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PIA 088 : Pattern in Islamic Art, David Wade. 50 Free Business Card Templates PSD. Details Last Updated on Thursday, 20 November 2014 09:50 Business card can to promote your products or personal services that help people avail your business.

50 Free Business Card Templates PSD

Designing a unique, attractive and artistic business card however is different. Here, you will need a graphics program like Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel to realize your more detailed and elegant concept.In this post we would like to see your crave for creativity as we have collected free business card templates for you. You only need to fill in a sum of your customer and your business label will be complete. Guess you may be interested in the blow excellent related articles as well: 10 Photoshop Tutorials Business Cards Design Set of 6 totally free to mock up a more colorful presentation to the client. Presentation Skills. Unit 1: Preparation. Psychology of Color [Infographic] Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. Subconsciously, we associate different colors with different things. This infographic examines the psychology of color and looks at some common associations of different colors. It shows the overall importance of color to consumers and characteristics of many individual colors, and it also helps show the connection between graphic design and psychology. Designing the Ideal Industrial Design Program, by Paul Backett. Pixel Roller project from RCA graduates This is the postscript of the 6-part series from Ziba's Industrial Design Director, Paul Backett, on rethinking design education.

Designing the Ideal Industrial Design Program, by Paul Backett

Read the Introduction to the series, Teach Less, Integrate More here Bringing Industrial Design education in line with the needs of the profession will require raising standards across the globe. The majority of graduating students I've seen are ill-prepared for real world design practice and the responsibility for this lapse falls heavily on teachers and course administrators. It's not enough to just put good designers in front of a classroom. Yet here at Ziba, we still manage to find good graduates to hire. What follows is a list of schools that I really respect. Northumbria University - Newcastle, UK The fraction of working British designers who studied at Northumbria is incredibly high (though I'm not among them). What sets Northumbria apart is its rigor, in both research and technical execution. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Design and Architecture. ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN PRODUCTS.

Web Design Blog, Tutorials and Inspiration. Tag Archive for "all my bikes" - Chris Piascik. All My Bikes: STA-L Today I remembered that I never did an “All My Bikes” drawing for my STA-L.

Tag Archive for "all my bikes" - Chris Piascik

Don’t tell my other bikes, but this one is my favorite. It was custom made for me by Standard Byke Co. in Davenport, Iowa! Support companies that make their products here, in the United States. Prints and more available at Society6! Standard Last month, I drew all over a Standard Byke Co. All My Bikes (again) Earlier today John at Prolly is Not Probably posted some really nice photos of my new zine, All My Bikes.

All My Bikes: 28, FBM Joint 2 All My Bikes: Flings I debated not including these 4 bicycles in the series, but then decided it was necessary since the title is “All My Bikes.” Schwinn Sting Ray: I bought this bike randomly at a tagsale, I thought I was going to restore it. Haro X24: This Haro Cruiser was an impulse Craigslist buy. Balcı Şekerleme. Design - Kaliteli, Yaratıcı, Farklı Tişört (T-shirt) Tasarımları. 30 Designers, Portfolios + Work You Must-See and Bookmark! Once in awhile it’s always good to do a little self horn-tootin’ and also recognize those who deserve a little horn-tootin’ of their own.

30 Designers, Portfolios + Work You Must-See and Bookmark!

Below are 30 high-quality design portfolios and work samples that you must have a peek at and bookmark. It’s work like this below that keeps us inspired, motivated and moving forward in our industry – extremely beautiful and innovative work. Cargo Carsonified Head of State. Business Card Templates. Smashing Magazine.

Designers' List - Great resources and websites for designers. Design Seeds®: For All Who Love Color. Design Inspiration. Design Inspiration DesignWannabe in association with Ingimage presents ‘Two’s Company‘ … an exciting opportunity to show off your Photoshop skills and win prizes!

Design Inspiration

Your task is simply to create a piece of digital art using one of the 15 images below as a base. Step 1: Sign up for a free trial at – which gives you one week to download any 35 high-res images on their site for free.Step 2: Choose and download one of the images below to use as the base for your Photoshop creation. Each of these “Subject Photos” have two human subjects.Step 2: Combine your Subejct Photo with any of the millions of other images/graphics available on ingimage using your free trial. You can create any type of compilation, collage, poster or any other graphic design concept you can visualize. Read More→ To find our next retoucher we’re heading north to Sweden (of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ series and ‘Volvo fame’) … it’s Scandinavia’s finest photo-shopper Erik Johansson. Observe carefully. Articles. Visual sundae. The Dieline - The #1 Package Design Website -

Noupe - The Curious Side of Smashing Magazine. Fucking high quality inspiration. Online Portfolios on the Behance Network.

Industrial Design

Graphic Design.