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Trademark Registration in Indonesia, Trademarks search. Indonesia: IP Laws and Treaties. Marketing - View: Video E-mail Template. COUNTERINTUITIVE: Facebook Engagement Goes Up When Brands Are On Twitter And Pinterest. Simple, Fast, Elastic NoSQL Database. Interoperable Video Conferencing in the Cloud - H.323, Skype, Lync, Google Video Chat. Numecent. Why should we trust Google Drive, or any cloud storage service? Google Drive seems nice, if a bit convoluted in a typical Googley way.

Why should we trust Google Drive, or any cloud storage service?

It’s great that Google is now giving everyone 5 free gigabytes of online storage, with up to 16 terabytes offered, assuming you can afford an $800 monthly bill. (If you need 16TB, we’re guessing that your music collection is formatted to Neil Young’s liking.) There are likely many fun uses for this new cloud storage program, but if you think that now is the time to start using cloud storage services to house the majority of your private data, you may want to think again. Home page. Now Anyone Can Hack A Website Thanks To Clever, Free Programs. Salesforce Moves into the Government Cloud and Social. Salesforce.comSalesforce hopes to help government adapt to the technologies being used by United States citizens.

Salesforce Moves into the Government Cloud and Social, best know for its sales, customer service and collaboration software for business, is now entering the government cloud business with a suite of new product offerings that could help the government adapt to today’s social era. The new product suite, called Government Cloud, will introduce a version of the Salesforce cloud infrastructure intended specifically to work with all levels of government — from local to federal — and will help government entities to adopt social and mobile technologies.

Vivek Kundra, the newly appointed executive vice president of emerging markets at Salesforce, plans to announce the new products Wednesday at the company’s Cloudforce conference in Washington. In a phone interview Mr. Learn to program AI, or face the consequences, says expert. Swipely. Swipely: Bring Customers Back. Understand, Manage and Grow Your Business Swipely helps businesses grow sales by connecting product, staff and customer insights.

Swipely: Bring Customers Back

Swipely is the total package I've been looking for. GDocsDrive: a Google Docs desktop app that makes a Google Drive(GDrive). The Billion Dollar Travel Trend You've Never Heard Of. Color Forecast ⋅ Paris. Virtual Fitting Room. Wibbitz - Text to Video. Web-based rental property and tenant management software. Tenants Complete tenant & applicant management 123Landlord makes organizing and finding your tenant information simple.

Web-based rental property and tenant management software

Baju Branded. Kaggle, we're making data science a sport. The Guide to the App Galaxy by Google. Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Best, Cool & Fun Games is one of the leading mobile gaming companies in Latin America, with a portfolio of more than 30 casual games played by 15 million users around the world.

The Guide to the App Galaxy by Google

Follow the journey of Guilherme Schvartsman as he goes from his day job as an investment banker to developer extraordinaire with his top-grossing app, Ant Smasher. "In the end, launching an app is just like building a business. Focus on building a great product and really think about the marketing and branding of your app because it's key to standing out from the very competitive app market place. " Small businesses use social media to grow. Hamburger chain Smashburger has become a smash hit, growing from three Denver locations in 2007 to 150 outposts nationwide.

Small businesses use social media to grow

And while its Angus-beef burgers and unique toppings have helped to propel its success, its secret sauce is social-media outreach. Smashburger offers coupons and trivia contests for its 67,000 Facebook followers, replies to questions and complaints on its Twitter and Facebook profiles, and actively reaches out to bloggers who might write about the new Smashburger restaurants opening in their areas. "The brand was really built on social media and PR strategies," says Jeremy Morgan, senior vice president of marketing and consumer insights. "Social media is an opportunity for us to engage with consumers and have a conversation, which is different than paid media, when you're just shouting through a bullhorn. " Wielded wisely, social media can help a growing business boost brand awareness, improve customer relations, garner market research, even bolster sales.

Top 10 Tips when Negotiating. Everybody needs to negotiate from time to time; at work, at home, as a leader, as sales person, and as a consumer.

Top 10 Tips when Negotiating

For some it seems easy, but others view the process of negotiation as a source of conflict to be resisted and avoided if possible. Negotiation is a process and a skill that can be developed. Negotiation can be described as a process that involves two or more people dealing with each other with the intention of forming an agreement and a commitment to a course of action where compromise needs to be reached in order to move forward. In a sales environment, not every sales situation needs negotiation however when a compromise needs to be reached negotiation often involves a series of communications between two parties to form an agreement about the details of a sales solution.

In many cases, it is possible for a proposal to be generated that satisfies the needs of both parties this is called a Win:Win. Site Stats Info. Similar site for Below are sites like accourding to their keywords. Free kids games - play online at Site Stats Info

ScrapeBox – Harvest, Check, Ping, Post. Scraping pictures ? Data Extraction Tutorials, Learn Web Screen Scraping using Mozenda. The Mozenda Agent Builder is only available for Windows.

Data Extraction Tutorials, Learn Web Screen Scraping using Mozenda

But you still have options! Mozenda offers professional services. We can build and run agents for you, collecting the data you need into your own account. You can try running the Agent Builder using a Windows virtualization solution such as Parallels. YouTube co-founders silently introduce magazine publishing app, Zeen. Why YOUR Company Must Become a Tech Company - Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram Lessons. iWowWe- Video Email and Video Conference. The Best-Kept Management Secret On The Planet: Agile. Will new a royalty deal mean more money for labels and musicians? Ever wonder how musicians and music publishers get paid for all the digital music distributed by streaming services, stored in media lockers, and distributed via playlists and special bundles?

Will new a royalty deal mean more money for labels and musicians?

Music publishers and artists have been wondering, too — because, for most artists anyway, the money from these new services hasn’t amounted to a hill of beans. Now, there’s an answer: A new agreement between music publishers, record labels, digital media services, and mobile phone companies for the first time establishes payment standards and mechanical royalty rates for new digital music business models. Assuming the settlement is approved by the Copyright Royalty Board, that means music publishers, record labels, and even actual songwriters will be able to participate in the royalty stream from new digital music services, like Apple’s iCloud and streaming outfits like Spotify. What’s the new deal? Online Collaboration Tool. Prioritize and plan Prioritize your backlog and break it into iterations. Don’t guess how much your team can do—use our groovy velocity charts to plan realistically.

Monitor progress Keep an eye on your team with our sharp burndown charts and handy progress bars. Pivotal Tracker - Simple, Agile Project Management Software & Team Collaboration. Is Direct Selling The Next Driver Of Startup Commerce Companies? Editor’s note: Jeremy Liew is a managing director at Lightspeed Venture Partners. Follow him on Twitter @jeremysliew. The April 5 edition of The Wall Street Journal had two articles about direct selling. One notes that the key driver of Coty’s takeover attempt of Avon is the ability to move additional product through Avon’s dominant direct sales channel in Brazil. Avon’s door-to-door sales force in Brazil has given it a leading role in the country. Is Direct Selling The Next Driver Of Startup Commerce Companies? Cloud Communications And The Future of Marketing In The Post-PC World. Editor’s note: Dan Kaplan does Product Marketing for Twilio, which is hosting a conference on cloud communications in October.

Follow him on Twitter @dankaplan. If you are a marketer who has spent the last 10 years mastering the art of capturing and converting customers on the desktop web, the rapid rise of smartphones and the iPad might make you nervous. You’ve built businesses on paid search, written essays about optimizing lead forms and studied the ever-changing subtleties of SEO. Using cookies that follow us around the web, you’ve turned display advertising into a performance medium. But just as you were beginning to wrap your heads around the whole social thing, along come the iPhone, Android and the iPad and with them a whole new reality: the post-PC world.