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CodeKit: THE Mac App For Web Developers. PutsReq. Ten Common Mistakes in Node.js Development. Since the moment Node.js was unveiled to the world, it has seen a fair share of both praise and criticism.

Ten Common Mistakes in Node.js Development

The debate still continues, and may not end anytime soon. What we often overlook in these debates is that every programming language and platform is criticized based on certain issues, which are created by how we use the platform. Regardless of how difficult Node.js makes writing safe code, and how easy it makes writing highly concurrent code, the platform has been around for quite a while and has been used to build a huge number of robust and sophisticated web services. These web services scale well, and have proven their stability through their endurance of time on the Internet. However, like any other platform, Node.js is vulnerable to developer mistakes. Mistake #1: Blocking the event loop JavaScript in Node.js (just like in the browser) provides a single threaded environment. Db.User.get(userId, function(err, user) { }) A framework for building native apps using React.

Native Components With React Native, you can use the standard platform components such as UITabBar on iOS and Drawer on Android.

A framework for building native apps using React

This gives your app a consistent look and feel with the rest of the platform ecosystem, and keeps the quality bar high. These components are easily incorporated into your app using their React component counterparts, such as TabBarIOS and DrawerLayoutAndroid. Asynchronous Execution All operations between the JavaScript application code and the native platform are performed asynchronously, and the native modules can also make use of additional threads as well.

See Debugging. Firma electrónica. : Crowdsource Your Developer Hub. HTML52PDF: generate PDF, Word, ODF and RTF documents from HTML5 + CSS code. An open-source distributed database built with love - RethinkDB. Google Web Components. DemocracyOS - Better decisions, together. Version Control on your Server. Tinychart – simple, ready-to-go charts. Non-app Mockup - Brainstorm and express your ideas on paper. Non-app Mockup is a beautiful printable PDF that will help you brainstorm and explain websites, mobile/tablet applications.

Non-app Mockup - Brainstorm and express your ideas on paper.

It includes: A web application thumbnails overview Tablet and mobile application thumbnails overviews A web application detailed view Tablet and mobile application detailed views It's the perfect tool for you to start iterating on your ideas. QuteBits/stackin. Meteor. Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js. Nitrous. Exploiting Instagram to help a friend sell $4,000 of neckties in one day. AngularJS Performance in Large Applications. Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network. Planning a front-end web application is about more than just picking a few JavaScript solutions to aid in the architecture and testing of a web application.

Planning A Front-end JavaScript Application -Telerik Developer Network

While this might be where much of the front-end community focuses, seasoned developers know that building enterprise-grade software is much more than this. In this article, I am going to describe 16 steps that front-end developers should go through when planning a front-end web application. These steps aim to cover the entire life-cycle of a front-end application. However, before diving in, I need to clarify a few front-end terms that remain unsettled in the industry. Terminology First, when I use the term “Front-end JavaScript Application,” I am talking about a Single Page Application, API driven, likely unhosted, and built by a team of developers, as opposed to one developer playing the part of a full-stack engineer. Android Studio. Android Studio is the official IDE for Android app development, based on IntelliJ IDEA.

Android Studio

On top of IntelliJ's powerful code editor and developer tools, Android Studio offers even more features that enhance your productivity when building Android apps, such as: A flexible Gradle-based build system Build variants and multiple APK file generation Code templates to help you build common app features A rich layout editor with support for drag and drop theme editing Lint tools to catch performance, usability, version compatibility, and other problems Code shrinking with ProGuard and resource shrinking with Gradle Built-in support for Google Cloud Platform, making it easy to integrate Google Cloud Messaging and App Engine This page provides an introduction to basic Android Studio features.

For more detailed guides to using Android Studio, start by browsing pages in the Workflow section. Justinmind: Interactive wireframes for web and mobile. Gwendall/way.js. aFarkas/lazysizes. Css - Page layout changes after exiting full screen (html5 video element) Ngrok - secure introspectable tunnels to localhost. AirDroid. Web-based online coding environment.

Two-Factor Authentication. A Collection of Useful / Often-Requested JavaScript Utilities. JavaScript Kit- Your comprehensive JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, and Ajax stop. Learn AngularJS Online - Codementor. Considering the fact that Google developed AngularJS, naturally the web inspection tool for AngularJS they developed is pretty much mandatory to download.

Learn AngularJS Online - Codementor

The Batarang extends the Chrome Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications. The best way to learn Javascript is by doing, and JSFiddle is an excellent place to play with your Javascript and other web development codes such as HTML and CSS. Through the site, which purports itself as a Web Playground, you can quickly fiddle with your code and share your results. The site also allows you to add in pretty much any Javascript library such as jQuery to test out your stuff, so you will definitely want to be using this site to test things. StackShare.

Material Design. Split expenses with friends. Share code real-time in your browser. Google/nogotofail. DailyJS: A JavaScript Blog. Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming. The Best Plugins for Sublime Text. Good day, everyone!

The Best Plugins for Sublime Text

I tried to collect the best ST plugins, which really allows to improve your workflow. Online regex tester and debugger: JavaScript, Python, PHP, and PCRE. RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx. Optimizing Performance — Web Fundamentals. Improving performance is a process that starts with minimizing, or at least, optimizing the data that users download.

Optimizing Performance — Web Fundamentals

Understanding how a browser renders those resources is a prerequisite for improving code efficiency. After improving it, you need a way to test it. Optimizing Content Efficiency To deliver great performance you need to optimize delivery of each and every byte of your site. Get Started Critical Rendering Path Do you understand what happens in the intermediate steps between receiving HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and the processing to turn them into rendered pixels?


Andy the Android Emulator. - Visual Collaboration for Creative People. Login. Creating a Single Page Todo App with Node and Angular. Today we will be creating a very simple Todo application using the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) stack.

Creating a Single Page Todo App with Node and Angular

We will be creating: Javascript libraries. Detectify - Go hack yourself! Cómo hacer pruebas de seguridad en tu sitio web de forma gratuita. Si tenemos un sitio web y queremos analizar los posibles agujeros de seguridad del mismo, lo mejor es contratar a un experto en la materia que pueda hacer un estudio completo que ayude a mejorar las defensas ante hackers; pero si queremos hacer unas primeras pruebas sin tener que rascarse el bolsillo, hay algunas opciones que podemos probar antes: – Realiza un análisis superficial para detectar malware, virus, agujeros XSS y problemas de SQL injections.

Cómo hacer pruebas de seguridad en tu sitio web de forma gratuita

Exclusive Access to Top Developers. Google Partners. Lista de tareas imprescindibles para el correcto mantenimiento de un blog creado con Wordpress. Sin lugar a dudas WordPress es uno de los mejores CMS y además uno de los más fáciles para que cualquiera pueda comenzar con un blog en poco tiempo, pero luego de los primeros pasos básicos en el aprendizaje de este sistema de gestión de contenidos, existen varias tareas que deben de realizar regularmente, las cuales permiten que el blog funcione de la mejor manera posible y principalmente tratar de proteger el blog, tanto del ataque de un hacker, como así también de cualquier error que se pueda producir y que provoque la pérdida de datos.

Hace poco Antonio Cambronero, un especialista en esto de WordPress y autor del blog Blogpocket, desarrolló una infografía con las tareas esenciales a cumplir en forma regular, para asegurarnos de que el blog funcione en forma óptima y segura. Es una infografía en español y muestra las tareas de mantenimiento a realizar en forma diaria, semanal, mensual y anual, con los plugins y servicios necesarios, para cumplir esas tareas. TrackDuck - FEEDBACK VISUAL.

How to Increase Landing Page Conversions With the Psychology of Desire. Create desire for your products and services with these psychological hacks. Image by Sergio Fabara Muñoz via Flickr. Creating desirable offers isn’t rocket science; all you need to do is understand what makes your prospects tick. Once you understand what they really want, you’ll have the tools you need to create irresistible offers that your prospects won’t be able to pass up. Here are the psychological principles used by successful companies to create desire for their products – and how you can use them to optimize your landing pages and marketing campaigns. How the psychology of desire works Understanding the psychology of desire on a theoretical level will help you apply it in practice to your landing pages. Individual incentives At a basic level, humans are motivated to take action either to gain pleasure or avoid pain.

In the context of your marketing campaigns, desire is created when people can see how your product or service can help them to either gain pleasure or alleviate pain. Writing Rails-flavored AngularJS. When I think about Ruby on Rails and AngularJS in the same codebase, I kind of cringe. After spending more than a year trying to reconcile how Rails plays with Angular, not only have I been unsuccessful, but I have not been satisfied with any of the suggested solutions.

There is a ton of material on the numerous Rails hacks you should employ so that Rails and AngularJS feel compatible; however, I’m beginning to wonder whether this problem is being approached from the wrong direction. Instead, how can we hack AngularJS so that it plays nice with Rails? As a Ruby on Rails developer, I want to feel that I’m writing a Rails application. Raddio - Collaborative Live Radios for Friends! More than just video chat. Share Your World. Cabin — Keep it in the family.


SEO. Servers. FrontEnd. Working Tools. Backend. RIDE - reinventing the commute. application router. Console OS - Native Android Remastered for the PC. Shazam for YouTube - Audentifi. Facial Recognition Designed for Enterprise. Peel. Jeffrey's Exif viewer. Inbox - The next-generation email platform. PDFGeni - Free PDF Library. Free programs to open any file extension! The best how-to videos on the web. Get Credit For Lifelong Learning - College, MOOCs & More.

Meeet. Genymotion. Emble - the easiest way to plan events with your friends. Panique/php-mvc. Netflix Roulette. Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings. Mailwise - Read Just What You Need. Grammar and Spell Checker for Better English Communication. Here I Go - Planificador integral de viajes personalizados. A cli app that reminds you to move around every once in a while! Install npm install -g sike what is sike? Sike is a node cli tool that alerts you at set intervals, a set duration or a set time to get up and be active for a few minutes with command line messages and the triggering of system sounds. why sike? Sometimes, you find yourself getting stuck into some issue or feature implementation or any other thing really and before you know it hours have passed.

End of Three Fitness — End of Three Fitness. Picdeck.