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Sea Bed Hunting On One Breath - Human Planet: Oceans, preview - BBC One. Dolphins learn tool-usage from mother. Sponge Moms: Dolphins learn tool use from their mothers Susan Milius Bottlenose dolphins that carry sea sponges on their beaks probably learned the trick from their moms rather than inheriting a sponge-shuttling gene, researchers say.

Dolphins learn tool-usage from mother

LIKE A GLOVE. A female bottlenose dolphin in Shark Bay, Australia, wraps her sensitive beak with a sea sponge. The covering probably protects against scrapes and stings while the dolphin searches for food along the ocean bottom. Shark Vs. Sea Snake. Hippo Vs Crocodile at the water hole Killing Frenzy.. Cuttlefish attacks octopus. Countdown: Strangest Animal Sleeping Habits. Sea Creatures. 6 Amazingly Intelligent Animals (That Will Creep You Out) Animals may be extremely well-organized and insanely ballsy, but we'll always have one giant advantage over them: our intelligence.

6 Amazingly Intelligent Animals (That Will Creep You Out)

Also, cars and rocket launchers and such. But thinking is what makes us human, and thinking means we'll always be the ruling species on this planet, because the rest of those guys are really stupid. 25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography on StumbleUpon. I think the most beautiful pictures are those made in nature.

25 Most Beautiful Animals Photography on StumbleUpon

Nothing compares with the expression of a tiger, the majestic flight of an eagle or the strength of a white bear. Below you can see 25 the most beautiful animal photographs that will capture your attention, and were stumbled on StumbleUpon.