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VSCO - Create, discover, and connect. Crowd Powered Video® Thanksgivings Day Parade Video – Membit Inc. Periscope. Meerkat. Adobe Post - Create stunning graphics in seconds. Lively - Export Live Photo to GIF and Movie. Adictik. Introducing Hightail Spaces. Today I am excited to announce the beta release of Hightail Spaces, a new service that aims to solve the problem of creative collaboration.

Introducing Hightail Spaces

We’ve created a uniquely visual way for designers, photographers, video producers, marketers and other creative professionals to share work and get feedback from clients, managers and colleagues. We really want you to try it out at and tell us what you think. Hightail Spaces is the first step in our mission to completely rethink creative collaboration, which we define as what happens when creative professionals and stakeholders take a project from concept to completion, via multiple rounds of iteration and feedback.

Currently, too many stages of this process are still stuck in email, a tool ill-equipped to deal with the inherent messiness of creativity. That initial flash of inspiration, the rounds of critical feedback that shape an idea, the new insight that changes everything — none of that belongs in your linear inbox. Photo - The FREE Photo Sharing App for any Event or Occasion. Emergent. Hire professional and affordable video editors all directly from your phone. Periscope on the App Store. Nova. Photo Product Personalization. Loopcam — Make video loops super easy. Add amazing filters and stickers – Free for iPhone! Live Video Messaging App - Android, iPhone & iPad. Online Photo Printing & Personalised Gifts - PhotoBox.

Glmps. Showyou. Peggybank. JPEGmini - Your Photos on a Diet! Free Online Video Editor & Maker. Ink - Beautifully designed gifts sent from your phone. Sincerely - Making the world more thoughtful. EyeEm. Socialcam - Free video app for iPhone and Android. An Automatic Online Video Editor. Free Online Video Editor & Maker. Vodio - Watch Video Clips, News & TV from the Best YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Trends & RSS Sources. Shufflr - where videos find you. Create & Share Beautiful Videos, Slideshows and Photo Collages.

Introducing the Slidely Creative Suite. Coming Soon. Viddy - Capture Life in the Moment. SlickFlick. EyeEm. Over - Add beautiful text to your photos. An Automatic Online Video Editor. Watch or Broadcast Live Events. Vivoom - Video Editing & Sharing. Private spaces for you and your friends. Vyclone – friends, cameras, action. Create photobooks and cards from your browser!

Cinemagram. #SquareDroid is a simple no crop tool that allows you to post full size photos to Instagram, with no need to crop them.Dreams come true — #SquareDroid allows you to use instagram without cropping your full size pictures.


Other no crop tools like Instasize and Photo Squarer often decrease photos quality even on hi-end devices, but #SquareDroid lets you to share full size picture to Instagram with high resolution and square size. You also can choose JPG or PNG format and, in case of JPG — image quality. The app analyzes your photos for Instagram and finds complimentary colors to make borders color match best with your picture. If your do not like complimentary colors feature you can always turn if off and use white color borders, just like Whitagram app does to produce full size photos. So you’ll have square photo for Instagram and no need to crop pic.

Add hastags #SquareDroid and #SquareAndroid when sharing to Instagram to get more likes and followers! Private spaces for you and your friends. Hashtack. Viddy - Capture Life in the Moment. Moju. Online Photo Editor With RAW Support. Instagram Web Viewer - INK361 - View/Print photos or videos online. Rockpack. Discover inspiration & beautiful images every day. Givit. Snaplay - photo image search for YouTube video and Spotify music. Scoopshot – The official Scoopshot site - Memorability - narrated photo book app for iPad. Albumatic. Chiizu. PicCollage. Keepy. Browser Not Supported. Hiyalife- Blog Moments with Friends and Family. Snapverse. Shots. Seene. Memloom. Days - Photo & GIF Diary by Wander. Frontback - You, and what you see. #selfie360.

Browser Not Supported. Povio. Shakr. Flayvr - just like life. Printic - Create photo books, photo prints and calendars from your phone. My​Shoebox - Free Unlimited Photo Backup. Vhoto - Photos from Video. Hipstamatic - Classic. Create & Share Beautiful Videos, Slideshows and Photo Collages. Carats & Cake - Find the best local vendors. Flipagram - Bring Moments to Life! Create short video stories from your photos, set to music you love! Polymo - A better place for photos.

BarkCam. Hipstamatic - Cinamatic. Imojiapp. Camoji - GIF Camera. Camu Camera. Photo Sharing. Stunning Photo Websites. Vine. An Automatic Online Video Editor. Adobe Photoshop Express. Cinemagram - create and share moving photos.

Melodigram. Snippit - Choose Your Verse. Moldiv – Collage Photo Editor. Flick Stitch - Frame Videos and Photos for Instagram. InstaVid for Instagram - Video & Photo Collage Creator.