classroom Technology Tools You Might Not Know

It's now extremely clear: the effective use of classroom technology drives student results. But, any competent education professional would be quick to point out that student results are only positively impacted when they are introduced to the right tools. With a U.S. based edtech market that has raised more than a billion dollars over the last year, the options for technology tools to use in your classroom can seem infinite. Luckily, we're here to help! We've scoured the internet, the latest conferences, and Twitter for the newest, most effective tools to use in your classroom.

6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2020. 10+ Ways to Use Technology in the Math Classroom - SULS037.