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Protecting biodiversity by empowering people. Fionn Byrne. Fionn Byrne teaches at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada.

Fionn Byrne

His research focuses on the relationships between nature, aesthetics, and ethics, using speculative design to challenge dominant environmental narratives. The persistent interest in Byrne’s work is to better understand the ethical obligations of the design fields. He contends that all design decisions involve value judgements, that any acts of building in the world are political, and that question of justice must always be raised when we seek to modify our physical environments.

As a professor of landscape architecture, he is fascinated by the near universal implicit need to act for environmental betterment when designing with nature – yet in a world suffering significant environmental challenges, he believes it to be important to question our deeply held assumptions about the values in and of nature. Studios - SWA Group. New World Development Company Limited Official Website. ONE landscape. PORTFOLIO — JIM KEEN ILLUSTRATIONS. Home - Nan Fung Group. 谷德设计网. Home - AHAAHA. Home - Nan Fung Group. Enzyme – BIM Architecture Office.


Jumbo Globe - Professional Architectural Firm. Otherland. Locus Associates. Jerome LeePrincipal | B.A.

Locus Associates

(Arch), M. Arch Brandon HuangPrincipal | B.A., MLA Ray WanAssociate | B.Arch., MLA Ken QiuProject Landscape Designer | B.LA Perry ZouB.Art Kain ZhengProject Landscape Designer | B.L.A. JiaJie ChenAssistant Architectural Designer | B.Arch Yijie ZhangAssistant Landscape Designer | B.L.A., M.L.A. Ann HuangAssistant Interior Designer | B.A.

Rural Sustainability 永續鄉郊計劃. Danny Wills. Landscape Architect. Space Saloon. Ronald Lu & Partners. SHADOW DESIGN. QUAD studio - Home. OPEN HISTORY ARCHIVE — ARCHIVE. Dr. Frank Fan Xue - Assistant Professor, HKU. James Prosek / Books & Articles. Current Book Recent Books James Prosek: Art, Artifact, Artifice Yale Books Purchase the Book Amazon Read advanced press from National Review Works by Prosek and others are juxtaposed with natural objects in an illuminating interrogation of the artificial boundaries we create between art and nature Ocean Fishes Foreword by Peter Matthiessen essays by Robert M.

James Prosek / Books & Articles

Amazon | Barnes & Noble Read a review of the book by The Art Blog Watch the trailer/documentary of the book, Picture the Leviathan, below. Bleda y rosa. Landscape Climate Archive - Archive. Stoss Landscape Urbanism. C3MAGAZINE. Liste Artikel. Landschaftsinformatik: DLA Conference. Early Call for DLA 2020 in Boston June 1-3, 2020 and JoDLA 4-2019 presented during the AGIT conference at the University of Salzburg, Austria Prof.

Landschaftsinformatik: DLA Conference

Dr. VALECHE Studio. Fundación Más Mil. Factory-42. Crea y comparte gratis tus propias exposiciones de arte virtuales. Zapata, superstar. - Revista Mundo Diners. Search Close Inicia sesión en tu cuenta ¿Necesitas una cuenta?

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Artists Archive - Page 2 of 2 - Acute Art. IntechOpen - Open Science Open Minds. Jonas— About - Chompunuch Vanichayanguranon. Samantha Lee - Artist. Universal Assembly Unit. Color wheel, a color palette generator. EM2N - News. Hong Kong’s ozone pollution levels nearly doubled over two decades, report from local air-quality watchdog shows.

Levels of ozone, a major air pollutant and greenhouse gas, have nearly doubled in the past 21 years in Hong Kong, though certain other pollutants dipped in the same period, a study by a local air-quality watchdog revealed on Monday.

Hong Kong’s ozone pollution levels nearly doubled over two decades, report from local air-quality watchdog shows

The Clean Air Network review, based on data from the Environmental Protection Department, found the yearly average concentration of ozone reached 54.29 micrograms per cubic metre in 2019, up from 29.56 in 1998. Ozone pollution was particularly bad on the western side of Hong Kong, which included Tuen Mun, Yuen Long and Tai Po, although the highest level of ozone pollution was in Tseung Kwan O. “The districts to the west of Hong Kong are particularly susceptible to regional air pollution and it is likely this is the reason for the high levels of ozone pollution there,” said Loong Tsz-wai, Clean Air Network’s senior community relations manager.

Investigations ← Forensic Architecture. Ministry of Design. Petra Blaisse - Inside Outside. Petra Blaisse Petra Blaisse started her career in 1978 at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, in the Department of Applied Arts. 1986 onwards, she worked as freelance exhibition designer and won distinction for her installations of architectural works.

Petra Blaisse - Inside Outside

Urban Risk Lab. AA 2015. Wilson Center. Research. EcoLogicStudio. Yufan Gao. Robin Price's Portfolio. OCEAN CN: Consultancy Network. SUPERFLEX. RADAR-HOME. Adrian Wong. Projects. Atelier Seraji. Bustler: Architecture Competitions, Events & News. Architecture – planning – consultancy. KCAP. Felixx - Realizing happy environments. Mariano Pascual. Studio Vulkan – en. HOME : rufwork. KCAP. New Galerie. RAD+ar. 土人设计网 - 北京土人城市规划设计股份有限公司 (城市设计、建筑设计、环境设计、城市与区域规划、风景旅游地规划、城市与区域生态基础设施规划) Penn State Extension. OPEN Architecture. Carlo Ratti Associati Carlo Ratti Associati. Perkins and Will. The Habitable Planet - Food Web - Challenge. Khoury Levit Fong. PORTADA - josé maría sánchez garcía. PK3 - Moderne arikitektur og Boligindretning. TREDJE NATUR. Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab. The Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab is a prototype for a new kind of resilient coastal architecture.

Buoyant Ecologies Float Lab

It merges expertise from design, advanced composites manufacturing, and marine ecology to imagine a floating architecture of the future that can exist productively with its surrounding environment. The project has developed through a multi-year partnership between academia and industry that serves as a model for expanding architectural agency beyond architecture’s traditional disciplinary limits. The project consists of a floating breakwater structure that incorporates a digitally fabricated, ecologically optimized fiber-reinforced polymer composite substrate. Underwater, the hull’s peaks and valleys vary in size to provide habitats for different species of invertebrates.

Architectural Ecologies Lab. We are WSP. Landscape Architecture, Spatial Planning, Cultural Geography. Urban Omnibus. New York City’s coastal communities and maritime environments are the subject of a lot of renewed attention in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Urban Omnibus

Practical urban strategy debates of whether to retreat or rebuild do not deal with speculative questions about how the new normal of stronger storms and seasonal inundation might actually suggest new forms of city life. This past semester, in a landscape architecture studio at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, Chris Reed (working with David Mah, Leire Asensio Villoria, Silvia Benedito, Zaneta Hong, Eduardo Rico, and Enriquetta Llabras) charged his students with exactly this kind of speculation, introducing questions of urbanism and citymaking into the core sequence of studio work for landscape architects.

The studio site was Jamaica Bay, an ecologically rich habitat containing many marshy islands, surrounded by highly developed residential and industrial areas including JFK airport, Floyd Bennett Field, and neighborhoods like Marine Park. Projective architecture office 普集建筑. Balmori Associates. Urbanism Architecture. Studio. NAKED Co., Ltd. Eskyiu: design, culture, community, technology. TRILINGUA 叄語. SCAPE. Genetic Rescue to Enhance Biodiversity. Colloque Bioart. X.DESIGN.ENVIRONMENT.ARCHITECTURE.

Kevin Kelly: Biography. News + Updates — MIT Media Lab.