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Best photography. Sacred Geometry International - Unveiling The Ancient Mysteries. Off Grid Living - Shipping Container Home Plans. Critical thinking will set you free! « Hornbill Unleashed. By Sim Kwang Yang Our mind and our heart are our most precious and free possessions, and yet all through life, we allow our minds and our hearts to be enslaved by others and ourselves.

Critical thinking will set you free! « Hornbill Unleashed

We can free ourselves from such external or self-enslavement only through critical thinking. The imperfect Wikipedia gives the following various definitions of “critical thinking”: “Critical thinking is purposeful and reflective judgment about what to believe or what to do in response to observations, written expressions, or arguments. Critical thinking might involve determining the meaning and significance of what is observed or expressed, or, concerning a given inference or argument, determining whether there is adequate justification to accept the conclusion as true. What a mouthful of words. Essentially, critical thinking is not just a skill, and it is far more than skills in problem solving.

Critical thinking is not just about finding means to an end, but thinking about the end also. Watch 250 of the Best Activist Documentaries Online Via a Single Page. Just imagine what could become possible if an entire city had seen just one of the documentaries above.

Watch 250 of the Best Activist Documentaries Online Via a Single Page

Just imagine what would be possible if everyone in the country was aware of how unhealthy the mainstream media was for our future and started turning to independent sources in droves. Creating a better world really does start with an informed citizenry, and there's lots of subject matter to cover. From all the documentaries above, it's evident that our society needs a new story to belong to. The old story of empire and dominion over the earth has to be looked at in the full light of day - all of our ambient cultural stories and values that we take for granted and which remain invisible must become visible. Brilliant photography from Natgeo archives. National Geographic is the source for photos, free desktop wallpapers of places, animals, nature, underwater, travel, and more.It's a long time inspiration for me but now only the time helps me to bring these awesome photographs for your display.I am very happy to bring those "brilliant photography from national geographic archives" here.The following 60 beautiful photographs has beautiful wild life,nature,people and bird photos.

Brilliant photography from Natgeo archives

All the credit goes to Nationalgeographic and all the photographers :) About the author. Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking. 2342 486Share Synopsis Aspects of creative thinking that are not usually taught. 1.

Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking

You are creative. The artist is not a special person, each one of us is a special kind of artist. 120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power. Here are 120 things you can do starting today to help you think faster, improve memory, comprehend information better and unleash your brain’s full potential.

120 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Solve puzzles and brainteasers.Cultivate ambidexterity. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth, comb your hair or use the mouse. Write with both hands simultaneously. The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet. Here are some of the most useful websites on the internet that you may not know about.

The 101 Most Useful Websites on the Internet

These web sites, well most of them, solve at least one problem really well and they all have simple web addresses (URLs) that you can memorize thus saving you a trip to Google. And if you find this list useful, also check out the expanded version – The Most Useful Websites – which now offers a collection of 150+ undiscovered and incredibly useful websites to enhance your productivity. – for capturing screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops. – online voice recognition in the browser itself. Changelog and Updates. 174,203 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching TV. UFO Documents Index. Learn to code.

The AWE !!!! of it All. Life and Consciousness. Why YOU Should Raise Rabbits. Alchemy. The Emerald Tablet, a key text of Western Alchemy, in a 17th-century edition Alchemy is an influential philosophical tradition whose practitioners have, from antiquity, claimed it to be the precursor to profound powers.


The defining objectives of alchemy are varied, but historically have typically included one or more of the following goals: the creation of the fabled philosopher's stone; the ability to transform base metals into the noble metals (gold or silver); and development of an elixir of life, which would confer youth and longevity. Overview[edit] We are all core receivers. How to Build Self-Discipline. Discipline is freedom.

How to Build Self-Discipline

You may disagree with this statement, and if you do you are certainly not alone. For many people discipline is a dirty word that is equated with the absence of freedom. In fact the opposite is true. Rise and shine - Athlete and running ultimate motivation. My apologies dear fellow pearltree'ers but i'am. Lifehacker - Tips and downloads for getting things done. 25 Amazing Benefits & Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is the only germicidal agent composed only of water and oxygen.

25 Amazing Benefits & Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

Like ozone, it kills disease organisms by oxidation! Hydrogen peroxide is considered the worlds safest all natural effective sanitizer. It kills microorganisms by oxidizing them, which can be best described as a controlled burning process. When Hydrogen peroxide reacts with organic material it breaks down into oxygen and water. Here are 25 amazing benefits and uses of hydrogen peroxide: JOE ROGAN talks about IBOGA TRIP!!! Iboga Treatment vs. DMT. Can DMT Connect the Human Brain to a Parallel Universe? If you'd asked this question a few decades ago you'd have been met with raucous laughter – nowadays, however, the idea of parallel universes is taken seriously by scientists at the cutting edge, while our understanding of consciousness is slowly but surely outgrowing the materialistic understanding developed in Victorian times.

Can DMT Connect the Human Brain to a Parallel Universe?

Learning Mind takes a look at the pioneering work of Rick Strassman. The DMT Workshop. DMT: The Spirit Molecule. Starkey Hearing Foundation. How to Make a Crystal Radio in 10 Minutes. What 5 Things can You Do to Change the System? Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca Visions gallery « Head Over Heels. DIY Home Improvement Information. How to do anything. How To YouTube Your Way to Van Gogh Level Skillz. Whether you’re getting your bachelor’s degree in painting, graphic design or sculpture, there’s so much to learn about art — from its lush history to materials — that it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Yet art students shouldn’t fret. There’s a whole lifetime ahead to learn and numerous resources both in the classroom and outside of it for expanding your knowledge. One great place to seek out help with becoming a better artist is on YouTube. There, other artists, teachers and experts share their lessons on just about everything you could want to know. Here are a just a few of the thousands of art-related videos on YouTube to get you started with your creative education. Drawing. Woodworking projects 2.

MacGyver. How-to-be-productive_530adf38cc928_w1500. 10 theories that explain why we dream. Awesome Diy. Perma Pak - frequently asked questions page. AANP - Naturopathic Physicians: Natural Medicine. Real Solutions.

A licensed naturopathic physician (ND) attends a four-year, graduate-level naturopathic medical school and is educated in all of the same basic sciences as an MD, but also studies holistic and nontoxic approaches to therapy with a strong emphasis on disease prevention and optimizing wellness. In addition to a standard medical curriculum, the naturopathic physician also studies clinical nutrition, homeopathic medicine, botanical medicine, psychology, and counseling. A naturopathic physician takes rigorous professional board exams so that he or she may be licensed by a state or jurisdiction as a primary care general practice physician. Please see the AANMC’s Professional Competency Profile for more information. Additional information on naturopathic schools can be found on the American Association of Naturopathic Medical Colleges Web site.

AANMC Member Schools: Bastyr University 14500 Juanita Dr. Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine 2140 E. P.O. 3DR RepRap Delta Printer - Part 1 - Release - Mini Maker-Faire London - Nightly. How to Tell if You Are Indigo. 5 Freelance Tools To Succeed On Your Own ~ Krrb Blog. How to Start Freelancing With No Experience. The freelancing industry enjoyed impressive growth in the past several years. Read More – Knowledge is Power! (Proverbs 3:13-14)

The Science Behind Brainwave Optimization - Brain Training Centers. Various forms of mental illness and issues are associated with abnormal patterns of resting electroencephalogram (EEG) activity (Zietsch et al 2007). EEG measures the electrical activity of the brain produced by the circuitry and function of the underlying pyramidal cells (Schaul, 1998). How Brainwave Optimization Works - Brain Training Centers. The human brain works on electricity, which is generated by the brain in order to complete its tasks. Brain Basics - Brain Training Centers. This is a basic description of brain functioning in certain lobes of the brain. Neuroscience.

Neuroscience is the scientific study of the nervous system.[1] Traditionally, neuroscience has been seen as a branch of biology. However, it is currently an interdisciplinary science that collaborates with other fields such as chemistry, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine and allied disciplines, philosophy, physics, and psychology. The Philosophy of Neuroscience. First published Mon Jun 7, 1999; substantive revision Tue May 25, 2010 Over the past three decades, philosophy of science has grown increasingly “local.” Concerns have switched from general features of scientific practice to concepts, issues, and puzzles specific to particular disciplines.

Philosophy of neuroscience is a natural result. The Neuroscience of Decision Making. Do mirror neurons explain understanding, or is it the other way round? – Neurologism. Neuroscience Tutorial. Vitamins Minerals & Herbs. Vitamin b17. Brain Cancer Warning Over Mobiles.

G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17. Snacking on sweets, fast food and fizzy drinks is linked to bowel cancer for the first time. A cancer-causing additive has been found in certain snacks. The Greatest Speech Ever Made. Magnesium, Iodine and Sodium Bicarbonate. Science Confirms Turmeric As Effective As 14 Drugs. A Third Eye Meditation To Open Your Psychic Ability. 25 Spiritual Lessons. Difference between a Spiritual Finder & a Spiritual Seeker. Natural architecture - an emerging art movement that is exploring mankind's desire to reconnect to the earth, through the built environment.

The Zero-carbon Underground Eco Home. Rotating House Puts New Spin on Eco Living. Human neural stem cells study offers new hope for children with fatal brain diseases. Stem Cells: The Solution to Living Over 100 Years? New Stem Cells on the Block. Scientists Turn Back the Clock on Adult Stem Cells Aging. Earth Chakras. Ley Lines: A Definition. Ley Lines, Neolithic Structures and Magnets. PYRAMID GRID. Michael Persinger on No More Secrets. Invisible Web Directory - Search The Invisible Web With A Web Directory.