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Xtreem Solution

Xtreem Solution is an integrated Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Web Design and SEO company.

What is UAT. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is a form of testing & this perform by the end user or the client to verify/accept the program system and it's transferring the software application to the manufacturing environment.

What is UAT

One of the important factors, UAT is always done in the last phase of testing after functional & integration. The main purpose of UAT is to find the business stream. It doesn't focus on other errors, Spelling errors or System testing. P2P Lending App. Find best P2P lending app of 2020 and know about their business model, market growth & source of revenue.

P2P Lending App

Peer to Peer (P2P) lending allows everybody to borrow and lend money without any issue. P2P lending mobile app is a perfect way to connect with landers & borrowers. Through Peer to Peer lending app, lenders can earn a better rate of interest and this amount will not get from FD (Fixed Deposit) or Mutual Funds investments! Intermittent Fasting App. Have you heard about any fasting app?

Intermittent Fasting App

Are you also planning to develop Intermittent Fasting app but you are not sure, what time to eat or what time you should avoid while fasting. If you're dietitian expert and fitness & wellness statups and want to develop your your own fasting app then this blog is perfect for you. I’m sure you have so many questions that continue hits in your mind. Maybe, you’re looking for the simplest solution that can track your fasting and lose weight. That's great! Similar Dating Apps Like Tinder. If we are talking about the dating apps then tinder hits in our mind and tinder is one of the very popular in dating apps.

Similar Dating Apps Like Tinder

If you want to create tinder alternative stay in touch with this blog. As per the most recent studies, Tinder rock the market over 57 million active users across the globe and in September 2019, Tinder reported in U.S. approx. 7.8 million active mobile users. Tinder is the most popular dating app in United States. if you're planning for tinder alternative or similar dating app like tinder. or want to meet new people or either you are more interested to make new connections then stay tuned with this blog.

Online dating apps rock the market with mobile applications and continue to evolve. In today's world, everyone has friends or their own personal life. Couple of years back, when people were so shy and hesitate to speak with opposite gender. Time and cost to develop app like Zillow. How Real Estate Development Company Added Real Values Real estate application provides fast and easy real estate search with advanced search features, like the usage of location maps, management technologies and also the usage of the latest AR, VR and 3D latest technologies.

Time and cost to develop app like Zillow

The real estate app provides the facility to the users with different categories, so users can find according to their requirements. Real Estate Company We provide automated applications updating status in real-time, also create the payment, field maintenance process, conveniences & rent adjustment easy. Real Estate Agents The app includes the features, agents can list their property can improve visualization using graphical advancements. Real Estate Aggregators We make application simple to integrate with websites of different brokers/agents. How to Launch Your eScooter Sharing Mobile App.

E scooter app development is a fantastic future scope for you.

How to Launch Your eScooter Sharing Mobile App

It is not only going to make the ride-sharing market shinier but also their prices and the way they provide facility are less expensive also. If you would like to create an app like Uber/lime/Spin/Bird etc then you should know about the whole business process, development process, Marketing strategy, and everything. Now it works in approx 84 countries, over 800 cities providing a 24 hour per day on demand relationship between drivers and riders throughout the Android and iOS mobile application. eScooter has captured a great share of the marketplace with its smooth features interaction, fantastic marketing campaigns. If you would like to develop an eScooter app, then you should know about, how the app works on the customer side.

Fitness & Wellness Mobile App Development: Time, Cost & Features. Every year we take New Year resolutions to exercise daily and healthy throughout the day or years.

Fitness & Wellness Mobile App Development: Time, Cost & Features

Like everyone promise to herself/himself that they will take only a nutritious diet and try to give their all efforts to stay active. But after some time what will happen to that guy and start eating all the rubbish hence the result you can see. Maybe, you're one of them who are very determined to pay a visit to the fitness center from the very first day (when the year starts like 2020 is here) to go out for a running session, but maybe after some time, you failed due to your hectic schedule or lazy excuses, whatever! Well, this problem was sorted out too much extent and all credits go to Technology/ Industry/ Big firm/ Mobile app development companies.

At a time when a lot of the people are hooked into their Smartphone’s, the fitness apps have turned into their daily gym trainer or teacher, whatever you can call it. Socket io notification system. How to create Mobile Apps. The Advantage of Ecommerce Development for Small Business Ente... It may sound spooky but each consumer’s activity online is being tracked.

The Advantage of Ecommerce Development for Small Business Ente...

Activities onthe browsers, likes&shares on social media, and a lot more? This data generated online is converted into information and it then drives insights. The year on year growth of e-commerce sales statistics is touching phenomenal figures as the projection of 2018 mobile e-commerce sales alone is $669 billion. Machine Learning Concept in Mobile App Development. Top 5 Ways to make a web development more Accessible and Successful. A Complete Guide to Blockchain Technology for Beginners. Upcoming latest Mobile, Android & iOS App development trends for 2019. Know about How iOS App Development will dominate in Upcoming Days.

Xtreem Solution Makes Another Hit In The IT and Tech Sphere. Xtreem Solution, An Award-winning Web & Mobile App Development Firms hit the 3rd Place in Top Web Design Companies in USA and Top Web Designers USA on GoodFirms PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2018 / -- It has not been long now that An award-winning mobile and web application development firm - Xtreem Solution made the headlines as a fast-rising star in the digital world.

Xtreem Solution Makes Another Hit In The IT and Tech Sphere

Now, here they are at it again. As the IT and Tech sectors continue to stride higher in providing more cutting-edge solutions to our needs, the competitive space narrows down with lots of tech establishment falling behind. As is the case, our demands of the best continue to rise, and we break off from outdated services to follow the trending and most satisfying services. The company which has only entered the marketplace for ten years has overtaken older firms in the same field to obtain a notable mention and high ranking in America’s review authorities like Clutch and GoodFirms.

Skills you should check before while hiring a PHP developer. Future is bright for PHP as it maintains to be the top 5 most favored programming languages for App and Web development solution.

Skills you should check before while hiring a PHP developer

The speed, security, intuitiveness and stability it offers to solutions fuels the growth of PHP developers who are ready to take on the challenging projects and deliver perfect solutions. For a product to be developed using PHP, the best developers need to have ample knowledge of the technical aspects and business domain. Responsibilities of a PHP developer: Kotlin Vs Java: Which will succeed in mobile app development in upcoming days? 5 Features business enterprise need to include while building a mobile app. Enterprises are rapidly moving to mobile apps for pacing up operations and organizing the workflow. It is not an easy job to move the enterprise operations to a secure and comprehensive mobile App. Because of this, the business enterprise app must have a particular set of features that will make it usable. While there is a multitude of features, the 5 prime features that cannot be compromised are as below: 1.

Process Automation. How Will the Internet of Things (IoT) Impact Big Data? Click to learn more about author Ashish Goyal. The Internet of Things (IoT) is on the verge of bringing an immense revolution in the way we interact with “things”. All this is going to happen using the large amounts of data that many smart devices are going to produce and that is going to change the way Big Data is handled. Let us understand how. Big Data Storage. What is a shopping cart and why is important for e-commerce.

ReactJS vs AngularJS: Which is the best framework of JavaScript. ReactJS and AngularJS have been the strongest contenders in the territory of the JavaScript framework. Often developers keep struggling between the two of the frameworks to develop a scalable solution. Both Angular and React are bundled JavaScript frameworks that ignite innovation and customization in mobile and web apps. With their unique set of good and not so good features, the AngularJS powers 1,471,509 Live Websites and ReactJS powers 305,267 Live websites. AngularJS vs ReactJS AngularJS has been developed and managed by Google that makes it a rapidly growing JavaScript Framework.

Is Open Source right way to Hybrid App development. ReactJS vs AngularJS: Which is the best framework of JavaScript. How will AI Transform the App Development World? Smartphones have paved their way into our lives so deep that we cannot stand to stay away from them. These devices became an integral part of our lives only because of the Mobile Apps. Augmenting our day to day activities a routine Apps like a calendar, Camera, pedometer and what not, humans are becoming more and more dependent on the Apps. With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence, smart apps are being introduced that copy human behavior and performance in a customized fashion over time. The elements of personalization that the intelligent Apps are carrying will transform the relationship we share with our mobile phone. More intuitive, adaptive and precise AI-powered Apps are fuel by basics like Machine learning, Natural Language processing, image processing, facial recognition and more. Top 10 PHP Frameworks that are Helpful for Web App Developers.

Business developers and PHP development company owners and who, want services related to PHP, are always on a lookout for an organized, modern, and scalable framework when it comes to creating a complex website. PHP frameworks always prove out to be a perfect option. It is because of this reason over 82.7% of web app developers leverage PHP coding for their working. How Mobile App is significant for a Food delivery business? Top 9 PHP Frameworks that will help for Web Application developer. Magento vs. Shopify: Which Is Better For You. How CRM Looks like for It's association on the Blockchain innovation.

At the middle, blockchain gives adaptable and in addition an intense establishment of information administration. CRM rotates around information, which contains capacity and recovery of records of various exchanges and also cooperations between the clients and the merchants. Why use react native for app development. Why use react native for app development. Why use react native for app development. Why use react native for app development. 9 Good Reasons: Why should you hire an Android App Development Company. CakePHP Development Company – Xtreem Solution. Everything you Need to Know about Android N - Xtreem Solution. Everything you Need to Know about Android N Xtreem Solution Android N or Android 7 or Android Nougat is the latest edition of Google’s phone and tablet OS.

With this release, the company is already crossed the half-way mark – 14 out of 26 alphabets. Drupal Web Development Company – Xtreem Solution. Ruby on Rails Development Services – Xtreem Solution. Ruby on Rails Development. Hire CakePHP Developer – Xtreem Solution. Healthcare Apps – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Healthcare Apps – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Native Apps Vs Hybrid Apps – The Pros and Cons. CodeIgniter Development Company – Xtreem Solution. Web Development Company – Xtreem Solution. Magento Web Development – Xtreem Solution. Local SEO services India. Web Designing Company – Xtreem Solution. Android Application Development Services.