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The EdSurge Podcast | EdSurge Guides. A weekly podcast about the future of education, featuring insightful conversations with educators, tech innovators and scholars, hosted by EdSurge's Jeff Young and other EdSurge reporters. You can follow the podcast on the Apple Podcast app, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music or wherever you listen. Latest Episode: 'Let Yourself Off the Hook': Advice for Teachers and Parents During COVID-19 The new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic are starting to set in this week, as schools across the country have closed and shifted to online learning. This week on the podcast, EdSurge spoke with Christine Elgersma, a senior editor of social media and learning resources at the nonprofit Common Sense Media. As both a parent and a former teacher, Elgersma understands just how much is being asked of educators and families right now. She offers some actionable advice for teachers and parents looking to better support their children—and themselves.

Bonus Episode. Listening comprehension matters. | Listenwise. Two Whats and a Wow! ‎Books Between. Intro Hi everyone and welcome to Books Between - a podcast for teachers, parents, librarians, and anyone who wants to connect kids between 8-12 to books they’ll love.

I’m your host, Corrina Allen - 5th grade teacher currently enjoying Spring Break, a mom of two tween daughters, and part of the MGBookVillage team. And where you can find transcripts and interview outlines of all of our episodes and links to every book and topic we mention today. This is episode #72 and oday’s show features three novels that will get your students talking, and a conversation with Mae Respicio - author of The House That Lou Built. Book Talk In this segment, I share with you three books and discuss three things to love about each.

All three books today have a couple things in common - questions of identity and an element of mystery. Two involve recovered memories, two of them have a bit of magic, and two of them include rather helpful birds. Restart Let’s start with Restart. Kidlit These Days. Read-Aloud Revival. ‎Brain Burps About Books. Author Katie Davis hosts Brain Burps About Books as a "fly on the wall" show.

It's all about the craft and business of publishing, now including all genres––not just children's books. Interviews with experts cover publishing, creating, promoting, and writing them. Are you an aspiring writer who'd like to know the inside scoop on how others got their books published? Kid's books? Indie books? Writer entrepreneur, illustrator, book marketing expert, and author Katie Davis is the host of this funny and informative show meant to help anyone with an interest in publishing, book marketing, video marketing, general book publishing and children's literature.

Katie Davis' traditionally published books have sold over 820,000 copies which led to her writing a self-published marketing guide for writers, debuting at #1 on Amazon. Curious City: Where Kids & Books Meet. Curious City was honored to join Vermont’s WKVT for monthly kidlit radio broadcasts and podcasts from 2014-2018. WKVT closed its talk programming in early 2019 and thus the Curious City Podcast is no more. Thanks to all who listened! LISTEN to past episodes on Soundcloud. 08/18Clive & Friends: KidLit Transforming Gender For many families the division of play, toys, and books into “boy” and “girl” categories seems natural.

It is the way they were raised and how they will raise their children. But as more and more adults, teens, and kids question what gender means for them personally, children’s curiosity about diverse identities and roles grows. 07/18Juneteenth Vs. 3/13/18Sweet Dreams Are Made of This We are curious about the dreams that children have both in their sleep and in wakeful dreaminess (and determination). You KNOW what Mardi Gras is, but the Youth Media Awards may have been missed on your celebratory calendar. But, all that lies beneath is not beautiful. Professor Diana C. What Should I Read Next? All The Wonders. Little Stories for Tiny People. Wow in the World. ‎Storynory. Numberphile. Surprisingly Awesome. Story Pirates. Science Vs.