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Xtreem Solution

Xtreem Solution is an integrated Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Web Design and SEO company.

CakePHP Development Company – Xtreem Solution. CakePHP Development Xtreem Solution is a principal CakePHP development company operating out of India.

CakePHP Development Company – Xtreem Solution

CakePHP is among the strongest Open Source PHP framework. It’s ideal for creating Web app easier, faster and demands less code. It facilitates Model View Controller and Object Relationship Mapping Architecture which offer setting for the programmers to work with ease. Everything you Need to Know about Android N - Xtreem Solution.

Everything you Need to Know about Android N Xtreem Solution Android N or Android 7 or Android Nougat is the latest edition of Google’s phone and tablet OS.

Everything you Need to Know about Android N - Xtreem Solution

With this release, the company is already crossed the half-way mark – 14 out of 26 alphabets. What’s shocking for the world is that the company didn’t wait for the Google IO 2016 to announce this big product. As per the company official, the reason behind this unpredictable announcement is to give the Android app developers some time to get prepared for the new OS. Questions that matter: Drupal Web Development Company – Xtreem Solution. Drupal CMS Development Conferring you with quantifiable technological advantages, Xtreem Solution features an experience of 5+ years in creating extremely powerful, feature-rich and modular Drupal solutions.

Drupal Web Development Company – Xtreem Solution

With consummate assessment of the needs and a detailed engagement in Drupal’s core, we offer Custom Drupal CMS development, plug-ins development, theme customization and maintenance solutions that serve range of industry verticals. Ruby on Rails Development Services – Xtreem Solution. Ruby on Rails Development We are a leading agency in providing Ruby on Rails development services.

Ruby on Rails Development Services – Xtreem Solution

Our testimonials speak about the amazing, complex and challenging apps we provide that features a robust and reliable back-end, and a clean, intuitive user interface. Xtreem solution’s Ruby on Rails web development has been successfully applied to create sites for various platform covering ecommerce, business websites, government portals, social networking applications, etc. We spawn up the RoR framework such as the growing demand of client as well as market that eventually result in boosting the advantage of astounding open source technology taking in consideration one specific needs. Hire CakePHP Developer – Xtreem Solution. Healthcare Apps – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Healthcare Apps – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Xtreem Solution “Ever since the first smartphone was introduced in the market and developers started creating apps for it, healthcare has remained a popular choice for them.

Healthcare Apps – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Today, we have millions of healthcare apps promising to give better health, better fitness and even curing cancer. But do they really help us or they do just misguide us? Let’s find out.” Has it ever happened to you when you were searching any article for “Cancer” or “How to get 6 pack abs” and suddenly you found an app giving you the ultimate solution for your queries? This is just because we have more healthcare apps than we actually need. Source: appbrain By June 2016, Apple’s App store contains 8.66% lifestyle apps and 1.98% medical apps, which means, more than 10% of the apps belong to healthcare industry. But still we love these apps because they are related to the most important aspect of our life – our health.

Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – The Pros and Cons. Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – The Pros and Cons Xtreem Solution By 2020, computers and desktops will become a tale of the last decade and the business market will be dominated by small-screen smart gadgets.

Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – The Pros and Cons

It is the time when businesses should start focusing on mobile apps… Now when it is clear that the future lies in mobile apps, the time demands you to decide what kind of apps you should look for. When looked from a distance, we have got a few prominent smartphone operating systems that are dominating the marketplace. iOS and Android are most popular amongst them, followed by Blackberry and Windows Mobile. However, it is not necessary to choose a specific device when it comes to reach the masses. Now the question of the hour is – what kind of app you should go for. Native Apps: Taken from the word “native” which defines someone or something relevant to something specific, the native apps are totally platform specific. Pros: CodeIgniter Development Company – Xtreem Solution. CodeIgniter Development CodeIgniter is a community powered PHP framework having a really small impact and was designed to develop loaded Web apps.

CodeIgniter Development Company – Xtreem Solution

The main aim of CodeIgniter framework is to create projects much quicker, by giving an abundant pair of libraries for frequently required tasks plus a basic interface and a logical Structure to access these libraries. The MVC architectural design has all of the elements that assist affordable and uncomplicated Web development. Built-in Admin Panel: Xtreem Solution offers a bootstrap-powered admin panel to move your code into & handle by your own. Through this particular ability, it is simple to re-theme. MVC Architecture: This excellent architecture makes it possible to split up business logic with Database and we artistically work on this particular feature. Extensive Theme: This application is loaded with a collection of libraries & themes with multiple templates, re-usable blocks, override layouts, and so on. Web Development Company – Xtreem Solution.

Web Development Xtreem Solution has established as a pioneer provider of web development solutions.

Web Development Company – Xtreem Solution

With a team of 65+ seasoned developers and a well-established infrastructure, we are capable of offering feature-rich solutions by using the powers of programming languages. Magento Web Development – Xtreem Solution. Magento Development In the marketplace bustling with ardent competition, the custom Magento ecommerce store development, extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services offered by Xtreem Solution can give your business a new breakthrough.

As a reputed Magento outsourcing company located in India, Xtreem Solution specializes in all forms of Magento development services that cater to the needs of its potential clients. Local SEO services India. Local SEO If you have a local business targeted for an area or city, then Local SEO is the best option one should go for.

Local SEO services India

Just like the SEO or search engine optimization, local SEO mainly focuses on targeting your audience for specific searches that are intended for a particular area. Thus relevant for your product or services that is any store or shop etc. Now-a-days a lot of search engine works on the ranking methods through the use of map and address. Our Local SEO procedure included Content CreationThis is one of the first actions we perform on your website. Web Designing Company – Xtreem Solution. Responsive Web Design Consumers increasingly rely on the mobile web to search and make purchases, which makes it more important than ever for companies to have an effective mobile presence.

As per the stats, more than 60% of the traffic to a website comes from Smartphones. Search engines also prefer mobile-friendly websites and a special text “mobile friendly” is shown in the search results. Apparently, businesses cannot miss a platform that derives them such a huge amount of targeted traffic and potential customers. However, a responsive website is not only means to view the website in Mobile devices or other devices. Android Application Development Services.