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Slim Minimalist Wallets for Men and Women – Paperwallet. Services - MirMir. Faire - Unique wholesale merchandise for your store. Shop Women's Fashion Accessories. Dolls Kill is raising up to $15 million for its edgy fashion brand made for ‘misfits’ When founder Bobby Farahi met Shaudi “Shoddy” Lynn, it was at a rave in L.A.

Dolls Kill is raising up to $15 million for its edgy fashion brand made for ‘misfits’

Farahi has said he was immediately drawn to the fashion sense of Lynn, who was a DJ at the time; she, meanwhile, might have appreciated the business acumen of Farahi, who had already sold a broadcast monitoring service called Multivision to a rival company. As Farahi told Inc. magazine several years ago, the couple, now married, decided to try their hand at business together, calling it Dolls Kill and selling foxtail keychains before eventually evolving the brand into an online boutique that sells edgy, risqué clothes and accessories from companies like Killstar and Motel, both in the U.K., as well as makeup from another London company called Skinnydip. Shoppers like what they see, evidently. Back in 2014, Inc. reported, Dolls Kill, which is based in San Francisco, generated $7.6 million in sales. Some of that capital is being used to test out offline stores. Handbags, Totes, Clutches, Bumbags. Vintage & Printed Women's Fashion & Clothes - Motel Rocks.

Online Boutique for the Misfits & Miss Legits. KILLSTAR. Grove Collaborative. Say goodbye to sizes. Be the first to get your free ZOZOSUIT. Clothing custom-fit to you. HysteriaMachine. Welcome Cara Trinder of Hysteria Machine - Kisses & Chaos. LONG, long ago on a social network that’s never far enough away (you know we all hate to love it and love to hate it) I discovered headdress heaven.

Welcome Cara Trinder of Hysteria Machine - Kisses & Chaos

If a neo-tribal pagan wood nymph got frisky with a flapper who also happened to be a Valkyrie their baby would be Hysteria Machine – or, more precisely, Cara Trinder, the creative goddess behind Hysteria Machine. Naturally, with such a serious creative girl crush in full swing I had to ask her to join in the random and ridiculous fun of The Same 7. And much to my pleasure she was more than happy to oblige. Jaye. Zero waste daniel. FickleStore - Accueil. Color Changing Swim Short. SEA'SONS - World's first color changing swimshort. Thisiswhyimbroke. Thisiswhyimbroke. #FreeYourFeet with the world's most reduced, high-tech footwear: FYF. – Barefoot Company. Sneakers Disguised As Dress Shoes by NobleSole. Risks and challenges WE'VE DONE THIS BEFORE - We know to get the shoes made properly and on time.

Sneakers Disguised As Dress Shoes by NobleSole

Our last campaign encountered a few challenges that we learned from and have applied those lessons to this campaign. SURVEY - Fill out your survey as soon as the campaign is over. 2 weeks after the campaign is concluded, you will be emailed a link to a Kickstarter survey. The Story of the Germinator Jacket. Betabrand. The Best Hot Weather Pants With 16 Travel Features by DU/ER performance denim. Clifton. RokShok. The Monarch Engagement Ring Box - Premium Wedding Ring Box: Home & Kitchen. The Monarch Engagement Ring Box. Bulletproof Suit – Garrison Bespoke. Camper Together. Ferrara, Italy. 1951 When Michele De Lucchi joined the Together project, he turned to the most provocative stage of his brilliant career to design venues that could only be Camper stores.

Camper Together

The architect/designer and the footwear brand resurrected the legendary 80s style of Memphis and materialised it in the space with impeccable rigour. Technical talent with an emotional response: in De Lucchi's own words, "the connection that distinguishes a good design". Collections - Lucia Odescalchi. Vardama – Functionality that Transcends Luxury. PRAVANA - VIVIDS MOOD COLOR PROFESSIONAL STYLIST. Marine Layer. Hidden Witch Nails. Dippy Cow Nails. Coolest Clothing From Recycled Scraps. Zero waste daniel. 3x1: A First Look.

Custom Made Premium Denim Jeans for Men & Women. ShiftWear - Designs In Motion - Shiftwear Sneakers. NakeFit. FFTOB. Package Free. Mime et moi. UZTZU Clothing - Accueil. Miguel Caballero Protección Personal Especializada. MONYKER - JW WEEKENDER. Adventure Hoodie – The ultimate ADVENTURE HOODIE with 21 pockets and features! Exclusive Slim Wallet made from Tyvek – Paperwallet. Lalabu - simple babywearing. Customizable E-Sneaker for Visual Artists, Fashion Designers & Professional Gamers. Gel Nails at Home. Shelfpack. Sonsee Woman Plus Size Hosiery Intimates and Activewear. Bodypeace Bamboo Clothing. I LIKE PAPER – Accessoires made from Tyvek®, paper & fabric. Mr Jones Watches - Shop. Memomi – MemoryMirror. This magic mirror will change the color of your clothes. Size Stream. Thync. The Scrubba Wash Bag. INA designer consignment - Welcome.

Y.U.M.C. - Your Urban Mobile Companion. iWallet. Cityzen Sciences : Le spécialiste des Textiles connectés. Cityzen Sciences is a French company created in 2008 that specializes in smart fabrics conception and development.

Cityzen Sciences : Le spécialiste des Textiles connectés

Fabrics are embedded with micro-sensors enabling the monitor of the wearer’s temperature, heart rate, speed, location, and acceleration. Cityzen Sciences leads an industrial fabric project, Smart Sensing, carried out by a consortium of companies strongly supported by BPI France. The project’s mission is to create, conceptualize, and develop the French smart fabrics industry. Our mission is to ensure the success of our partners and clients in the development of smart fabric products tailored according to their needs, their products, and their values. Combining technological advances and a crosscutting vision of uses, Cityzen innovates in the field of data-collection and management through integrated solutions involving sensors, smart devices, and data management. NECLUMI. AVIADOR wallet. Men's Personal Stylist Clothing Subscription : Bombfell. UPcload Uses Your Webcam To Help You Order Clothes That Actually Fit. I’m the sort of person who likes to buy things online.

UPcload Uses Your Webcam To Help You Order Clothes That Actually Fit

Batteries? Yup. Fit Analytics. Digital Halloween Costumes. Nextsuit - Home. Bodymetrics - The Science Of Fit. Wood Bowtie. BÖ by Mansouri. Wooden Bow Ties. Groovy - Papillon in legno. Mustache Wooden Laser Cut Bow Tie Handsome Mens by LuccaWorkshop. Rodo. Introducing Uniform - Shop the best bras and lingerie from True&Co. Bindo POS for Retail.