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Beautiful Word Clouds. Tagul - Word Cloud Art. Tagxedo - Word Cloud with Styles. Educational Videos, Free Kids Videos and Technology. YouTube. Classroom Technology. WhatWasThere - Put history in its place!

Interact Cafe. Diigo - Better reading and research with annotation, highlighter, sticky notes, archiving, bookmarking & more. 11 Online Tools That Will Improve Your eLearning Process. We all want to learn easier and better.

11 Online Tools That Will Improve Your eLearning Process

That’s why eLearning was invented to begin with. It is a tool that hugely simplifies learning by breaching distances and making it easier for people who are occupied during normal hours to classes after all. It doesn’t end there either. Obviously it’s a massive advantage for people living in disadvantaged areas, where they might not have access to standard education. It’s for this reason that so many of the eLearning trends are positive. Today we’re going to take a look at 11 of the 100 online tools listed by Jane Heart. Twitter. Last Thoughts Slowly more and more elements that distract students in normal class settings –such as social media, gamification, and videos– are becoming available for us to use in eLearning class settings.

Get 2 Free eBooks Get the eLearning Industry's Articles in your inbox. Best Websites for Teaching & Learning 2015. How to Build a Simple E-Learning Game. Free Technology for Teachers. Free Technology for Teachers This feed's current articles are shown below.

Free Technology for Teachers

Subscribe for updates to all the content available in this feed, or click through here to see the original article. Mentimeter Adds a Quiz Option to Their Polling Service 2016-05-26 19:14 UTC by (Richard Byrne) Mentimeter is a nice service that allows you to pose a question to your audience and get instant feedback on that question through cell phones, tablets, and any other Internet-connected device. The latest option added to Mentimeter... Read the whole entry... » Storyboard That Now Offers Customizable Scenes 2016-05-26 19:00 UTC by (Richard Byrne) Storyboard That has become a popular digital storytelling tool over the last few years. Now when you drag a background... Read the whole entry... » Expeditions Pioneer Program. Edutopia RSS. Make Kids' Books Online For Free!

Welcome! - eduClipper. Online Reading Activities. Animoto Video Maker Educator Review. How Can Teachers Use It?

Animoto Video Maker Educator Review

Any school experience -- including class assignments, field trips, science experiments, school plays, and more -- can find new life in a skillful and engaging way with Animoto. Students can easily share their pretty projects, too. All Animoto videos default to private and are only public if kids opt to share a video's URL. Still, you'll have to keep an eye on things, as sharing through a variety of social media or through email and SMS is very easy to do with both the Animoto app and on the website. Location Services also defaults to on, but this can be turned off manually in the device's privacy settings. Read MoreRead Less What's It Like? The world of digital storytelling gets cracked open with Animoto Video Maker. 100 Best Blogs for School Librarians. School librarians have much more on their plates than just managing books, often spending a great deal of time educating students and teachers, learning about and implementing new technology, and reading up on the latest new releases for young adults and children.

100 Best Blogs for School Librarians

It can be a lot to keep up with, but luckily other librarians are sharing their wisdom, experience, and expertise via the web. We’ve brought together 100 excellent blogs written by teachers, librarians, tech experts, and book lovers that can act as amazing resources for any school librarian. This is an update of our previous list, as technology has changed, new voices have emerged, and some previously great blogs have gone dormant, making it necessary to revise and re-curate our selections. Hopefully this list will be as useful to those in library and education fields as the first. Librarian Blogs Here you’ll find some amazing blogs written by librarians at all kinds of institutions.

Free Range Librarian: Librarian K.G. Ed Tech. A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet. 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom. 100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom by Students and educators have a wealth of learning and productivity tools available to them online.

100 Ways To Use Google Drive In The Classroom

Google offers some of the highest-quality resources on the web to meet all your study and teaching needs, and all you need to access them is an internet connection. The Google Docs collection provides a streamlined, collaborative solution to writing papers, organizing presentations and putting together spreadsheets and reports. But besides the basic features, there are lots of little tricks and hacks you can use to make your Google Docs experience even more productive.

Ed note: This is an older post, so some of these features or links may be out of date. Keyboard Shortcuts. Google For Education (@GoogleForEdu) The Official Google Blog. How to search on Google - Search Help. Learn a few tips and tricks to help you easily find information on Google.

How to search on Google - Search Help

Tip 1: Start with the basics No matter what you're looking for, start with a simple search like where's the closest airport?. You can always add a few descriptive words if necessary. If you're looking for a place or product in a specific location, add the location. For example, bakery seattle. Tip 2: Search using your voice. How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC] Among certain circles (my family, some of my coworkers, etc.)

How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]

I'm known for my Googling skills. I can find anything, anywhere, in no time flat. 11 Google Tricks That'll Change the Way You Search - Motto. Google Search’s learning curve is an odd one.

11 Google Tricks That'll Change the Way You Search - Motto

You use it every day, but still all you know is how to search. But the search engine has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. Here’s an overview of some of the most useful Google search tricks, from basic tips to new features just recently released. 1. Use quotes to search for an exact phraseThis one’s a well-known, simple trick: searching a phrase in quotes will yield only pages with the same words in the same order as what’s in the quotes. Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know. Twitter. Tweets de Media par Lucy Green (@lucysantosgreen) #FRIT7234 - Recherche sur Twitter. Amy Wise (@WiseAw10515) TED Blog: Further reading on ideas worth spreading.