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Split expenses with friends

Split expenses with friends
IOUs made easy. Splitwise takes the trouble out of sharing expenses – with friends, with roommates, with anyone. We do the math for you Splitwise keeps a running total over time, so you can pay each other back in one big payment, instead of a bunch of small ones. Friendly email reminders Get notified when the rent check is due…or get a reminder when you forget to pay someone back.

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Guide de la consocollab Location de camping-cars entre particuliers. Partez ! Partagez ! Profitez ! Concept co-fondé en 2011 par Adrien Pinson et Benoit Panel, est le leader européen de la location de camping-cars et vans aménagés entre particuliers. Avec plus de 2150 véhicules, il dispose de la plus grande flotte locative d'Europe et offre un choix varié et complet: profilés, intégraux, capucines, fourgons aménagés ou vans.

Lord Howe Island's Seven Peaks Walk: Australia's new great walk - 45 kilometres of pure spectacle "Woo … hee! Woo … hee!" Our guide Dean Hiscox is shouting at the sky, which is alive with providence petrels. Le petit déjeuner : recette du typical english breakfast DRLe petit déjeuner : recette du typical english breakfast Pour épater à coup sûr votre conjoint.e, jouez la diversité. C’est le secret du déjeuner anglais. All things bright and beautiful: Best Apps for Traveling Abroad I've traveled to Europe a few times now, but our trip to Spain in May was the first time I've gone with a smartphone. I was a little unsure about bringing it at first since I was worried that it would just be annoying to have to keep track of something I wouldn't be able to use very much. Having worked at Verizon in the past, I know what a ripoff global phone plans can be. Unless it is very important for you to have cell service it's really not worth it to get one, and it does limit your phone's capabilities to not be connected to a mobile network. However, I did some research, found a lot of apps that work offline, and ended up deciding to take it along.

Map Share™ Reporter Up to 15% of roads change every year. To ensure the best navigation experience, TomTom’s goal is to create the best maps with the very latest information. This is where you can help: your reports inform us of changes in your area so we can keep the maps you use fully up to date. How To Make The Most Of Google Maps Google Maps is hands-down one of the best navigation apps on Android and iPhone, but considering most of us use it while driving, it's easy to miss some of its features. Whether you're new to Google Maps or a veteran, let's take a look at the best ways to get the most out of it. Save Your Home and Work Addresses First things first, adding in your home and work address makes using Google Maps a little more pleasant, because it simplifies navigating to either place. Tap the three-line menu bar in the search box, then Your Places, and add your home and work address.

Whole Earth Catalog Couverture du Whole earth Catalog de 1969. Le Whole Earth Catalog est un catalogue américain de contre-culture publié par Stewart Brand entre 1968 et 1972, puis occasionnellement jusqu'en 1998. Les Whole Earth Catalogs proposaient toutes sortes de produits à la vente (vêtements, livres, outils, machines, graines — des choses utiles à un style de vie créatif et autosuffisant), mais ne vendaient directement aucun de ces produits. Il pronaît le Do it yourself. Les noms des vendeurs et les prix étaient listés à côté des produits proposés, le tout étant accompagné d'une recommandation de ne pas harceler ces sociétés, souvent de taille modeste, par des questions de simple curiosité si on n'envisageait pas vraiment l'achat de ce qu'elles proposaient.

The Other Airbnbs: Alternative Home-Sharing Rentals - The New York Times Companies like VRBO and HomeAway have long worked with travelers looking for vacation homes ranging from ski condos in Vail, Colo., to beach houses in Tulum, Mexico. But the biggest growth has been in cities. “Urban rentals have grown really because of Airbnb, and also online travel agencies like getting into rentals,” said Douglas Quinby, the vice president of research for Phocuswright. “Travelers are increasingly cross-shopping against hotels, and often finding cheaper rates.” Interactive Map for Airport WiFi Passwords Around the World Travel blogger and computer security engineer Anil Polat created an interactive Google Map of WiFi passwords for airports and airport lounges around the world. Embedded below, the regularly updated map is expandable and zoomable. By clicking on the little airplane icon you can see the corresponding airport/lounge’s WiFi login/password. For those interested in an offline version, the map is available for purchase on iOS and Android.

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling When You’re Broke Think you don’t have enough money to travel? Think again. Travel guru Matt Kepnes puts that myth to rest with this guide to traveling on little (or no) money. Money This is something I hear from everyone I talk to.