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The Natural History of the Urban Coyote. Oliver Starr sur Twitter : "#Hunters show UR kids these pictures, C if they think U should still kill #coyotes. Coyote finds old dog toy, acts like a puppy. Photographer Pamela Underhill Karaz lives in Trenton Falls, New York, in a rural area.

Coyote finds old dog toy, acts like a puppy

Her own property is 48 acres of forest and field, which means she gets to see her fair share of wildlife right in her own backyard. "We've had coyotes living around us for years. We hear them mostly during the summer evenings," she told MNN. But something much more than simply hearing a few coyote howls happened two years ago. She tells us, "Our driveway is a quarter-mile long and lined with 45-year-old balsam trees. Then that's when the magic happened. Underhill Karaz notes that her dogs often leave their stuffed toys out in the yard and more than one has disappeared before.

Many animal species exhibit play, and yet we humans can't help but look on in awe when we recognize it in species beyond the domestic dogs and cats we keep as companions. "This was such a wonderful reminder that all animals, the wild and the not so wild (our pets) are really not so different," Underhill Karaz says. Oliver Starr - The shameful end result of #Salmon #Idaho's. Coyotes are one of the most monogamous mammals on the planet, never straying, staying loyal to one partner over the course of it's lifetime..........One o. Coyotes living in cities don't ever stray from their mates, and stay with each other till death do them part, according to a new study.

Coyotes are one of the most monogamous mammals on the planet, never straying, staying loyal to one partner over the course of it's lifetime..........One o

The finding sheds light on why the North American cousin of the dog and wolf, which is originally native to deserts and plains, is thriving today in urban areas. Scientists with Ohio State University who genetically sampled 236 coyotes in the Chicago area over a six-year period found no evidence of polygamy -- of the animals having more than one mate -- nor of one mate ever leaving another while the other was still alive.

This was even though the coyotes exist in high population densities and have plenty of food to eat, which are conditions that often lead other dog family members, such as some fox species, to stray from their normal monogamy. To cat around, as it were. "I was surprised we didn't find any cheating going on," said study co-author Stan Gehrt, a wildlife ecologist with Ohio State's School of Environment and Natural Resources. Email : Webview. Genetics Show Eastern Wolves Are Coyote Hybrids. A new genetic study finds that wolves in the eastern United States and Canada are actually hybrids of gray wolves and coyotes, while the area’s coyotes are wolf-coyote-dog hybrids, according to a recent Associated Press (AP) report.

Genetics Show Eastern Wolves Are Coyote Hybrids

The research advances a long-standing debate over the origins of two endangered species — the red wolf, Canis rufus, in North Carolina and the eastern Canadian wolf, Canis lycaon, in Ontario. The author’s of the current study concluded that these hybrid wolves developed relatively recently, over the last few hundred years. However, some scientists believe the wolves evolved from an ancient eastern wolf species distinct from the larger gray wolf, Canis lupus, found in western North America. They say the current study is interesting, but does not explain why hybrids appear only in some places.

6,000 coyotes killed in Utah’s bounty program. SALT LAKE CITY — More than 6,000 dead coyotes have been redeemed by hunters since Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources launched its coyote bounty program last September.

6,000 coyotes killed in Utah’s bounty program

The DWR hopes its ambitious plan will eliminate a significant portion of the state’s coyote population, which in turn will benefit the deer herds on which they prey. Officially known as the Predator Control Program, the incentive-based program pays hunters $50 for every coyote they kill. Other states have implemented bounty programs over the years, but rarely on this scale.

Even the New York Times has taken note of Utah’s Predator Control Program, calling it “one of the nation’s largest hunter-based efforts to manage predatory wildlife.” John Shivik, mammals coordinator for the Division of Wildlife Resources, is proud of how his team worked together to start the Predator Control Program from scratch and get it “up and running so quickly.” Dr. Grant Olsen joined the team in 2012. Freedom’s just another word… Freedom is a funny thing.

Freedom’s just another word…

We talk about it as a noun: it is a thing to be had, something we can work toward. It often feels like a distant goal that comes from a faraway land. Last night, I felt it in a new way. I was fortunate enough to be part of a wildlife release with the Toronto Wildlife Centre (along with the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals, Coyote Watch Canada and Doug). A coyote, found in rather poor condition, was picked up in January by TWC. A group of us met up at an undisclosed location in Halton for the release. The sun was just setting below the escarpment as our little band of advocates stood in a semi circle behind the carrier containing our friend. There was a tangible excitement jumping between us all. When the blanket was pulled back and the cage door opened, there was a half of a second of hesitation; we were all holding our breaths. And she was out – kicking up snow, weaving slightly to the left and right as she found her ideal path.

U.S. wildlife worker's online photos of animal abuse stir outrage - Environment. It's Coyote Killing Time Once Again. Prevent Cruel Coyote Trapping in the City of Carson, California.