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Homepage. Solutions for global business, including translations, language services, and globalization management technology. Chartboost. Google Ventures. Skeleton: Beautiful Boilerplate for Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Development. Web design, web development, mobile & content strategy by Happy Cog. Alma Mater Store - Personalized College Gifts - T-shirts, tees, hoodies, Mugs and more. Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS. The future of CSS gives us much to be excited about: On the one hand, there’s a whole range of new methods that are going to revolutionize the way we lay out pages on the web; on the other, there’s a new set of graphical effects that will allow on-the-fly filters and shaders.

Learning to Love the Boring Bits of CSS

People love this stuff. Magazines and blogs are full of articles about them. Issue № 358 But if these tools are the show ponies of CSS, then I think it’s time we gave some love to the carthorses: the nuts-and-bolts components of the language, like selectors, units, and functions. I often call these the boring bits, although I say that only with great affection—an affection I think you should share. To see why, let’s take a quick walk through some of the best of the new boring bits in CSS—the bits being worked on in half-lit laboratories away from the brilliance of the shiny new things in the shop windows.

Relative size units#section1 The cat sat on the <span>mat</span>. Not ideal. Root-relative lengths#section2. Rain makes everything better. Main Page. Task & Errand Service By Awesome, Trustworthy People. 46 Fabulous iOS Icon Designs. Get the FlatPix UI Kit for only $7 - Learn More or Buy Now In this post we have collected 46 fabulous ios icon designs.

46 Fabulous iOS Icon Designs

Enjoy! If you like these logo designs you might also want to check out our previous post below. 30 iOS App Icon Designs for iPhone & iPad Journal iOS Icon Quilt iOS icon Mix iOS Icons 2 Client Icon – Version 2 Chrome Wheel iOS icon Nikon 1 J1 Staccal Icon (inami’s Edit) Sports Store IOS Icon Switch2 Icon Photo iPhone App Icon Broadcast iOS Icon Switch Do for iOS Secure Photo iOS Icon Fishbowl iOS Icon Airport City iOS Icon Application icon for upcoming iOS Game Typical price Jack Daniel’s Lime Icon Localscope icon v2 alarm icon Shopping App Spraycan iOS icon Icon Drop Clock iOS Icon (Dark) Clear Locked Paradise Island Weights Dribbble magic book Golden Key Dribbble IOS Icon Dusty Hat Closet Metronome icon Bathroom Holga Camera Old mountain shoes iOS Icon Design – Doors Harry iOS icon Clothespin iOS icon iOS Icon Final ios icon test About Brant Wilson Brant Wilson is a staff writer for the DesignMag network.

The 99 Percent - It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. DesignCharts // Weekly Top 40 Website Design Charts // Because Web Designers Are The New Rockstars // Best Website Designs Updated Weekly. The Art & Business of Making Games. This is Your Brain on CSS. First things first: the CSS 3D renderer used to power this the previous site is now available on

This is Your Brain on CSS

However, it's still limited to only solid lines and planes. It's also limited to WebKit browsers, as Firefox's CSS 3D support just isn't quite there yet. But CSS 3D is not a one trick pony, and as with many things, what you get out of it depends entirely on what you put in. So here's a disembodied head made out of CSS 3D. It consists of nothing more than a bunch of images stacked up against each other, and integrates perfectly with the existing 3D parallax on this site.

Making the basic effect was actually quite easy. But the slices are rendered as is, and the MRI consists of boring grayscale data. I wrapped it in a custom widget, using straight up CSS rather than Three.js this time. How to Create an Video Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 [Tutorial] Topic: jQuery / CSS3Difficulty: Intermediate / AdvancedEstimated Completion Time: 45 mins In this tutorial we will code an Video Player from Impressionist UI by Vladimir Kudinov.

How to Create an Video Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 [Tutorial]

We will code it with CSS3 for the styling and the “MediaElement.js” for the functionality. MediaElement.js is a HTML5 audio and video player that also works for older browsers using Flash and Silverlight to mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API. Step 1 – Downloading MediaElement.js First we need to download the “MediaElement.js” script and extract it. Flashmediaelement.swfmediaelement-and-player.min.jssilverlightmediaelement.xap Then copy all these three files to the same directory, I will copy for my “js” folder.

Step 2 – HTML Markup Now, we need to link to the jQuery Library, we can host it locally or use the one hosted by Google. To create the video player we only need to add the new HTML5 video tag. Now we just need to add the following code to load the video controls and to set some settings. Step 6 – Volume Slider. Hello, we're IMPERO - a clever little agency in London, Sydney & Auckland. It's important to be both good looking clever.

Hello, we're IMPERO - a clever little agency in London, Sydney & Auckland

Let us explain. Everything we make looks good. That’s why you engage an agency like ours; you want your communications to look good. And rightly so. With so much competition for your customers’ attention your communications have to do more than just look good. They must tell a story. Put simply, your brand’s communications must work and to do that they can't just look good – they must also be clever. TechCrunch. Coca-Cola Happy Sitelets. Celebrating 10 Years of Small Business Success. Bands and DJs can leave computer programming to the experts when it comes to developing their own mobile app.

Celebrating 10 Years of Small Business Success

Now with, they can spend more time focusing on their music and quickly create a personalized mobile application to connect with their fans. makes it possible for artists to easily sell their songs via iTunes, stream videos, podcasts and music, and promote their upcoming performance schedules. The company offers a free product version to startup musicians as well as customized services for famous clients such as LinkinPark, Metallica, Lady Gaga and Eminem. is routinely featured in leading media publications such as Business Insider, The New York Times, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, The Wall Street Journal, Mashable and more. While the company is based out of San Francisco, their .biz website enables them to reach thousands artists around the world every day. Facebook's IPO: Trading opens at $42 per share - May. 18.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg rang the opening bell remotely, from company headquarters in California.

Facebook's IPO: Trading opens at $42 per share - May. 18

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Facebook's stock market debut finally came and went -- but for all the breathless hype, shares ended right near their offering price. On Thursday night, Facebook (FB) set its final IPO price at $38 a share. When the stock began trading at 11:30 a.m. ET on Friday, the first trade came in at $42.05 per share -- a gain of nearly 11%. But the stock quickly reversed course, dropping down to hover right around the $38 IPO price for much of midday trading. While the price itself didn't move much, trading was fast and intense. That easily set a new volume record for IPOs, smashing the previous record that automaker General Motors (GM, Fortune 500) set in 2010 with trading of around 450 million shares.

Facebook's trading had been expected to start around 11 a.m. Many Facebook employees and executives hold unexercised stock options. How to Create a CSS3 Dropdown Menu [Tutorial] Topic: CSS3Difficulty: BeginnerEstimated Completion Time: 20 mins In this tutorial we will code in pure CSS3 the Navigation Menu that you can find in Impressionist UI by Vladimir Kudinov.

How to Create a CSS3 Dropdown Menu [Tutorial]

Step 1 – HTML Markup We will create an unordered list with a list item and an anchor tag for each menu link. To create the sub menu add another unordered list inside of the list. Step 2 – Menu Layout We will start to remove the margin, padding, border and outline from all the elements of the menu. We will hide the sub menu temporarily to be easier to style the first level. Step 3 – Menu Links To style the menu links we will add some basic CSS properties like font, color, padding, etc. Step 4 – Sub Menu First let’s remove this line of code that we have added on the second step. Now we will style the sub menu. We will set the width of the sub menu links to 100px. To finish it we only need to add an icon to each sub menu link. Conclusion We’ve successfully created this pure CSS3 dropdown menu. Create a Cartoon-Style Graffiti Text Effect in Photoshop. Create a Cartoon-Style Graffiti Text Effect in PhotoshopReviewed by Ashlee Harrell on Mar 5Rating: Preview of Final Results Download the PSD Graffiti | 16.32 MB Download from Website Graffiti text effect tutorial Resources Star Brushes – QBrushes Step 1- Create a New Document Create a new 1000×500 pixels document.

Create a Cartoon-Style Graffiti Text Effect in Photoshop

Step 2 With the background layer selected, use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the layer with #D0CFCF. Step 3 – Text Now for the text create a new layer, you can go online and find a font that would best fit your design or for my tutorial I created a rough sketch of how I wanted my text to look and scanned it into my computer. Step 4 Make a selection from the work path (right-click>Make selection) fill it with any color for now Step 5 Rename this layer. Step 6 Then move the “G copy” layer upward 5px by using your arrow keys and also move it 8 or 9 pixels to the right. Step 7 On the original “G” layer add these layer styles, lets start with the Inner Shadow Step 8 Step 9 Step 10 Step 11.

Fonts. Web Design & Development News: Collective #11. ThePENTHOUSEPROJECT. 20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know. Hi-Tech wallpapers - page 5. Tech Tips for Webmasters , Designers and Bloggers. 25 Best Text Effects Tutorials in Photoshop If you want to add a few 3D effects on text in images, then you could use some help from this article which lists 25 best text effects tutorials.

Tech Tips for Webmasters , Designers and Bloggers

Whether it is poster designing or simple image captioning, good text effects are bound to attract audience and make the visitors stick around for a lit... 21 Mind Blowing Photoshop Tutorials You would need a list of mind blowing Photoshop tutorials if you want to be called anything near proficient in Photoshop. If you have no idea how complex this award-winning image editing program is, think about Microsoft Paint for Windows 7. 21 Best Abstract Effects in Photoshop One of the first things that spring to mind when talking about graphic editing are the best abstract effects in Photoshop. 20 Free PSD Website Templates The designing of websites has become a lot easier now when icons, graphics and different other design elements can easily be downloaded from the internet. 20 Best Free PSD Files in 2013.

Work We Award. What Type of Work Does FWA award? Here's a selection of the type of work we award and welcome submissions from*: *NOTE: in a fast changing world, FWA is open to, and welcomes, any submission that is not listed below, as long as the submission demonstrates cutting edge creativity. >> Submit project now >> Submit mobile project now Flash SitesWinning examples: > Greenpeace - A New Warrior> HAY > Storming Juno Interactive Flash GamesWinning examples: > Die Hipster > LEGO Star Wars III HTML & CSS sitesWinning examples: > Airwalk > The Bullitt Agency HTML5 sitesWinning examples: > The Wilderness Downtown > Toyota Prius Projects > Nike Better World Hybrid SitesWinning examples: > The New Car > HTML5 gamesWinning examples: > This Shell > Rumpetroll HTML5 & CSS & WEBGL experimentationWinning examples: > The Experiments of Hakim El Hattab > The Endless Mural Social ExperiencesWinning examples: > Harmony > Messages for Japan > Virtual Choir 2.0 Flash experimentationWinning examples: > concepd > 3LiveShop > 5 Gum Links.

Gumroad - Sell anything you can share. Stuff for Smart Masses. Best Web Gallery. Make Your Mockup in Markup. We aren’t designing copies of web pages, we’re designing web pages. Andy Clarke, via Quotes on Design The old way I used to think the best place to design a website was in an image editor.

I’d create a pixel-perfect PSD filled with generic content, send it off to the client, go through several rounds of revisions, and eventually create the markup. Does this process sound familiar? That process is whack, yo! Recently, thanks in large part to the influence of design hero Dan Cederholm, I’ve come to the conclusion that a website’s design should begin where it’s going to live: in the browser.

Die Photoshop, die Some of you may be wondering, “what’s so bad about using Photoshop for the bulk of my design?” The application Adobe Photoshop CS4 has unexpectedly ruined your day. Photoshop’s propensity to crash at crucial moments is a running joke in the industry, as is its barely usable interface. Text rendered in Photoshop (left) versus Safari (right). A necessary evil? Get started by getting naked. Highlights for Children - Magazines, Puzzle Book Clubs, Games, Gifts & Toys.

A world of music. Cybersecurity Stocks: The Names To Consider Now. Earlier this month, Americans were alarmed to learn that hackers had stolen nearly 1.5 million credit card numbers from Global Payments ( GPN ), an Atlanta, Georgia-based payment processor and former Visa ( V ) partner. Such stories have appeared in the news with increasing frequency, and it’s not just large corporations being targeted by cyber criminals. In fact, small organizations , such as physicians' offices, saw the greatest number of data breaches last year. In a separate investigation, Verizon's ( VZ ) annual Data Break Investigations Report examined 855 account breaches from around the globe and found that criminals compromised 174 million records in 2011. For investors, these stories point to an obvious trend: Cybersecurity stocks, already hot, are likely to continue gaining heat.

Global spending on cybersecurity products and services is expected to exceed $71 billion by 2014, according to Gartner ( IT ), an information technology research and advisory firm. EMC ( EMC ) Tech. People. Money. Sports and Pop Culture from Bill Simmons and our rotating cast of writers. Wakanda.