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Prezi vs Powerpoint « Classroom201X. Best way to give a spectacular presentation?

Prezi vs Powerpoint « Classroom201X

This was the first post I wrote about Prezi and it has remained popular. I’ve also written a post asking for suggestions using the tool, which you can find here. If you want to see some example Prezis I have embedded them into these posts: creativity, planning, any ideas? Flavour of the month (well, year) in terms of presentations, has been Prezi – an online presentation tool being held up as a being something that you can use to end the infamous “Death by Powerpoint”.

I’ve seen loads of them online, and a few around the college where I work – so I thought I ought to give it a go – my attempts are here on this blog (last three entries). Text or Graphics? I think that the key thing to remember is that these are very much different tools, and they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Non-linear approaches So, the biggest difference is probably the much-hailed non-linear nature of Prezi against the linear structure of Powerpoint. Over to you…. Education news, comment and analysis. Mod 1: teaching. Atherton J S (2013) Learning and Teaching; Contents [On-line: UK] retrieved 13 April 2014 from Comments (including broken links etc.) welcome (even needed) please: email me here Original material by James Atherton: last up-dated overall 10 February 2013 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.

Mod 1: teaching

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If you are a lecturer wishing to inspect a book, click on how to request an inspection copy on the left navigation side bar. All Learning Matters resources, including Education online subject audits, are now available. Happy browsing. Dewey & Vygotsky. Lesson Planning. Geoff Petty - Teaching Today - Home page. Mod 6: Professionalism. IfL: code of practice. Motivational Dialogue. Reflective Practice. Pages in this section:| Definitions 1 | Definitions 2 | Definitions 3 | Definitions 4 | What is reflection?

Reflective Practice

Most of us would probably think of ‘what we see when we look in a mirror’ as the answer to this question. The Oxford Dictionary does indeed have a definition very similar to that, but also includes ‘serious thought or consideration’ (OUP 2009) This suggests something which is more than what we see or think about on the surface, and we believe that deeper, more thoughtful reflection is the key to Reflective Practice.

We are not suggesting that there is one type of reflection which is the only one which works. This set of resources intends to help you come to your own conclusions which approaches may suit you best. Here are some ideas about reflection from a variety of writers: Learning Activities - available to download from links below What is reflection in learning? Further Resources / Activities on this topic. Toni Fazaeli, IfL: professionalism. Excellence Gateway.

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