Software for Quantitative Analysis (Software para Quanti)

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ADePT (World Bank Software)

Zelig :Everyone's Statistical Software. GNU DAS. Statistical Lab. Data Analysis with Excel. DataEntry and Analysis. Microsiris. SPSS. PSPP. Methods in social research. Social Research Methods and Program Evaluation Resources Basic guides These have very plain and clear descriptions of what evaluation is.

methods in social research

Useful to introduce people to evaluation. Organizations Methods - books, manuals, guides to research methods and evaluation Approaches to evaluation , evaluator competencies, politics of evaluation and logic models. Comparing freestat programs. This page shows some output from the programs listed below.

comparing freestat programs

The output is correlations and regression. I did this in November 2006 using the most recent versions of the software at that time. Free statistical software. From Citizendium, the Citizens' Compendium Free statistical software is a practical alternative to commercial packages.

Free statistical software

In general, free statistical software gives results that are the same as the results from commercial programs, and many of the packages are fairly easy to learn, using menu systems, although a few are command-driven. These packages come from a variety of sources, including governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) like UNESCO, and universities, and are also developed by individuals. Some packages are developed for specific purposes (e.g., time series analysis, factor analysis, calculators for probability distributions, etc.), while others are general packages, with a variety of statistical procedures. Hundreds of Free Sample SPSS Syntax for Download. Note: This website is being frozen (due to lack of space); future developments will be done in the new

Hundreds of Free Sample SPSS Syntax for Download

Please update your link page. SPSS syntax is a must! Are you aware of the book SPSS Programming and Data Management?