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Monsieur connard. Radio WNE - ARCHIVES. Web Radio - Cannibal Caniche. Pure FM - On air, Online, On demand. Electronic Music Blog. Pitchfork: Home. Articles: You Were There: The Complete LCD Soundsystem. "Throw" A-side of the Planet E single "Throw"; 2010Written by Eich, Me, Son, Sche (Carl Craig) Produced by James Muprhy One of the tensions driving LCD's music through their history was between the machine pulse of electronics and the imperfection of live playing.

Articles: You Were There: The Complete LCD Soundsystem

Murphy believed that people together making music in a space had a special quality all their own that couldn't be replicated with computers, but, as a committed fan of dance music, he also understood the hypnotic power of the sequencer. As he told Artist Direct in a 2007 interview, "I like a lot of Detroit techno, where it's lots of really short disco loops that really cut quickly. But I also don't like it when it's all just boring loops. Mowno - Culture, mensonges et rock&roll. The Drone: Watching Music. A L A I N F I N K I E L K R A U T R O C K. Otto Von Schirach. Venetian snares.

HibOO d'Scene : Cascadeur "Into the Wild" (Live @ La Rochelle. Fragile Architecture. Eskmo. ROOM40. Tracks. #Psychovinyle #Trackshare #Replay.


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