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Week 8: Scheduling

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*Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling (AASL) The library program is fully integrated into the educational program so that students, teachers, and school librarians become partners in learning.

*Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling (AASL)

This integration strengthens the teaching for learning process to ensure students are active learners who guide and continually assess their learning process. Open access to a quality school library program is essential for students to develop the vital skills necessary to analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas in a variety of formats. Inquiry skills are taught and learned within the context of the curriculum and may occur in the classroom, the library, or at home with 24/7 accessibility to a wide range of resources, technologies, and services.

Journey to a Flexible Schedule: Part 1 (Kelly Hincks) Also see Parts 2 & 3. A year ago I shared a post called Momentum in a Fixed World.

Journey to a Flexible Schedule: Part 1 (Kelly Hincks) Also see Parts 2 & 3

In this post, I shared the goal to move to a flexible schedule. Just as planned we transitioned to this type of schedule with the first- and second-grade students this year. The library works with 261 students that are enrolled in preschool to second grade. We decided to start with our oldest students when making this change. The prep-time hat (Barbara Braxton) Collaborative planning and teaching is the ideal in the teacher librarian’s world – that wonderful state when you can plan the aspects of an investigation that will be your responsibility and then team teach them in the library with the classroom teacher assisting (and learning.)

the prep-time hat (Barbara Braxton)

This approach is so successful because all the investigations into how the brain functions and how people learn suggest that learning in context is most likely to be retained and this is considerably heightened when there is curiosity about, a need and desire for learning, a connection to it and the expectation of success. Adapted from “The Whole Story: natural learning and the acquisition of literacy in the classroom” Cambourne, B. (1988) When the brain is confronted with new information, the data goes through a series of ‘filters’ to determine where it fits in with what it already known. So if this is your situation, how can you make the most of it so the students can maximise what is on offer? Walking the walk. Fixed flex summary (David Loertscher) Van Meter School Library - Library Schedule. A New Twist On Our Fixed and Flexible Library Schedule! We are very excited about a lot of things as we start a brand new adventure in the Van Meter Library this year.

A New Twist On Our Fixed and Flexible Library Schedule!

One of the things we are most excited about is a new twist on our elementary library schedule. First, let me give you a little background about our district and the history of our library schedule. Van Meter is a K-12 district with everyone in one building. We have one library that serves all of our students and teachers. This year we have TWO K-12 teacher librarians. In the past, I had a fixed schedule with each elementary classroom.

I really enjoyed our schedule because I was able to see the students at least 5, 65 minute blocks each month. With our schedule, the related arts had lots of opportunities to collaborate on projects during this time too, which we loved. One of the downfalls of this schedule was that projects often times spanned over several weeks and took a long time to complete. Now, our schedule will be on a weekly rotation throughout the year. Order Up: A Monthly Menu for Collaboration. Two years ago, the library switched from a completely fixed schedule to a hybrid model.

Order Up: A Monthly Menu for Collaboration

School Library Flexible Scheduling and Assessment. Resources for School Librarians - Index Flexible Scheduling - Web Sites Position Statement on Flexible Scheduling - by the American Association of School Librarians, June 2014.

School Library Flexible Scheduling and Assessment

Flexible Scheduling - This article gives the pros and cons of fixed and flexible schedules. From the Idaho Commission of Libraries. Flexible Scheduling - Information and many links to other sites. Scheduling – priorities and dissonance – Informative Flights. New year, new chances, old problems.

Scheduling – priorities and dissonance – Informative Flights

The perennial one of scheduling library time. I kind of started commenting on people’s posts and questions on FaceBook and then decided it merited a blog post on its own. There is also a whole discussion on libraries and librarians going at the IBO level where priorities, recognition, roles, responsibilities etc. are also being hashed out. But coming from a corporate background and not an educational one, I sometimes can’t help seeing things a bit differently.

One of the most useful courses I followed during my librarian studies was “Designing spaces for learning”. Winkley Elementary School Library Plans (Nikki Robertson) The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian: New School Year! New Ideas! New Centers! New to Texas and new (again) as an Elementary School Librarian last year I wrote a detailing my library procedures and centers.

The Incredibly True Adventures of a School Librarian: New School Year! New Ideas! New Centers!

After a year working through mistakes I have entered this new school year with lots of new ideas. *Disclaimer 1: This post is in no way meant to undermine the way any other librarian runs their library. I do, however, point out examples of various ways other libraries are run that just aren't my thing and, yes, occasionally rub me the wrong way. Library Reservation system - Google Form with Google Calendar. My Tips & Helpful Google Docs For Awesome Collaboration Between Teacher Librarians and Teachers! Here is a little update I wanted to include with this post and these ideas around collaboration between teacher librarians and teachers.

My Tips & Helpful Google Docs For Awesome Collaboration Between Teacher Librarians and Teachers!

After an awesome year of collaboration at my school, I have already shared the 2019-20 with our teachers so we can get a head start on what is happening in the classrooms and related arts. With this share, I added something new to the top of our collaboration calendar....Special Events! These special events play such an important role in our planning and collaboration so I wanted to make sure we can see these and get to the resources for each as we plan too.

Now, please read the original post below. :) Nikki Robertson's schedule. Volunteers needed.

Nikki Robertson's schedule

Please use THIS LINK to sign up as a Winkley Elementary School Library VOLUNTEER. 1. Click on the day(s) that you would like to volunteer. 2. Replace the text in the "WHAT" block with your FIRST & LAST NAME. 3. Please email Mrs. Please contact Ms. Doug Johson (A classic) Google Calendar - The Librarian's Portal. Library Monthly Checklists.