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Week 10: Budget, Advocacy, Engagement (*= Key reading) Week 9: Facilities & Spaces (*= Key reading) Week 8: Scheduling. Week 8: Staffing / Leading People (* = Key reading) Position Statement on the School Library Supervisor. The leadership of a qualified school library supervisor is an essential component in the delivery of a quality school library program in collaboration with qualified school librarians and competent library support personnel.

Position Statement on the School Library Supervisor

To ensure that students are successful 21st century learners, school librarians must provide equitable, intellectual, and physical access to resources and support reading throughout the school community. Today’s schools require the presence of a highly qualified school librarian, equitable access to library resources, and quality school library programs and services.

In a dynamic, digital landscape, school librarians empower students in gaining competencies they need to navigate and successfully utilize, create, and share information. Leader The school library supervisor is alert to new ideas, keeps abreast of innovative teaching methods and new instructional technologies. Administrator Communicator Teacher Facilitator. AASL: SL Job Description 3 30 2020. *Appropriate Staffing for School Libraries (AASL) CC0 Image Portals (and liberally licenced image portals) Week 7: Toolkit: Inclusive collections and diversity audits. Week 7: Managing the Collection/Access (Weeding readings below) (* = Key Reading) School Libraries & the Needs of All Learners.

Educational Standards. Anchor Charts. Week 6: Managing Instruction (* = Key reading) Curation Platforms Toolkit. Design Thinking. Strategic Planning. On Equity and Community. Leading a reading culture. Week 4: Leadership ideas from school administrators and experts (* = Key Reading) Week 4: Transformational Leadership and Change Beyond Schools (*=Key Reading) Getting Ready for Action (Orientation and more!) EdTech Bloggers. School Library Instagrammers, TikTok and beyond. School Library (mostly) Bloggers/Podcasters to know.

Week 2/3: Building your PLN (*= Key reading) Reopening and Return To Learn Plans For Upcoming School Year. Weeks 1 & 2 (and beyond): Standards and Frameworks (*= Key reading) Week 1: Introduction to School Librarianship 575 (*=Key reading Please also scan the "tips" posts.) On reopening. Advice to New Librarians. As the school year begins, some of you may be starting as a school librarian for the first time.

Advice to New Librarians

With my position, I am able to work with new school librarians in my district. Whether the librarians have just a few or many years as a classroom teacher, they step into this new role feeling overwhelmed with the common question, “Where do I begin?” The following hopefully answers that question and more. Build Relationships: When I go out and speak to groups and advocate for classroom teachers working with their building librarians, I sometimes hear a comment or two about how they don’t feel comfortable approaching their librarians.

Get to know the staff. Dive into the Content: Grab the curriculum guides for all content areas. Be Patient: When you enter your library, you may want to rearrange the space and make it “your space.” Become Familiar with the Collection: Get to know your collection by walking the shelves. Ask Questions: Ask questions of the library community. So You Are a New School Librarian... Now What? I remember taking my first school library job in the summer of 2008.

So You Are a New School Librarian... Now What?

When I arrived at the school in July to begin working, I quickly realized I had no idea where to start! Even after doing this job for 7 years, I still have to remind myself what needs to be accomplished in the summer before everyone gets back on campus. I hope this will help you see some of the steps you need to think about as you prepare for a successful school year from the library media center. Most of the July "to-do" list is really all the items that I renew or order during the summer months. The first things I always think of are the periodicals, journals, and newspaper subscriptions we take. For periodical renewals, I have always used a jobber or a subscription service. This is also a good time to find out if there are any subscription databases or online encyclopedias that the previous librarian purchased.

Students Take The Mic At TLChat. During a planning meeting in January for the TLChat webinar series, I offered to lead a session for the month of March.

Students Take The Mic At TLChat

Rather than me serving as the main presenter, we thought it would be great to allow our student leaders to speak. We have had a very motivated group of student speakers at school this year. They have had the opportunity to share their library makerspace innovations with teachers, students, and businesses many times during 2016-2017. Virtual debates - HOME.

Digital Portfolios: The Whole Child, The Whole Story  – Google Drive. The Student Book Budget Books Have Arrived! After almost two months of working on the 2015-2016 student book budget project, the books are rolling in to the library, and the excitement is brewing.

The Student Book Budget Books Have Arrived!

This year’s budget was made possible thanks to a grant from James Patterson. Students had $5,000 to spend on books. They created a survey, surveyed the school, analyzed the results, set goals, met with vendors, compiled wish lists, cut lists to match our budget, and helped order the books. Now the books are arriving, so students are meeting once again to go through the process of unpacking, inspecting, and marketing the books. We have many more books than usual, so it is taking a bit longer to unpack the books. For Gumdrop, students had to apply the barcode, spine labels, and label protectors. For Capstone, our books were already processed and ready to go. Additionally, Capstone let each book budget member choose one book that was their personal pick. Librarians are Transforming Learning. Recent Webinars & Events. The Incredibly True Adventures of an EdTech Trailblazer: UPDATED! 5 Tips for New School Librarians (and those who aren't so new)

Congratulations on your new job as a school librarian!

The Incredibly True Adventures of an EdTech Trailblazer: UPDATED! 5 Tips for New School Librarians (and those who aren't so new)

It is hands down the absolutely best job...EVER! Below are 5 tips to help you as you enter this new chapter of your life. Connect Being a school librarian can be a shockingly isolating profession, especially after having formed tight, supportive networks while you were a classroom teacher. As a school librarian you are in a sort of no man’s land. Find Your People Don’t wait around for your district to connect you. Are U.S. Schools Ready to Move from Traditional to Personalized Learning Environments? NOTE: This is part one of a three-part blog series where Matthew Friedman, EdD, shares his findings about the trends, strengths, and weaknesses of the Future Ready Schools® network across the four regions of the United States and looks at the exciting possibilities for personalized learning in schools in the post–COVID-19 world.

Are U.S. Schools Ready to Move from Traditional to Personalized Learning Environments?

It’s a typical day for this middle school class. The room is humming, yet everyone is intent on their tasks—students, teachers, and the local entrepreneur who has dropped by to mentor a group during the morning session. Nine students are in the makerspace working on prototypes for their latest invention, aiming to solve a community problem they identified last semester. Mrs. Let’s Talk A Conversation Starter for Future Ready Librarians® Building Collaborative Relationships 6. Professional Staff Development and Training for K-12 Educators in U.S. and Canada. Waiting For Permission.