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Fruiting Chamber

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GreenHouse. This is my staightfowardmushroomgrowingcanbeeasy grow log.and a Cheers to my favorite Teks at the Shroomery!!


Thanks Started with 10 jars of Malt/Dext LC filled to 600ml. 1/4teaspoon Light Malt extract +1-Tbsp Dextrose per Quart of Water.PC 20 minutes. These were inoculated with an isolated culture, BRAZ4. This one was chosen as it was the only to actually make it to fruiting on my last RYE grow. Each Jar of LC can knock up 3 bags, @ 140cc/bag. I prepared 32 WronguyBags, over a painstaking 50+ Hours of shit shredding and PCings with my two faithful droids. each holds 3 bags. 3PO is kinda noisy, but he get the job done. Even though these bags have the filter patch on them, i still fit the top with a Polyneck Filter These alllow you to make spawnbags without an Impulse sealer, which are clumsy and annoying IMO. They colonized in 14 days, but had to let them go an extra week due to the madness of Halloween and wild women.

A NOTE FROM CARLITO:Okay, here is what I do: How 13shrooms does his mono tubs. - Mushroom Cultivation. *Note - All temperatures used in this procedure are room temps (72-77*F).

How 13shrooms does his mono tubs. - Mushroom Cultivation

Quote:agar said:Pint jar on right is multispore inoculated (SA).Allowed to colonize near 100%.Syringe is 60 ML w/18 gauge needle.Quart jar on left is sterilized water.Aspirated 60 ML sterile water into syringe.Injected 60 ML sterile water into colonized grain jar.Shook grain jar to liberate mycelium from grain.Injected total of 180 ML sterile water into grain jar. (shaking mildly between each injection)Aspirated out mycelium laden water from grain jar.

(all I could aspirate out of the grain jar was 150 ML)Then, injected mycelium laden water back into sterile water jar. Approximately 500 ML of Mycelium laden water. (enough LC for approximately 50....10 ML syringes)The advantage of this procedure is that you can be assured.The culture in clean.Because you can VISUALLY inspect colonization in the grain jar. Agar for that write up* Then once I have myc. Utilized-Space Fruiting Chamber - Fruiting Chambers for Mushrooms - Shroomology. Terrarium Tek - Let's Grow Mushrooms. Oyster Mushrooms Fruiting in Shotgun Terrarium P cubensis fruiting in terrarium - Photo credit: Fahtster Preparing to rinse Perlite Click thumbnails to enlarge Note: Do NOT waste your money on a digital hygrometer for your terrarium or mushroom growing house.

Terrarium Tek - Let's Grow Mushrooms

They may be accurate in a home at normal ambient household humidity, but in a terrarium at near saturation humidity, they will not read properly. This page explains the construction of a simple terrarium, also known as a fruiting chamber, for growing mushrooms. Over the years, I've seen many mushroom fruiting chamber designs come and go. Select Full Screen Mode from the 'Options' menu Download Full Release-Let's Grow Mushrooms in High Resolution for only $8.99!

The download version of Let's Grow Mushrooms is available in two popular formats. Purchase the DVD Release of "Let's Grow Mushrooms" Four hours of hands-on video instruction in the art of mushroom cultivation, shown at full screen broadcast TV resolution. Large Bag of Perlite. Roger Rabbit's fruiting chamber, six sided holes. - Mushroom Cultivation.

Growing with bags, start to finish - Mushroom Cultivation. Getting The Right GeneticsFirst you need to start with a single jar of grain spawn that has proven itself.

Growing with bags, start to finish - Mushroom Cultivation

To "prove" a strain to myself, I order 5 strains or so, and make a pint of each one (or two pints, for a backup). When (if) all 5 pints colonize (usually one or more contaminates, those strains are eliminated) you split each one into 4 quart jars. Test 1 quart from each strain by mixing it with a little coir/verm and making a bag of each strain with that. Mono-tub TEK! Monotub. SWIM's Monotub Tek - Cultivation.

First off, this is not the traditional monotub.

SWIM's Monotub Tek - Cultivation

A traditional monotub tek has the bottom of the tub lined with a trashbag and has one big spawn/substrate mix. SWIM mis-labeled two jars, so SWIM had 1 quart of Albino Penis Envy rye spawn, and then either another Alibino Penis Envy jar and a Penis Envy jar or two Penis Envy jars (LABEL YOUR SHIT). So SWIM will be showing you a minor alteration of the monotub tek. As stated in another post, SWIM is still new to mycology so everything in this tek might not be 100% accurate (please correct if you see something wrong), but this is how SWIM does it.

Bulk Mono Tek Pictorial. How to prepare a mono tub for P. Cubensis - Cannabis Culture Forums. *******Note you must know how to prepare grain as spawn before you can do this********* If you would like to know how let me know and I can write that out too.

How to prepare a mono tub for P. Cubensis - Cannabis Culture Forums

Items needed:5-10 liter spawn jars of cubensis spawn. 3-6 actual liters of spawn if your using bags.Mushies dont need alot of light and the best light for shrooms is a 6500k light above and off to the side of your tub 50-75 liter rubbermaid tote. Clear is best but you can cut the top out and tape saran wrap to allow light. Polyfill AKA pillow stuffingTapeThrash bagA way to cut out 5 cm holes on your new monotub.

Mini Mono Tub / hybrid MSG tub. Simple Mini-Monotub Tek - Mushroom Cultivation. How To Grow Shrooms In Bulk - Monotubs - Bulk Mushroom Growing Techniques - Shroomology. ‎ Humidifier tek Nan's Nook : Archives : Grow Chambers : Projects : Humidifier tek ShroomGod's Humidifier Tek -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ShroomGod's Humidifier Tek (v1.1) Hello, fellow trippers!


I want to share what I've discovered through playing around. First, I'll be right out in the open and say that I believe poor gas exchange is the number one reason people are experiencing oddly shaped mushrooms (ex. When using the humidifier tek. Thanks in advance I hate to see a post go unanswered... seems like we don't care then. Yes you will see some condensation on the sides of you terrarium..... Problem with humidifiers is they almost work too good. Timing is of the essence... as in a good timer. You could put a hole in the bottom to let out the co2 but then your terrarium would not hold humidity as well.... so you'd have to use the humidifier more often.

Be prepared for a lot of trial and error. As to whether to use pvc or garden hose...