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Serious games

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Multiplayer Classroom Games for Teaching Economics. Economics Games - Classroom Games For Teaching Economics.

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Economics. Science & Nature - Climate Challenge. Instructional Technology. What are serious games?

Instructional Technology

How might desktop and mobile-based games provide learning experiences that are engaging and immersive? Serious games situate students in authentic learning contexts through role-play and real-play around critical social issues. Four broad categories of games are presented: simulations, exploratory games, casual games, and games that promote real play. Simulations Exploratory Games Build-it Yourself Exploratory Games Casual Games Other Casual Game Examples: Ayiti (Flash): Purpose: To immerse students through role-play as a family in Haiti. Darfur is Dying (Flash): Purpose: To immerse students through role-play as a resident of Darfur. Homeland Guantanamos (Flash): Purpose: To immerse students as investigative journalists to research the treatment of immigrant detainees in the US. Climate Change: Purpose: To immerse students in the policies, politics, and science of climate change Oiligarchy: Purpose: To immerse players through role-play as an oil-baron.

Mister-travel. Jeu Inflation Island. Fort McMoney. UNHCR - Welcome to Against All Odds. Fort McMoney. Stop Disasters. FloodSim - FloodSim. The Challenge In the UK, some 2 million households and 140,000 commercial properties, equating to almost 5 million people, are at risk of severe flooding.

FloodSim - FloodSim

An interactive and stimulating solution was required to create awareness of the increasing risk of flooding through highlighting preventative measures and policies to drive home important lessons from the flooding events in 2007 to form future thinking and priorities. What we did FloodSim is an accessible online policy simulation that helps raise public awareness of issues around flood policy and provides feedback to insurers and policy makers about public attitudes towards different flood protection options.

FloodSim puts the player in control of flood policy in the UK for three years. Key Messages and Themes Our Approach The floods of 2007 show just how serious flooding can be, and I am glad to see that this project has been developed to enable people to have a greater understanding of the risk of flooding. The benefits Outcomes. Darfur Is Dying - Play mtvU's Darfur refugee game for change. McDonald's Video Game. Serious Game, advergame : Définition. Qu’est-ce que le Serious Game ?

Serious Game, advergame : Définition

Les Serious Games (ou jeux sérieux) sont des applications développées à partir des technologies avancées du jeu vidéo, faisant appel aux mêmes approches de design et savoir-faire que le jeu classique (3D temps réel, simulation d’objets, d’individus, d’environnements…) mais qui dépassent la seule dimension du divertissement. Elles combinent en effet des ressorts ludiques et technologiques issus du jeu vidéo avec une intention sérieuse de type pédagogique, informative, communicationnelle, marketing, idéologique ou d’entraînement. Le serious game est né aux Etats-Unis, où des entreprises américaines et notamment l’armée ont cherché très tôt à préparer leurs recrues au terrain. Les grands groupes manifestent également un intérêt croissant pour le serious game, outil ludique, de communication, de formation ou de recrutement. Classification des Serious- Games Jeux publicitaires (Advergames) Ces types de jeux sont utilisés dans le monde publicitaire.

Jeux engagés. REVEAL by L'Oréal.