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Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. The US elections. Realia möter digital läsförståelse. Four Nations. Nick: This is London and behind me are the Houses of Parliament.

Four Nations

Parts of these buildings are more than nine hundred years old. This is where the laws of the UK are debated and created. Shakespeare. Celtic Britain. Halloween. 50 Incredible, Historical Speeches You Should Watch Online. You hope that your professors will be good speakers who can keep your interest for at least the length of a class period, but more often than not, you’ll have a teacher or two each semester who drones on and on and doesn’t make you feel passionate about the subject.

50 Incredible, Historical Speeches You Should Watch Online

They could take tips from these speakers who have inspired thousands or even millions of people around the world, some even long after they’ve died. Here are 50 incredible, historical speeches you should watch online. Commencement Addresses These commencement speakers include presidents, a professor, political strategist and industry leader. Take note of their communication skills as you listen. Collections. Love GREAT Britain. Old magazine articles.


Anglophenia. Human Rights. St. Patrick's Day. America. The Holocaust. Food. Christmas. Civil Rights. England, Oh England (and a little bit of Wales) – From Authentic Video to Student Video. Part 1 of an amazing three-part film on England and Wales that Ella Grangärd and Amanda Niskanen made for their English class in grade 8.

England, Oh England (and a little bit of Wales) – From Authentic Video to Student Video

This creative duo had a vision and went all out to make it real – even their unquestionably demanding teacher is still filled with awe at the result. These are the first lines in a Pilot Guides 50-minute video on The History of England, giving a short outline of what the viewer can expect to find. Previously I have presented suggestions on how Pilot Guides videos could be used in the EFL classroom, on Ireland (here and here) and on the USA here. Consequently, this post on “The History of England“ and “England and Wales” would constitute a fourth approach to what one can do with authentic video and ICT.


The Best Sites For Learning About The World’s Different Cultures. I’ve compiled several “The Best…” lists that sites where you can learn about the geography, data, languages, and holidays of different countries around the world. Those resources are important, but I think it’s like learning the words, but not the music, of a song. So I thought I’d develop a separate list just focused on helping students learn about the cultures of different countries, and would love to hear additional suggestions.

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