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Fusion Tables - Gather, visualize, share tables online. Crowdmap. Far From the Madding Crowd Map. Far From the Madding Crowd Map created by Peter Biggins ^^^ Hide Description ^^^ Advertisements Categorized Markers Author Book view locations on separate page Build This Map Map Settings Share / Export Map data ©2014 GeoBasis-DE/BKG (©2009), Google Imagery ©2014 TerraMetrics Terms of Use.

Far From the Madding Crowd Map

Data visualization software & Data Presentation Software - InstantAtlas. My Fusion Tables. Crowdmap. Crowdmap Basics - Creating a Deployment. Ushahidi's Channel. Radius Around a Point on a Map. You can use this tool to find the radius around a point on the map.

Radius Around a Point on a Map

First type in the radius required in kilometers or miles and then click on the map at the center of where you wish the circle to appear. You can then create as many radii as you wish. Options Radius Distance km OR miles OR feet OR meters Instructions Type in a radius required in the text box above. Use the "URL to last radius" text box to find a URL that will show the most recent radius on this page when opened in a web browser. Google Earth KML Output You can now export all the drawn radii on the map to Google Earth for improved display and printing. The procedure to Export to KML is as follows: Draw one or more radii on the map as you see fitOnce ready, click the [Generate KML] button. Currently, the KML will include: The same radius size and shapeTransparency of 50% It will not include: These features may be added later depending on feedback. CSV Upload The CSV option allows you to upload bulk points to the map. For Example...

Rapid mashup development tool to build custom Google and Yahoo maps! MapAList - Create and Manage Maps of Address Lists. Interactive map: iMapBuilder map software. Create editable interactive maps, flash map and clickable image maps. Создавайте карты Google для многих адресов/координат. - Map your World! Free Embeddable Maps. Map Maker. GoogleMapMaker's Channel. Make Maps Online with Click2Map.

StepMap - Create your personal map for free. Create your own map, build interactive maps, place photos, videos on a map. Interactive flash maps. Our JavaScript Maps is a tool that you can use to easily add interactive map functionality to your web pages and JavaScript-based applications.

Interactive flash maps

You can use this tool to show locations of your offices, routes of your journeys, create your distributor map, etc. Photos or illustrations can be used as layers and backgrounds of maps, so you can make different presentations, e-learning tools and more. Main features of our tool: Customize every detail of your map – sizes, colors, disable features you don’t need;Create multi-level structuresCreate map charts (heatmaps)Load icons or photos on top of your mapUse your own custom map texturesDraw lines and add textSet the start-up zoom level and positionUse it as zoomifyer to display big picturesControl the map with JavaScript (reload data and settings, set and get data and separate parameters, register clicks) Maps included: Motion-Maps Supports all modern browsers We use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to render our maps.

WordPress plugin. StatPlanet - Interactive Maps of World Stats. Interactive maps and visualizations. FAQ. For general support documentation and user guides, please see the Resources section, and the Forum for any questions or comments.


Custom maps / GIS: Can I create my own maps for StatPlanet? Yes, that is possible. There are two kinds of 'custom' maps that can be inserted into StatPlanet - Flash Maps and Shapefile Maps. Shapefile maps are readily available maps which normally do not require (much) modification. Flash Maps are designed and therefore any features you require can be included in the design.

How do I import ESRI shapefile maps (SHP) into StatPlanet? Yes, StatPlanet Lite and StatPlanet Plus have support for loading GIS / ESRI shapefiles. Where can I find free maps to use in StatPlanet Plus? Please see the free shapefile map downloads page to find shapefile maps which can be used in StatPlanet Plus (Shapefile edition).

How do I add countries, regions, cities or other areas to my map? StatPlanet Plus only: Yes you can export the map as a vector image in the PDF format. Data: 1. 2.