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How Google's Web Crawler Bypasses Paywalls - Elaine's Idle Mind. By Isoroku Yamamoto Wall Street Journal fixed their “paste a headline into Google News” paywall trick.

How Google's Web Crawler Bypasses Paywalls - Elaine's Idle Mind

However, Google can still index the content. Digital publications allow discriminatory access for search engines by inspecting HTTP request headers. The two relevant headers are Referer and User-Agent. Referer identifies the address of the web page that linked to the resource. More recently, websites started checking for User-Agent, a string that identifies the browser or app that made the request. By providing this information in request headers, anyone can appear to be a Google web crawler. 1. 2. Save both files in one directory. Now type in the browser address bar. Click Load unpacked extension… Select the directory where you saved the two files. Search Results. New Search » Sign up / Log in Deutsch Corporate edition Skip to: Main content Side column Download Subscribe to this page via RSS Download Download search results (CSV) Your download will be capped at 1000 items Page %P Close Plain text 56,380 Result(s)

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Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds. You login to a Linux server with a performance issue: what do you check in the first minute?

Linux Performance Analysis in 60,000 Milliseconds

At Netflix we have a massive EC2 Linux cloud, and numerous performance analysis tools to monitor and investigate its performance. These include Atlas for cloud-wide monitoring, and Vector for on-demand instance analysis. While those tools help us solve most issues, we sometimes need to login to an instance and run some standard Linux performance tools.

In this post, the Netflix Performance Engineering team will show you the first 60 seconds of an optimized performance investigation at the command line, using standard Linux tools you should have available. In 60 seconds you can get a high level idea of system resource usage and running processes by running the following ten commands. Adventures in financial and software engineering. Several years ago I read an extremely interesting paper, "How to write a financial contract", by Simon Peyton Jones and Jean-Marc Eber.

Adventures in financial and software engineering

This paper presents a domain specific language for describing financial instruments such as bonds, options and futures. This subject is bound to be interesting to those in the financial industry; however, the ideas are explained so beautifully that the paper should inspire all programmers. Many academic papers are jargon filled and difficult to comprehend for non-experts. Peyton-Jones and Eber (and Julian Seward in a earlier version of the paper) take the time to motivate the problem and craft explanations. Rune Madsen. Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces. Blog: Why Textbooks Should Be Free Quick: Free Book Chapters - Buy Hardcover - Buy Softcover - Buy PDF - Buy from EU - Buy in India - Buy T-shirt - Donate - For Teachers - Homework - Projects - News - Acknowledgements - Other Books Welcome to Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces (now version 1.00 -- see book news for details), a free online operating systems book!

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces

Jason Davies - Freelance Data Visualisation.


Game dev. Shorten Your Commute and Save Money. C'est beau ! How to JIT - an introduction - Eli Bendersky's website. When I wrote the introductory article for libjit, I aimed it at programmers who know what JITs are, at least to some extent.

How to JIT - an introduction - Eli Bendersky's website

I did mention what a JIT is, but only very briefly. The purpose of this article is to provide a better introductory overview of JITing, with code samples that don't rely on any libraries. Defining JIT. Getting started with libjit – part 1. Libjit is a very interesting project.

Getting started with libjit – part 1

It's a C library for generating executable machine code at runtime. As such, it can serve as a back-end of a JIT compiler. libjit was originally created as part of the larger DotGNU project (portable .NET runtime). Since DotGNU has been discontinued, libjit has fallen on and off into oblivion, but recently it's being maintained again. libjit is not easy to get started with, and hence this series of articles.

I spent a couple of days getting it to build and writing some simple programs using it, so I wanted to document this effort. libjit is one of those typical open-source projects in which the only real authority is the latest source code. Active Isolated Stretching Philosophy & Techniques » Stretching USA. The Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) method of muscle lengthening and fascial release is a type of Athletic Stretching Technique that provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups, but more importantly, AIS provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascial planes.

Active Isolated Stretching Philosophy & Techniques » Stretching USA

Over the past few decades many experts have advocated that stretching should last up to 60 seconds. For years, this prolonged static stretching technique was the gold standard. However, prolonged static stretching actually decreases the blood flow within the tissue creating localized ischemia and lactic acid buildup. This can potentially cause irritation or injury of local muscular, tendinous, lymphatic, as well as neural tissues, similar to the effects and consequences of trauma and overuse syndromes. The AIS TechniqueDeep, Superficial Fascial Release.

My Top 100 Programming, Computer and Science Books: Part One. I was recently interviewed by Fog Creek and one of the questions was about my favorite programming, coding and development books.

My Top 100 Programming, Computer and Science Books: Part One



The Visual Microphone. The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video Abstract When sound hits an object, it causes small vibrations of the object’s surface.

The Visual Microphone

We show how, using only high-speed video of the object, we can extract those minute vibrations and partially recover the sound that produced them, allowing us to turn everyday objects—a glass of water, a potted plant, a box of tissues, or a bag of chips—into visual microphones. Linux-insides. A series of posts about the linux kernel. The goal is simple - to share my modest knowledge about the internals of the linux kernel and help people who are interested in the linux kernel, and other low-level subject matter. Questions/Suggestions: Feel free about any questions or suggestions by pinging me at twitter @0xAX, adding issue or just drop me email. Support If you like linux-insides you can support me with Contributions: Feel free to create issues or create pull-requests if you find any issues or my English is poor.

Please read before pushing any changes. @0xAX.

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