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Wibbitz - Text to Video

Wibbitz - Text to Video
Automatically creating beautiful video summaries out of text articlesAutomatically creating beautiful video summaries out of text articles Our technology brings stories to life by automatically transforming text-based articles into short videos optimized for a mobile screen. Using advanced text analysis and smart algorithms Wibbitz creates beautiful and short audio-visual experiences out of pure text to save you a lot of energy and time. Wibbitz visualizes the story by taking full advantage of the iPhone’s beautiful screen. Weaving together related images, videos clips, and animated infographics the Wibbitz technology brings stories to life. Find out more about the Wibbitz technology

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Monetization FAQs - YouTube Help The best way to ensure you’ll be able to monetize your YouTube videos is to create all elements of the video yourself. Use your imagination to create something completely original. Examples of videos that have been successful on YouTube include daily vlogs and home videos, do-it-yourself videos and tutorials, original music videos and short films. You’re also expected to follow YouTube Community Guidelines, and doing so may increase the visibility of your content on YouTube, leading to more views and higher watch time, more user engagement, and ultimately more revenue. Please remember that advertisers are more likely to place their ads on advertiser-friendly content.

5 Ways to Add Interactive Elements to Your Videos Over the last few days I've featured a couple of free tools for adding interactive elements to your videos. In the last year I've reviewed a few other services and methods for doing the same thing. This is a round-up of the ways that you can add interactive elements to your videos. The first four tools could be used by students to create a series of choose your own adventure videos. These tools could be used by teachers to enhance the short videos that they create for flipped lessons.

web 2.0 Logo Creator Online. Design and Create Free Logos Quickly create a nice looking professional style logo using the SimWebSol free online logo creation tool. Choose background color, logo color, font face, font style (bold, italic, or underline) and font size. Add a reflection or a symbol to the left or right side to make it even more unique. Then choose PNG, GIF, or JPG, with DPI ranging from 72 to 1200. Digital Citizenship What is Digital Citizenship? Digital Citizenship is a principle that helps users understand how to utilize technology in an appropriate way. In today's society, knowing and understanding Digital Citizenship is now more important than ever. That's why the students of Web 2.0 at Burlington High have made this site: to help you understand digital citizenship. Education and technology runs hand in hand as advances in technology are constantly being made.

ProShow Producer - Total Control of Your HD Slideshows New styles, templates + many more enhancements! Slide Styles for Every Occasion Looking for a quick, easy way to dress up your slideshows? You'll love the new instant slide styles that come built-in to ProShow Producer 6.

Do skiers or snowboarders suffer more injuries on the slopes? X-Ray Photo by: Flickr We thought that the war between one and two plankers ended long ago, but the American Journal of Sports Medicine opens old wounds with a recent study finding that—drumroll please—snowboarders suffer more injuries on the slopes. Specifically, inexperienced female snowboarders. The Huffington Post breaks it down here. Researchers at Burlington's University of Vermont College of Medicine followed 10,733 skiers and snowboarders who wound up at the medical clinic of an unnamed Vermont ski resort between 1988 and 2006.

Two Excellent Tools to Create Stop Motion Animations for your Class Stop motion videos are usually enchanting because they’re so basic, the choppy movements are part of the appeal. But at its most wonderful, stop motion videos can bring sketches or toys or static objects to life. As a teacher you can use these videos for a variety of reasons. You can ,for instance, use them to explain a hard to grasp concept to your students or encourage your students to create stop motion movies of their own projects....etc. Here are two awesome web tools you should definitely try when creating stop motion movies. Enjoy

Animage, musée numérique de l'image fixe à l'image animée August 28, 1955 Fourteen-year-old African-American Emmett Till is brutally murdered after reportedly flirting with a white woman while visiting relatives in Mississippi. For the first time, both black and white reporters cover the trial epitomizing "one of the most shocking and enduring stories of the twentieth century." The white defendants, Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam, are acquitted by an all-white jury in only 67 minutes; later they describe in full detail to Look magazine (which paid them $4,000) how they killed Till. His mother insists on an open casket funeral, and the powerful image of his mutilated body sparks a strong reaction across the country and the world.

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