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Technology and teaching

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Learn English with apps. Cursos de Wlingua. Digital Pedagogy. Gif Lingua. Digital Pedagogy. Bonelli, Elena Tognini.

Digital Pedagogy

“Theoretical Overview of the Evolution of Corpus Linguistics.” The Routledge Handbook of Corpus Linguistics. Routledge, 2010.Hayot, Eric. “A Hundred Flowers.” Digital Pedagogy. Curatorial note Whitney Ann Trettien’s Cut/Copy/Paste: Remixing Words (Duke University, Spring 2012) unsettles the apparent opposition between writing and reading, explaining to her students that “[y]ou cannot read the texts of this class without, in some sense, writing them, and we’ll spend a good deal of time doing both in and out of class.”

Digital Pedagogy

Her syllabus traces the history of readers who have remixed old texts to create new experimental writing, from Latin cut-up poems to seventeenth-century German paper instruments to generative computer programs. Digital Pedagogy. Curatorial note “Victorian Literature and Victorian Informatics” is a richly detailed English-course syllabus exploring “canonical Victorian literature through the lens of Victorian information theories and knowledge organization practices” (Buurma).

Digital Pedagogy

Buurma blends close, middle-distant, and distant reading techniques with an emphasis on digital methods for rereading and remaking literary texts. With its variety of workshops, demonstrations, discussions, and readings, Buurma’s syllabus is exemplary in incorporating fresh critical methods and interpretative tools into a more familiar and canonical reading list. Instructors experimenting with this model could readily incorporate related readings, tools, and workshops into a smaller unit within an existing course, but it is also easy to imagine developing a new one, organized along similar topical or thematic lines. Digital Pedagogy. The use of online annotations in reading instruction and its impact on students’ reading progress and processes.

Untitled. ESL Videos. Design Toolkit. Design Toolkit. Untitled. Para David Jonassen [1], los Blogs en su calidad de “Hipermedios” pueden utilizarse en educación para construir productos en los que se integre más de un medio digital.


Todo sobre rúbricas: qué son, cómo elaborarlas y ejemplos editables. Contar con instrumentos y herramientas adecuadas para evaluar a los alumnos es esencial en la labor de los docentes, dentro de la gran variedad de opciones que existen, las rúbricas son uno de los instrumentos de evaluación más completos que podemos usar para valorar el nivel de logro de los aprendizajes de los estudiantes.

Todo sobre rúbricas: qué son, cómo elaborarlas y ejemplos editables

En este artículo te diremos qué son las rúbricas de evaluación, la diferencia entre rúbricas globales y analíticas, cómo elaborarlas y además podrás descargar ejemplos de ellas. Automated human-like text to speech ~ Voicepods. NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition. Abstract The NMC Horizon Report > 2016 Higher Education Edition is a collaborative effort between the NMC and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI).

NMC Horizon Report: 2016 Higher Education Edition

This 13th edition describes annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, an ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education. Six key trends, six significant challenges, and six important developments in educational technology are placed directly in the context of their likely impact on the core missions of universities and colleges, and detailed in succinct, non-technical, and unbiased presentations. Each has been tied to essential questions of relevance, policy, leadership, and practice. Glogster: Multimedia Posters. Flipsnack: Free Online Flipbook Maker - Easy PDF to HTML5. Adult Reading and Writing Apps. 219827e. How Assistive Technology Helps Students with Disabilities.

Since assistive technology is useful for students with a wide spectrum of disabilities - from a learning disability to severe physical impairments - there are many different types.

How Assistive Technology Helps Students with Disabilities

Worksheets by Carlaroman. Aplicaciones educativas. Atlernative Technology. Innovation and implementation of multiple technologies that use fewer or no critical metals to decrease demand and preclude future critical element crises Overview Critical element crises are driven not only by shortages in supply, but by the demand for technologies that use the critical elements.

Atlernative Technology

As a result, alternatives to technologies that use a significant amount of critical elements are key to decreasing both demand for critical elements and the chance of future critical element supply bottlenecks that would limit production of technologies employing the limited materials. In this context, "alternative technologies" refer to technologies that use fewer or no critical elements due to improved design or manufacturing processes. The goals of alternative technologies are as follows: To accomplish these aforementioned goals, many different alternative technologies must be developed that employ more common materials. Learn American English with VOA Learning English - Level One VOA - Voice of America English News. Lesson 13: Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

Summary It's a Sunday afternoon in Washington, D.C.

Lesson 13: Happy Birthday, William Shakespeare!

Anna is bored. She finds something interesting to do when she hears music playing. Speaking In this video, learn to say the new words. Pronunciation ​In this video, you ​learn about what happens when two words with same sound come together.​ Sequencing. 208 FREE Printable Health Activities. Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Pragmatics. Face-Threatening Acts People in all cultures have an awareness of self-image, or "face", as they communicate.

Foreign Language Teaching Methods: Pragmatics

Protecting face is important for communicating and behaving successfully with others, even though it may not be accomplished consciously by talk participants. A "face-threatening act" (FTA) is one that would make someone possibly lose face, or damage it in some way. Actividades para la interacción y expresión oral: Mikogo - vivianacarlaroman.

Pragmatics : politeness

Renewable Energy Sources. Investment in and use of renewable energy is encouraged, and in some cases required, by federal, state, and local governments, and electric utilities. Many programs and incentives are currently available. English for Tourism: 6 Things That Teachers, Instructors and Guides Need to Know. If you love to do activities and sports, pay attention! Did you know you can get paid to share your passion? Are you really good at a certain activity or sport? Have you been surfing or snowboarding or skateboarding since you could walk? The Mixxer - a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype. El Blog del Portafolio Electrónico.

Entornos virtuales de aprendizaje. El arte de la simplificación aplicado a sus cursos eLearning. Blogging With Students – Teacher Challenges. Skip to content Blogging With Students This series guides you step by step through the process of class and student blogging. Each step includes links to class blogs being used by educators so you can check out how other educators use their blogs. Many of the examples are from primary grades but the same principles apply regardless of student age including adult learner. Tools for Educators - free worksheet templates, printable game templates, 100% customizable worksheet makers with images!

Comic Creator. The Comic Creator invites students to compose their own comic strips for a variety of contexts (prewriting, pre- and postreading activities, response to literature, and so on). The organizers focus on the key elements of comic strips by allowing students to choose backgrounds, characters, and props, as well as to compose related dialogue (shown at left). This versatile tool can be used by students from kindergarten through high school, for purposes ranging from learning to write dialogue to an in-depth study of a formerly neglected genre. Crea y comparte cómics fácilmente con Chogger. El #powerpoint en el diseño instruccional. Beautiful and easy to use newsletters. Faire un dessin - Créer une bd. Write a Letter to the Future. TrackStar : Registration Success. Pimpampum.

Untitled Document. As part of the trend towards cloud-computing and the advantages such as platform-independence that come with it, this new section offers tools for speeding up exercise preparation time by automating repetitive tasks. Each tool that features here will be available in two flavours: text only (for copying and pasting into documents), and interactive exercises you can save as an HTML page. The tools are free to use, all I ask is that you leave the small copyright text in place. The list will be enriched as time allows, and requests are more than welcome via lucyDOTgeorgesATcrelensDOTuhpDASHnancyDOTfr. C-test Cloze tests One tool for a variety of needs : Nth word, remove prepositions, linkwords, articles, auxiliaries…, Choose what you remove and add hints if you wish Mix up (various parameters: letters of a word, words of a sentence, sentences of a text, paragraphs of a text) Matching halves – words, parts of sentences...

Mikogo: Free Screen Sharing and Online Meeting Software. Best Free Podcasts. Hello everybody. Alan here. Thanks for listening to my podcast. Today I want to talk about some of the difficulties with English pronunciation. There are certain letters or combination of letters that are often difficult for people learning English. I want to demonstrate some of these difficulties and ways to help your pronunciation sound more English.

Núm. 54 (2015) eLearning: Vídeos más interactivos mientras nace el YouTube de los MOOCs. The 20 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have. By EdTech Team Updated on march 2, 2015 : The original list that was created in 2011 comprised 33 skills , after reviewing it we decided to do some merging and finally ended up with the 20 skills below. The 21st century teacher should be able to : eLearning: Vídeos más interactivos mientras nace el YouTube de los MOOCs. eLearning e innovación educativa. Perfil (deseable) del e-Aprendiz del S.XXI.

Aprendizaje online. The 20 Digital Skills Every 21st Century Teacher should Have. Logros indispensables para los estudiantes del siglo XXI. Los elementos descritos a continuación con la denominación de “Logros indispensables para los estudiantes del Siglo XXI” hacen referencia a las habilidades, el conocimiento y las competencias que deben dominar los estudiantes para tener éxito tanto en la vida personal como en el trabajo, en el presente Siglo. Humorhtb. 8 DE MARZO (Caza del tesoro) Humour. Humour. Las cazas del tesoro a examen: cómo trabajar la lectura comprensiva. La lectura y las Nuevas Tecnologías de la Comunicación. Guia. Videoconfepon. Las videoconferencias como elemento educativo.


DMED16. Ayudas gráficas. Untitled Document. June 2016 - Freebook. 25 ideas for using WhatsApp with English language students.