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Game based learning

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Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries. Do you have what it takes?

Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Libraries

We are sure you do! Solve a series of clues, open the locks in the puzzles and escape. Don't worry, it's just for fun and you can't get stuck inside! Check out our collection of Digital Escape Rooms created by librarians all around the world - how cool is that?! These Digital Escape Room rooms are designed for children of different ages, or for families to work on together.

A Harry Potter themed Digital Escape Room Created by: Sydney Krawiec, Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library, Pennsylvania, USA Suitable for: Ages 11+ and/or families An Alice in Wonderland themed Escape Room Created by: Erin Honeycutt, Children's Librarian at Moultrie-Colquitt County Library System, Georgia, USA. - Let's explore the world!

City Guesser - Can you guess what city you're in? Dashboard. Escape From Home – The Attic – Escape From Home – Online Escape. It’s week three and you are itching to find your next adventure…….

Escape From Home – The Attic – Escape From Home – Online Escape

Your pirate adventure seems so long ago and you’ve held off returning to the wardrobe to see what happens next. Your parents have gone out to do the weekly essential shopping and left you to look after yourself. With them gone for a couple of hours, surely you’ve got time to head back up to the attic haven’t you? There’s no time to lose, you better head up there quick! Great! Highlight the text for clues Hint 1 –Does any part of it look like a sum? Hint 2 – You need 4 single digits so you might have to take something away Hint 3 – What does it see after GMT? Hint 4- The colour order is Green, Yellow, Blue, Red. Escape From Home – The Attic – Escape From Home – Online Escape. Escape From Home – The Attic – Escape From Home – Online Escape. You’ve been at home for ages……… There’s nothing on the TV, you’ve played all your games and, if that’s not bad enough, it’s raining outside.

Escape From Home – The Attic – Escape From Home – Online Escape

Boredom has really set in. You decided that you need to do something. You go for a wander around the house and you realise you had some old toys in the attic. “Great” you think, so you decided to try and make your way up there. It doesn’t take long before you get into the attic and switch the light on. Upon closer inspection, it seems there is a padlock holding both doors together. - Gamify Your Life. World Geography Games - Let's play and learn Geography! Breakout EDU.

How to Create a Digital Breakout Game. Cloud Islands. Environmental & Social Awareness Games. The following is a list of environmental & social issue games.

Environmental & Social Awareness Games

Most of these green games are suited for people of all ages, but some games contain themes geared toward adult issues. Bacteria Salad - Food safety game where you have to grow tomatoes or spinach without making people sick from e. coli or salmonella. Food Import Folly – Become the FDA and prevent contaminated food goods from entering the USA. Free online flash game about the import security of food goods. Pipe Dreams - Pipe Dreams is an economic prosperity vs. environmental protection game that focuses on land use in agriculture. BBC Climate Change - BBC Climate Challenge is an online environmental game that focuses on policy and sustainable development over a 110 year period. CEO2 - Make successful decisions as the CEO of chemical, solar, insurance and automotive companies while reducing CO2 emissions. Clim’Way - Climate change and green environmental game with highly detailed energy categories.

A Wonderful Tool to Help Students Easily Design Their Own Games. October 12, 2015 Gamestar Mechanic is a gaming platform where students grades 4 to 9 get to learn how to design their own games using the learning principles of game design.

A Wonderful Tool to Help Students Easily Design Their Own Games

Gamester Mechanic features three main components to engage students in game-based learning: the Quest, Workshop and Game Alley. In the Quest, students get to interact with challenging games and get help from a budding game designer character who will walk students through the core principles of game design. The Workshop is where students get to apply the gaming principles they have learned.

They will get to construct their own games using drag and drop tools. Game Alley is where players publish their games, see how others are playing their games and get feedback from the community. Gamestar Mechanic provides a variety of teaching resources to help teachers incorporate game-based learning in their instruction.

Lesson Plans: the Final Activity: the Learning Designer. Tech Trend: Digital Game-Based Learning - Home. PeaceMaker - Play the News. Solve the Puzzle. PeaceMaker: Play the News.

PeaceMaker - Play the News. Solve the Puzzle.

Solve the Puzzle. For the latest news on PeaceMaker version updates and patches, check this post on our blog. About the Game PeaceMaker is inspired by real events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Be a leader and bring peace to the region before your term in office ends. PeaceMaker is two games in one: play both the role of the Israeli Prime Minister or the Palestinian President.Play the news: how would you react to the events in the Middle East presented using real news footage and images? For Mac or PC Make sure your machine complies with the required system and software specifications. Languages and Age Rating PeaceMaker has three languages: English, Arabic and Hebrew. Design Assumptions Winning state is the two state solutionYou can make a difference! For more information visit the game designer's blog post. Free Downloads Screenshots Soundtrack Music Loop (MP3, 1.9MB)Trailer (MP3, 1.3MB) Trailers.

Global Conflicts - Produkt. 100 Great Game Based Learning and Gamification Resources - The Walking Dead English.