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Garden On The Roof Apartment by XS Studio - Design Milk. Dark Grey, White & Wood Tone Decor With Personal Flair. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Dark grey just looks so sophisticated with a white and wood home decor scheme doesn’t it? The depth of hue works sharply against an icy white edge, and is effectively warmed by smooth natural tone. The quantity of dark accent colour used can affect the mood of a place.

Flying in the face of any critic who ever unfairly deemed grey as always being a dull or cold neutral, this home design is an incredibly cosy and cheerfully bright affair. The large linear sofa is also a charcoal grey hue, which has been covered in a scattering of cushions in lighter shades of grey, pinstripe and pale pink. The kitchen is a delicious amalgamation of white and wood cabinet fronts, and a white central island with a dining end. Above the long grey sofa, a large wall mounted wooden bookcase brings some of that warm natural tone over into the seating area. Similarly to our first home design, this interior also has a wooden backdrop supporting the TV. Save. Three Homes Using Exposed Brick, Wood Panelling and Grey To Their Advantage.

Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Have an exposed brick wall, but not sure what to do with it? These three inspirational homes – sized as smaller apartments or more luxurious two-storey dwellers – use exposed brick, wooden paneling and shades of grey to create modern spaces. Long lines of wood construct kitchens with grey benches ending in exposed brick walls. Wooden doors shake off their natural grooves to reveal bookcases. Our first home uses grey, brick and wood in a loft for an IT specialist, a home designed to repel negative thinking and clutter.

As we zoom further out, the Menu Willmann vases on the coffee table find friends in other small, grey-hued things. Looking towards the TV, more exposed brick meets the eye. The dining area wows with modern dining pendants in a lighter grey. A front-on view reveals open kitchen shelving, indented stools and a community of lines that stretch across the island, cabinetry, rafters and upper shelving.

Did you like this article? 2 Masculine Interiors in Shades of Grey Black & Brown. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Two tours around two open plan apartments that are distinctly masculine in approach, each with a grey, black and brown colour scheme. However, these two monochrome apartment designs do differ in their approach. Our first is a high contrasting affair with stark walls in predominantly darker notes, perhaps bordering on a minimalist aesthetic if not for a few frivolous knick-knacks here and there.

The second of our home tours is a softer more sumptuous arrangement, with a slightly more mature or discerning air. The open plan living room combines a cooking, dining and lounge areas, where the upper kitchen wall is a dark grey backdrop of bricks. Dramatic charcoal coloured curtains frame the tall windows in this room. The wall behind the TV has been painted in grey to echo of the kitchen wall at the opposite end. Above the four seated contemporary dining suite, two pendant lights give out multi-directional beams. Did you like this article? A Modest Sized Apartment That Makes The Best Use Of Available Space. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Whilst we all love to stretch out and wander around an enormous home tour, or drool over a cool cutting edge interior, sometimes we crave a bit of cosy home comfort.

The nesting instinct in us appreciates the beauty of a more compact bolthole, with cushiony furnishings and uplifting colour. Well if you’re feeling ready to wrap yourself up in a blanket of hominess then this apartment design from the shore of the Volga river, Tolyatti, Russia is just for you. Due to the modest proportions of this riverside home, the walls have been painted white to increase the sense of space and light. In the same compact space, a four place dining table sits beneath an eye-catching pendant light.

The sofa is upholstered in a warm and inviting purple fabric, which has been coupled with squared pattern throw cushions and a matching blanket to snuggle in. Bespoke wall shelves have been built into one side of the room. Save Did you like this article? Three Cozy Apartments that Maximize a Small Space. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... No matter how big your home, you want to be able to maximize your use of the space. In a larger area, this is a bit easier to do with the careful placement of furniture and organized storage solutions. However, as a home gets smaller, space-saving solutions have to get a bit more creative. One way to maximize space in a small home is through the use of levels.

The first home featured is a studio apartment that takes full advantage of natural lighting and a color theme to create an open, comfortable space. It can feel like a challenge to pack an entire life into what is essentially one room, but this design manages to do it elegantly. The way that vertical space is used is particularly interesting, staring with the bed, sitting above floor level, and creating a shelf from there that extends around the apartment. A cozy setup near the window can double as either a breakfast nook or a home workspace. A nearly organized kitchen is also key. Save. 3 Modern Small Apartment Designs Under 50 Square Meters That Don't Sacrifice On Style [Includes Floor Plans] Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Living in a tiny amount of space can be limiting in many ways but living small certainly does not mean that you have to compromise on style. Not convinced? Well, take a look at these three small apartment interiors, all under 50 square metres, that are creative in using stylish furniture and decor to set a high-end scene.

Large light fittings over sociably sized dining areas, practical kitchens that do not feel cramped, chic bathrooms and bedrooms brimming with storage are all present in these limited living quarters. The IT_H_1 Apartment, located in Lviv, Ukraine has an area of just 47 square metres but still manages to have dining seating for a party of four in the open plan reception room. This pendant lightshade is of a rebellious size for such a small home. The attractive Scandinavian style chairs do not tuck out of sight beneath the dining table when not in use, even though space is at a premium. Save Did you like this article? A Sydney House with an Industrial Past Incorporates Some of those Elements. The property for the Sydney-based Truss House has an industrial past, which led Carterwilliamson Architects to incorporate salvaged roof trusses, hence its name. The reused materials created a pitched skillion roof with the exposed structure forming an intrinsic piece of the new build’s overall character.

The design is a playful variation of a traditional terrance house with the most public space, the living room, up front by the entryway, and the private areas upstairs. The recycled brick walls were paired with warm wood and industrial metal details making for a visually impactful presence. Topping off the industrial vibe are concrete floors and corrugated roof sheeting.

The trusses used at the rear of the house were inverted to form the low, sloped roofline (skillion). The main bedroom maintains privacy with higher level windows with pivoting wood shutters. An inverted truss becomes an opaque window that lets daylight in without compromising privacy. Photo by Brett Boardman. VTN architects' 'bamboo house' offers green solution to vietnamese density issue. In response to vietnam’s rapid urbanization and divergence from its origins as a low density tropical area, vo trong nghia architects develops ‘bamboo house’ — a small residential project in ho-chi-min city. in an attempt to reconnect vietnam’s developed urban areas to nature, the firm’s ‘house for trees’ concept is a series of prototypical housing designs that provides green spaces within high density neighborhoods. the ‘bamboo house’ is VTN’s response to vietnam’s density issue due to vietnam’s narrow streets, otherwise known as ‘hem’, vo trong nghia architects’ ‘bamboo house’ is designed to create a comfortable living space in spite of the limited available space. the site’s density only allows two sides to create natural ventilation and light into the building. both the front and back of the house are open and wrapped with greenery, allowing cool wind to pass through. the façade holds an abundance of greenery a detail of the house’s balconies with perching trees the living room the roof.

A White and Wood House for a Stylish Family. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... When you move your young family into a new home, you want it to be a reflection of what you care about. This single family home located in Moscow does precisely that. From the architects at Ruetemple, the 160 square meter home was designed with usefulness, comfort, and beauty in mind.

Starting from scratch with no interior walls, what eventually took shape was a two story home with three small bedrooms and a spacious common area for work, play, and quality family time. Throughout the home, stark white and beautiful wood grain take the beautiful design to the next level while lamps from Imex, bathroom details from Roca, Villeroy and Boch, Hansgrohe and Geberit plus granite tile from Italon work together in perfect harmony. In this particular home, the family spends a great deal of time in common areas, making it critical that these spaces are bright, open and welcoming. Of course, the pseudo-hammock is not just fun for the kids. Super Compact Spaces: A Minimalist Studio Apartment Under 23 Square Meters. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Designed by Barinov Andrey, this compact apartment design tests the limits of space conservation. Thanks to multipurpose living spaces and a super efficient layout, this apartment feels far more spacious than its actual size would indicate.

In fact, this compact home measures in at just under 23 square meters! The tour opens with a look at the versatile main volume that serves almost all of the resident’s day-to-day needs, from sleeping to dining to entertainment. Rather than taking up extra space with a full dining table, the designer chose a simple cantilever design with a pair of kitchen bar stools. While standard furniture would take up significant visual real estate, this low-profile table design only blocks about four or five inches of the view across the room.

Although it’s just a minor detail, every accessory can make a huge impact in a home this minimalistic. Almost all of the rightmost wall contains storage space. Studio Apartments In Three Modern Styles. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Studio apartments are such a good source of interior design inspiration – the ideas found in these space conscious designs often come in useful outside of the context of apartment design, translating easily to other contexts like single rooms or open plan areas. This post looks at three studio apartments, each one representing a different interior design style. The first one is a straightforward minimalist space, the second is a charming Scandinavian-inspired theme, and the third studio takes a different approach with a dark and moody design with luxurious elements. Let’s start with something simple.

Saving space is crucial in such a compact apartment. Residents can enjoy a more private bedroom by simply closing the billowy gray curtain. The media center is clean simple, with a nice wall-mounted cabinet to keep electronic components hidden from view. The wire bar stools are the work of Hee Welling, available from Danish design house Hay. 4 Studios That Make Beautiful Use of Natural Light. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... There are plenty of advantages to living in a studio apartment. often, this type of cozy setup means that you get to live in the center of everything, with easy access to all the comforts of urban life, from the hottest restaurants and nightlife to the best and most stylish shops.

When a studio is well-designed, it won't even feel cramped. But one key to a good studio design is the use of natural light. In this post, we'll explore four different studios that make sure windows and sunlight are maximized so that the homes feel spacious, clean, and beautiful. One of the easiest ways to create more space in a studio like this one is through the use of a lofted bed. As sunlight streams in from a recessed window, it makes this reading nook/living area exceptionally welcoming. While the staircase up to the lofted bed takes up a bit of room, it considerably safer and more stylish than a ladder. A white tile bathroom is the epitome of clean. Double Bedroom L-Shaped Home Design: 2 Examples With Floor Plans. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... The layout of a home can have a significant impact on how the design takes shape. The different nooks and crannies that are created by a layout determine where best to put the sofa, how to arrange a dining room and even what colors will look best.

The two homes featured here both have the distinction of being L-shaped. Immediately we can see how the first home uses its main living area as a simple, open gather spot. While there is not a tremendous amount of natural light coming in, by using plenty of white near the windows, that light is able to reflect into the rest of the living area. An open floor plan works best when there is still separation, like this partial wall. The accent colors used in this home have a rich, earthy feel to them, giving the space a soothing tone. Greenery is always welcome in a well-designed home, and if you can display it on unique plant stands like this one, it really captures the attention.

2 One Bedroom Apartments with Modern Color Schemes. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... A one-bedroom apartment is just enough. It can be perfect for a single person, or a young couple. It leaves its occupants with just enough space to live comfortably and entertain a few friends, but not so much space that every weekend is filled with dusting or every holiday becomes an excuse for overnight guests. The two apartments featured here have a few things in common. First, they both have just one bedroom. Second, they both use modern color schemes, with natural wood elements as well as pretty jewel-toned accents.

The first set of photos is from a concept for a small apartment design concept in Kiev. A plush purple sofa, however, serves as a focal point for the main living space. Recessed lighting is always a good choice above a television since it can be easily dimmed or brightened depending on whether the television is in use. Dark wood cabinetry and contrasting white lacquer cabinets creates a really open feeling in the kitchen. Home Design Under 60 Square Meters: 3 Examples That Incorporate Luxury In Small Spaces. Like Architecture & Interior Design? Follow Us... Sometimes luxury comes in small packages – while many may envision a "luxury home" as necessitating a sprawling floor plan, these stylish spaces take a more modest approach. Each of these three compact homes measure at less than 60 square meters but make a huge impression thanks to their streamlined decor, high quality furnishings, and thoughtful design.

If you're looking for ways to make your small or medium sized apartment feel more sophisticated, maybe one of these inspiring interior tours could spark some ideas. At just 50 square meters, this attractive apartment makes up for its limited floor plan with space-enhancing features like tall ceilings, massive windows, and a wide open layout. Decor remains simple. Rather than taking up valuable visual real estate with a traditional television, the designer opted for a projector paired with a retractable white screen.

Another benefit is the extra storage. Check it out! 3 One-Bedroom Apartments with Floor Plans. 3 Apartments with Industrial Inspired Concrete Wall Panels. 4 Chic Homes that Utilize Lofted Spaces. 2 One-Bedroom Home Apartment Designs Under 60 Square Meters (With Floor Plans) Dark Moody Bachelor Pad Design: 2 Single Bedroom L-Shaped Examples [Includes Floor Plans] Jeff wilson provides housing solution with modular kasita living units. Small Space Luxury: Three Modern Apartments Under 40 Square Metres That Ooze Class. VTN architects vertically stacks gardens inside binh house in vietnam. Relaxing Color Schemes In 3 Efficient Single-Bedroom Apartments [With Floor Plans] An Upscale Ukrainian Apartment for the Classy Homeowner. Lines design reveals urban garden through mesh screen of cube house.

4 Bright Studio Apartments With Creative Bedroom Placement. Delution architect hosts music and ballet studios inside the equalizer in indonesia. 3 Modern Studio Apartments With Glass-Walled Bedrooms. Single Bedroom Apartments That Are Perfect For The Single Life [Includes Floor Plans] Vincent parreira converts photography studio into apartments. 3 Fabulous Apartment Designs With Lofted Bedrooms. Stu/D/O carves openings throughout the façade of bangkok house. 5 Studio Apartments that Use Space Splendidly. A Compact Apartment in Kiev with a Glass-Enclosed Bedroom. Studio MM Architect, TinkerBox - Modern Architect, Residential Design - NYC, Hudson Valley. 5 Beautiful Studio Apartments. 3 Small Studio Apartments That Exude Luxurious Space. Transformers: 2 Beijing Houses Packed Full of Space-Maximizing Tricks. 5 Innovative Apartment Designs That Make Small Areas Sing.

Super Small Studio Apartment Under 50 Square Meters (Includes Floor Plan) 3 Small Apartments That Rock Uncommon Color Schemes [With Floor Plans] Vo trong nghia stacks terracotta brick façade for panasonic showroom. 4 Single Studio Apartment Designs under 100 Square Metres. Maximize Minimal Space With Robotic Furniture. Bold Decor In Small Spaces: 3 Homes Under 50 Square Meters. Four Small Studios That Explore Fun and Whimsical Styles. Two Takes On The Same Super-Small Apartment. An Industrial Loft in The Netherlands. A Modern Parisian Flat Atop a Department Store. 5 Small Studio Apartments With Beautiful Design. A Gorgeous Home Split By A Covered Garden Atrium. 4 Small Apartments Showcase The Flexibility Of Compact Design.

25 Stunning Bedroom Lighting Ideas. 5 Ideas For A One Bedroom Apartment With Study (Includes Floor Plans) 3 Luxury Homes Taking Different Approaches To Wall Art. Red and Blue: Two Colorful Apartments Under 75 Square Meters. 4 Super Tiny Apartments Under 30 Square Meters [Includes Floor Plans] Small Budapest Apartment Designed for Travelers. 4 Beautiful Dark Themed Homes. 3 Inspiring Homes With Concrete Ceilings and Wood Floors. 6 Beautiful Home Designs Under 30 Square Meters [With Floor Plans] Chic Scandinavian Loft Interior. Ultra Tiny Home Design: 4 Interiors Under 40 Square Meters. 40 More 1 Bedroom Home Floor Plans. 40 More 2 Bedroom Home Floor Plans. Small, Smart Studios with Slick, Simple Designs. Small, Smart Studios with Slick, Simple Designs. 4 Small Studio Apartments Decorated in 4 Different Styles. Apartment Designs For A Small Family, Young Couple And A Bachelor. Garage converted into apartment. A Super Small Apartment That Adapts To Its Owner's Needs. 3 Creative Top Floor Rooms with Wood Accents.

2 Creative Apartments Featuring Whimsical Art. 25 One Bedroom House/Apartment Plans. Minimalist 1 Bedroom Apartment Designed For A Young Man. Aviation Inspiration and Superhero Dreams in a Quirky Tainan Home. 25 Two Bedroom House/Apartment Floor Plans. Eclectic Single Bedroom Apartment With Open Floor Plan. 2 Super Small Apartments Under 30 Square Meters. Stylish St. Petersburg Apartment for an Artistic Professional Couple. Small house design for single people. Small Apartment Interior Design: Working With Just 40 Square Meter (431 Square Feet) 2 Simple, Super Beautiful Studio Apartment Concepts For A Young Couple [Includes Floor Plans]

3 Beautiful Homes Under 500 Square Feet. Studio Apartment Floor Plans. Homes Under 400 Square Feet: 5 Apartments That Squeeze Utility Out Of Every Square Inch. 1 Bedroom Apartment/House Plans.