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Fitzke Bugbite Modern Classic Race Boat. Kevin Fitzke the boatbuilder has gone from Bootlegger to Bugbite, and despite the latter sounding smaller and less grand than the former, the opposite is true.

Fitzke Bugbite Modern Classic Race Boat

A couple years ago we saw the Fitzke Bootlegger Paddleboard, a stunning SUP designed after prohibition-era airplanes and wood boats from the 20s. This year, Fitzke is adding a motor and a zippy spirit to his water farer, debuting his hand built Bugbite Modern Classic Race Boat. Bugbite is a 17' single step boat crafted to the 1935 design of A.A.Apel, but fitted with modern advancements in adhesives, cold-molding, two part urethane paints/primers, and two part urethane varnishes. Its frame components and planking are marine-grade mahogany and white oak, with structural fasteners of silicon bronze and chrome plated brass. This is probably the one Bugbite I be glad to have on my ass all summer long. Ode to the Tardigrade: The Best Water Bear Merch. A whole curated collection of tardigrade clothing, gear, and random desktop accessories!

Ode to the Tardigrade: The Best Water Bear Merch

You're welcome, microbiologists. The tiny water bear seems to be Rrawwrr! Robotic bartender manages 158 bottles, crafts cocktails and doesn't interrupt stories. Elon musk debuts flamethrower before quickly selling $3.5 million worth. Thisiswhyimbroke. The umbrella drone is a hands free protection alternative come rain or shine. Thisiswhyimbroke. Barbie ride-on toy car modded with real engine goes 70 mph. Thisiswhyimbroke. Other Activities -> Tank Battles - Harrogate Paintball Centre. As seen on the Gadget Show and Top Gear, our mini-tanks are a scaled-down version of the real thing, with a paintball gun for good measure: if you've ever played World of Tanks on your computer you can now do it for real!

Other Activities -> Tank Battles - Harrogate Paintball Centre

After an initial practice driving session and full briefing the battles commence! Each of our tanks are given 200 paintballs and it's game on. Battles last for around twenty minutes, each person will have a battle and the whole session from arrival to finish last around two hours. This motorised activity is completely different from typical driving experiences, with our experienced instructors giving full driver briefing to ensure customers get the most out of their session. Harrogate Paintball Centre is the only venue in the country offering customers the opportunity to battle against their mates in their own one-man tank on our purpose-built tank battleground. High Design: 15 Luxury Products for More Glamorous Cannabis Consumption. Thisiswhyimbroke. Wait, there's a MINI Twisty Glass Blunt? / Boing Boing. Yes, yes there is.

Wait, there's a MINI Twisty Glass Blunt? / Boing Boing

The ultraportable Twisty Glass Mini boasts all of the simplicity of its forebear, while fitting just a little bit better in your pocket. Wanted to say high (6 cards) / Dope Cards. Cannabis Grow System. Helicopter Hotel Room. Star Wars Immersive Hotel. Rage Rooms: Hourly Russian Service Lets You Vent Aggression. Has life in the modern world given you a simmering sense of resentment, anxiety and anger you wish you could unleash upon some highly breakable objects?

Rage Rooms: Hourly Russian Service Lets You Vent Aggression

Maybe you’re fuming over your job and fantasize about smashing a copy machine, Office Space-style, or maybe you’d like to give a certain public institution a piece of your mind. In Russia, you can pay by the hour to take out these aggressions on the environment of your choice – safely, legally and as violently as you like. For a fee ranging from $150 to $450 depending on the complexity, ’Rage Rooms’ by Debosh can be customized to your liking.

They’ll design your personalized smashable room to resemble your workplace, apartment or any other space you prefer, or you can bring your own breakables and clean up after yourself for a mere $50. Prices also vary by ‘difficulty level,’ depending on whether you want to smash some dishes and televisions or rent out a larger space with a group of friends, with more to destroy. Disney princess lingerie sets introduced / Boing Boing. Yandy introduced a new line of Disney princess-inspired lingerie sets.

Disney princess lingerie sets introduced / Boing Boing

The company doesn't name the sets after the princesses, but it's pretty obvious who's who. Will Disney let this stand? Electric Stun Gun Ring. A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! This cannabis cigar contains 12 grams of weed and costs $420 / Boing Boing. A weed store in Seattle called Leira makes pricey cannabis cigars.

This cannabis cigar contains 12 grams of weed and costs $420 / Boing Boing

From The Potlander: Cannabis bouquet delivery service / Boing Boing. Here's how to get certified as an Amazon Web Services administrator Managing servers is complex and expensive—that’s why countless businesses have switched to Amazon Web Services over in-house infrastructure.

Cannabis bouquet delivery service / Boing Boing

With so much demand for this cloud platform, mastery of AWS administration has become a valuable skill set. This Certification Training course can be your first step towards proficiency.This extensive course packs everything you need to know about […] Smartduvet – Le lit qui se fait tout seul. Un nouveau pas est franchi en matière de flemme et de technologie : voici le Smartduvet, un lit connecté qui se fait tout seul !

Smartduvet – Le lit qui se fait tout seul

Ce fusil imprimé en 3D tire 120 avions en papier par minute. Voici le Paper Airplane Gun, un étonnant fusil imprimé en 3D capable de tirer 120 avions en papier par minute !

Ce fusil imprimé en 3D tire 120 avions en papier par minute

Il suffit de charger une ramette de papier à l’arrière de ce fusil, et le mécanisme se chargera prendre chaque feuille, de la plier en forme d’avion et de la propulser ! Real Life Functional Transformer Car. Menorah Bong. Pocket Shot Arrow Slingshot. Burning Man's Mutant Vehicles eat dust, and people? Here, on the region's salt flats, the individual pieces -- steel, wood, papier-mâché and a myriad of other materials -- are assembled into one of the festival's most striking pieces of art: Mutant Vehicles. These often spectacular cars would fail any standard road test, but must pass the criteria set by Burning Man's Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) to be granted a festival license. This means they must "be completely mutated -- showing little or none of the original base vehicle," according to the DMV, who strive to ensure a "balance" of mutated machinery.

The strict criteria means only 650 licenses were granted this year. Other motorized vehicles are largely banned, and most of the tens of thousands of attendees must travel by foot or bike. X15 Flamethrower. People typically use flamethrowers to clear brush and weeds. And just like that, for the first time in my life I cannot think of anything I'd rather do today than go clear me some brush and weeds. In addition to disintegrating encroaching dead flora to ash, the backpack o' fire that is Quinn Whitehead and his company's X15 Flamethrower will also serve as a sick movie prop and, more importantly, the contest-winning final touch to your Drogon costume this Halloween. Check one out in slo-mo here. X15s come in right- and left-handed models, and in your choice of 6 colors. The package includes the flame-spewing gun, tank, and backpack (45 pounds total) plus 3 interchangeable wand tips that adjust the range and efficiency of your detonations. For both performance and safety, has built the X15 Flamethrower system with a 4000 psi rating, or roughly 4 times the standard operating pressure of less than 1000 psi.

Design-milk. Turtle Lair - Appartements à louer à New York. Hey dudes! Looking for a dojo where you can practice your ninjitsu skills? Our secret lair in Manhattan is THE place to order up a pie, shoot some hoops & chill with your squad. Don't sweat the 10 bucks, we'll pay you back after you stay. Un fan recrée le bouclier magnétique de Captain America. Un internaute réalise une réplique du bouclier magnétique du super-héros Captain America. Dans l’univers Marvel, le célèbre bouclier de Captain America est composé d’un alliage léger et de vibranium qui le rend quasiment indestructible. Badjo Exoskeleton Suit. Migaloo Submersible Yacht. Champagne Gun, la mitraillette pour pulvériser du champagne. Une entreprise française a créé le premier fusil à Champagne du monde. La compagnie française Extra-Night commercialise un gadget baptisé le Champagne Gun qui n’est autre que la première mitraillette à tirer du Champagne.

Desktop Warfare - da Vinci Catapult Kit. Underwater Jetpack. Supermarinovation asks, "Have you ever been snorkelling and seen something incredible below you, but haven't been able to get to it before your breath runs out? " To which I say, "Sure. " And follow up with, "And have you ever been snorkelling and seen something incredibly scary that is definitely going to bite, sting, or inject dozens of fiberglass bristles into your hand, but you haven't been able to get away from it before you start hyperventilating and choking on salt water?

" I think the point is: the x2 Sport Underwater Jetpack has tons of swell uses! XM42 Handheld Flamethrower. The 18-Rotor Volocopter Is Like a Flying Car, But Better. Picture a quadcopter drone, with the ability to take off and land vertically, hover, and fly autonomously in any direction. Now picture that drone with two seats, 18 rotors, and a joystick, ready to carry you and a friend anywhere you want to go.

That’s the Volocopter, now in development in Germany by e-Volo. The prototype flew for the first time, remotely piloted, in 2013, and now the team is working toward the first manned flight, sometime in the next few months. The Volocopter has the potential to bring together many features we expect in a true flying car of the future: It’s simple to fly. Seawolf GoPro Submarine. Handgun looks like a smartphone / Boing Boing. The Ideal Conceal is a double barreled .380 that folds up into a small package that resembles a smartphone.

The manufacturer says it will be available this summer for $400. From the Firearm Blog: The two dominant conversations surrounding Ideal Conceal are pretty polar opposite: glowingly optimistic or severely pessimistic. Some people view Ideal Conceal for its curb appeal of convenient to deploy, easy to conceal, and its level of comfort or basically not requiring a holster. 19 Gifts Only Science Geeks Will Fully Appreciate. Pxlbyte: Nintendo Necklaces and... Legend Of Zelda Hylian Shield. While looking for typical Engagement Ring photos on Google, I stumbled upon this... thing! 27 Incredible Airbnb Locations In Europe. Sushi Transformers. Behold the Sushi Squadron Shirada, an army of raw fish and rice bound by seaweed and mayonnaise. Or is it?

Home Design

Tech. To wear. Pot Nutella Is A Thing, Everything Is Beautiful And Nothing Hurts. Mini Cotton Candy Machine. Bacons of the World. Abonnez-vous - La Bonne Box. Comment devenir un Super-Héros ! Personne hormis vous n’est au courant que vous êtes un Super-Héros, tout cela à cause de votre identité secrète, bien sûr ! Seulement, il vient un moment où le besoin de reconnaissance se fait sentir. Quoi de mieux pour cela que d’imprimer une figurine à votre effigie … et en costume ! Sauvez le monde, protéger la veuve et l’orphelin, chasser les méchants … sans même parler de l’obtention de Super-Pouvoirs, tout cela prend du temps et il faut généralement supporter un collant. Au lieu de s’enquiquiner avec de telles extrémités, autant directement passer à la phase où des fans créent des figurines avec votre tête plaquée dessus.

Hand Crafted Returning Boomerangs For Sale Online. Akita Inu. Bought this while I was drunk, best money spent. The Billionaire Shop – The final destination for winners. Toboggan pour Yacht - Freestyle Cruiser. Tardis beach towel ($19.99) available from... Awesome "Doctor Who" Chess Set. 8477-1353187691-1.jpg (625×938) Albotas: Custom Wooden Game Of Thrones Risk Set ... Fay Helfer whipped up this exquisitely classy Game of Thrones Risk set complete with an engraved wooden box, a wood-carved map of Westeros, and cloth pouches to hold the game pieces. The fact that the game pieces aren’t shown makes me think he just used the ones that come with an actual game of Risk, but I could be wrong. Even if I’m not, I wouldn’t knock the dude for it because this whole thing is just too absurdly awesome. Award winning supplier, performance hardware & systems. Une télécommande pour les fans de Dr. Who. Les fans de Dr. Il crée un site d'envoi de paillettes à un ennemi, est dépassé par le succès, met le site en vente en 24 heures.

Un jeune Australien, Mathew Carpenter, a lancé début janvier l’entreprise Ship Your Enemies Glitter, qui signifie «Envoyez des paillettes à vos ennemis», le nom de l’entreprise étant également la description du service proposé. Pour 9,99 dollars australiens, SYEG envoie donc une enveloppe bourrée de paillettes à la personne que vous détestez, l’idée étant que les paillettes se dispersent un peu partout et qu’il est très difficile de s’en débarrasser.