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Week 4: Leadership ideas from school administrators and experts (* = Key Reading)

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*Culture eats strategy (via @ImpactWales) *Improvement Science (Carnegie Foundation) Connected Principals – Sharing. Learning. Leading. Education on Air Keynote - Michael Fullan: "Three ways to drive system-wide change" The 5w's of Leadership (Jimmy Casas) Leadership Manifesto (Jimmy Casas) Culturize Study Guide (Jimmy Casas) 6 Keys to Lead an Efficient & Effective Meeting (Jimmy Casas) K-12 Education Tips & Strategies That Work. Moving Beyond a “Growth Mindset” The 3 “E’s” of Building a Great School Culture – George Couros. What Amazing Principals Do and You Can Too.

Image from icanread I used to think I would end my days as an administrator, now I laugh at the notion.

What Amazing Principals Do and You Can Too

Nothing against administrators, but being a teacher has proven to me that I have no dreams of being a principal anymore. So I cannot pretend to write this post as a letter to a future me, instead, I hope it will serve as a small homage to the amazing principals I know and as a guide to those just starting out. Dear principal, I offer you a wish list of do’s, some hopes and dreams, some things I have seen amazing principals do, from this single teacher to you.

Do be accountable. Do be confidential. Do trust us. Do share you stories but keep them short. Do listen well. Do advocate. Do lead by example, but be wary of titles. Do draw your own conclusions. Do be connected. Do be visible. Be honest. I am sure there is much I have left out, what else do amazing principals doI am a passionate (female) 5th grade teacher in Wisconsin, USA, proud techy geek, and mass consumer of incredible books. Leading Motivated Learners. National School Boards Association. Administrators on #AASLstandards. Administrators Partner with School Librarians. George Couros: Connected Principals Should Be 'Learner Leaders' The Principal of Change – Stories of learning and leading. 10 Ways to Build Community (Jimmy Casas) Live Your Excellence Study Guide (Jimmy Casas)

Administrators on School Librarians Leading Collaboration. National Association of Elementary School Principals. NAESP Webinars. Web seminars provide real-time opportunities to interrelate with content experts, educational leaders, and practicing principals around current issues.

NAESP Webinars

NAESP provides this setting to bring together principals from locations around the country to participate in these online learning programs. No special equipment other than Internet access is needed to participate in any of our webinars. Most webinars are free. Special Coronavirus/COVID-19 Webinars Archived webinars are available only to members using your NAESP log in. Date: August 26, 2020 Time: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Principal Baruti Kafele will engage aspiring principals in an important discussion on classroom equity, the infusion of social justice across content areas, race and the role of instructional leadership toward making the aforementioned a reality in all classrooms in the school.

Participants will: Identify classroom inequities in the classrooms of teachers they supervise. Date: August 27, 2020 Time: 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Join Dr. Webinars. The NASSP Policy & Advocacy Center’s “State of American Education” session, originally slated for the 2020 National Principals Conference in July, goes virtual for the first time—as a FREE event!


With the effects of COVID-19 felt throughout the nation, we will look at how the pandemic has impacted schools and related issues such as social and emotional learning; trauma-informed care; continued remote learning; grading, assessments, and accountability; and educator shortages. Principals and administrators will have the opportunity to hear from a diverse panel of thought leaders in education who will share how this experience may change the education landscape in the future. Additionally, part of the discussion will focus on racial equity in light of the protests this summer and what impact that may have on schools. Don’t miss our discussion of these timely topics! Moderator: Christina Samuels Associate Editor, Education Week Panelists: Watch Now Moderator The Honorable John B. Presenters Dr. National Association of Secondary School Principals. AJ Juliani Blog. AJ Juliani Articles.

Thomas C Murray Blog. Eric Sheninger: Books, articles, blog. Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: 8 Strategies To Get Your Principal to Say Yes To Anything. So, your PLN is raving about a new product or program that has made teaching and learning better than ever and you want to bring this to your classroom too.

Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: 8 Strategies To Get Your Principal to Say Yes To Anything

Since you work for a school though, it’s not 100% up to you. You need buy in and support from your principal to allow you to move forward. That’s not always easy, unless you know the following secrets to success shared by former @NYCSchools Principal Jason Levy (@Levy_Jason), who now advises principals and superintendents on how to develop a compelling vision and strategies to succeed with educational technology.

Chris Lehmann: Practical Theory. [This year marked the first graduating class of our second campus – SLA@Beeber.

Chris Lehmann: Practical Theory

I was honored and thrilled to be asked to be the keynote speaker. It’s been such an incredible experience to watch this group of students and families and educators build this school into something wonderful, and I was so excited to share the day with them. — Chris] Interview with Principal Patrick Larkin on Education Best Practices. Transformation Talk - Superintendent Dr. Mark Edwards. Partnering with Your Principal. When you’re a school librarian, there are a few people in your building that you need to ally with immediately.

Partnering with Your Principal

First, befriend the bookkeeper who will make spending your limited budget stress-free. Keep the custodians on your side so they’ll still be smiling after your classes make 3-D cloud models with cotton balls and a lot of glue. And, of course, you want your administrator to be a prominent member of the “Our Library Rocks” club. Smiles, properly submitted quotes for purchase orders, and a batch of “I’m sorry” chocolate chip cookies go a long way to cement some alliances, but it takes something different to create a productive partnership with your principal.