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Calgary Statutory and Regulatory Violations Lawyer. Statutory and regulatory violations are special types of offences where the accused has violated provincial laws.

Calgary Statutory and Regulatory Violations Lawyer

Most of these offences carry with them penalties in the form of fines. Offenders are normally issued a ticket for violating the act or regulation, like speeding or failing to stop at a red light. Jail time is only considered in cases where the charges are much more serious. Many statutory and regulatory violations are not recorded onto a person’s permanent criminal record, but some other less serious record, like violations of the Traffic Safety Act being recorded against a person’s driver’s license. Statutory and regulatory violations are defined by the Provincial Acts and Regulations of Alberta and include: If you are facing one of these offences as part of or along with some other criminal charge, the best defence for statutory and regulatory offences is to retain the services of Paul Gracia, statutory and regulatory violations lawyer in Calgary.

Mr. Calgary Violence and Personal Offences Lawyer. Violent and personal criminal charges range in severity based upon the actual crime.

Calgary Violence and Personal Offences Lawyer

Some of the more common offences, as defined under the Criminal Code of Canada, include: Criminal NegligenceAssaultDomestic AssaultSexual assaultKidnappingUttering ThreatsWeapons and Firearms OffencesHarassmentManslaughter and MurderChild AbandonmentChild AbuseLibel and SlanderHate PropagandaEndangering or Injuring AnimalsAssaulting a Police/Peace OfficerTortureStalkingAccessory After the Fact In most cases, the accused either threatened to cause or actually caused harm to another psychologically or physically. It is important to note threats do not have to be made directly to the other person. Even in cases where threats are made to a third party, charges might still be brought against someone. Mr. Feel free to review the “Results” section of the website to learn more about the successful results Paul Gracia, violence and personal offences lawyer in Calgary has achieved for his clients.

Weapons charges - Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer. Having a weapons offence lawyer in Calgary represent you against weapons charges has a direct impact on obtaining positive results in your case.

Weapons charges - Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

Paul Gracia has successfully represented clients facing all types of weapons offenses, from minor possession to more serious charges of using a weapon during the commission of another crime. Weapons offences are defined by the Criminal Code of Canada. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. Contact Paul Gracia Experience Criminal Lawyer. Criminal Defence Lawyer. Paul Gracia, B.Ed., M.Ed., J.D., Barrister and Solicitor, is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Alberta, and is an active member of various organizations, including the Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers Association.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Mr. Gracia graduated from Law School at the University of Calgary in 2005, was called to the Bar in 2006 and has been practicing criminal law steadily since then. Unlike most lawyers, who practice in various areas of law, Mr. Gracia practices exclusively in the area of criminal law. After a long and distinguished career as an award-winning teacher, having worked at various levels of the education system, including: a high school teacher in Montreal; founding an alternative education program in the high arctic regions of Nunavik; a principal in northern Yukon; and an instructor at McGill University, Mr.

In 2001, with a political career in mind, Mr. Between 2002 and 2005, during his time in the Faculty of Law, Mr. In 2003, Mr. Criminal Defence Lawyer. Offences - Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary - Paul Gracia. Criminal Defence Lawyer Calgary. FALL HOME MAINTENANCE CHECKLIST. Diamond Valley Custom Homes – Custom Home Builders Calgary It would be amazing if all you needed to prep your custom home for fall was hang a wreath and light a bunch of pumpkin spice candles.


While yes, those are a crucial part of getting ready for the change of seasons, there are more important (and not exactly fun) preparations that come with being a homeowner. Consider this everything you need to know before your house transitions from hot summer days to cool fall nights…and eventually freezing temperatures. 1. OUR TEAM-Diamond Valley Custom Homes. Custom Home Builders Calgary. Calgary custom home builders. 5 Ultra-Chic Bathroom Design Trends in 2019. Hit the reset button on your bathroom this year with these trending design elements.

5 Ultra-Chic Bathroom Design Trends in 2019

From contemporary marble to statement art to modern barn doors, we take a look at what’s hot in 2019 for the modern lavatory. 1: Statement Art and Walls Bathrooms are often understated and simply designed. Considering how much time you spend in this small but important room (women spend an average of 39 minutes a day on hair and makeup alone—much of that time in the bathroom), why not add some character to the space? Framed posters and prints as well as eye-catching wallpaper patterns are in this year. 5 Trending Kitchen Designs You Need to Know About in 2019. Whether you’re planning a full kitchen remodel this year or a more modest update, you need to know about the hottest trends of 2019.

5 Trending Kitchen Designs You Need to Know About in 2019

Overhauling the kitchen is a big investment, so you want the changes you make to retain their value and relevance for years to come. We’ve highlighted five kitchen trends for 2019 that are modern and fresh, but not so niche that they’ll be out of style in a year or two. Glass Benefits For The Environment. If you’re looking for a building material that is also ecologically friendly, give glass a try.

Glass Benefits For The Environment

Using glass in construction products and around the home benefits the environment in several ways. Glass is fully recyclable, and it can be recycled quickly. Most glass containers get recycled into new containers, and the simple act of recycling glass can lower air pollution levels significantly. In addition, glass is non-toxic. ADA Accessibility Features for Interior Doors. In order to be able to use homes, facilities, and businesses, people with special needs in this country need custom indoor doors, handles, and locks that are accessible.

ADA Accessibility Features for Interior Doors

Ensuring ADA-compliance means getting the right doors and door hardware. The Sliding Door Company has what you need to make your interior doors accessible to all. Door Width and Obstruction One of the biggest issues among people with disabilities is that the doors aren’t wide enough to accommodate entry. ADA standards require 32 inches of clear width, which is the space between the door face and the opposite stop. What Makes The Sliding Door Company Sliding Doors Unique. 5 Tips for Decorating Large Rooms. Large spaces can sometimes be overwhelming to decorate—awkward angles, impractical layouts—it can be a challenge.

5 Tips for Decorating Large Rooms

Yet having too much space can be a good thing! How to Plan a Home Remodel. Remodeling your home can be an exciting prospect, but it’s also daunting. Where do you begin? What potential problems might arise? 6 Ways to Increase Your Profits From House Flipping. Flipping homes is a lucrative business that, if done right, can net you tens of thousands of dollars for just one home! In fact, according to ATTOM, for the second quarter of 2018, the average house flip profit averaged around $65,520—but, before you can become a successful home flipper, you’ll want to know the ins and outs of what it takes to maximize your net profit.

The bottom line of rehabbing and making money off of the sale of a flipped home is to minimize costs without sacrificing quality or amenities. You don’t want to rehab a home using cheap products or sloppy work, as this can have an impact on the home’s value. Renovating a Home on a Budget. Whether you are buying your first home, are upgrading your current living space, or need to renovate a house on a budget, the cost of home remodeling and associated projects is usually the most important factor when considering which remodeling projects are feasible and a priority. Here are six easy ways to get the most bang for your house renovation buck this new year. Six Ways to Remodel Efficiently Set and stick to a budget: While this may seem like a no-brainer, creating a budget and adhering to it can be especially difficult when tackling house renovation projects.

Start by estimating what your costs will be. List what needs to be done and in which parts of the home.You may want to break down your budgets by how much value that room (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) brings to the overall worth of the home. Invest in the long term: Don’t skimp on things that are going to last and be an important focal point of the home, such as flooring. How Does Flipping Houses Work? Flipping houses continues to be a lucrative endeavor for many looking to earn a nice return on their initial investment. However, successfully flipping a house involves a lot more than what you may have seen on television.

Here’s how to get started flipping houses. Consider Your Budget You probably know that it isn’t enough to simply choose any home in any neighborhood. What Are the Big Interior Design Trends for 2019? It seems crazy to think, but 2019 is almost here! That means new design trends, fads, diets, and styles. Whether your go-to style is warm and cozy or sleek and modern, there’s always something that’s up and coming in fashion, while something else is going out. So, what’s in store for maximalism and minimalism for 2019? We round up a few favorites we can’t wait to see next year—or now! Start the New Year off Right with a New Interior Design Scheme. One of the changes you may have been considering for the new year may be to the interior of your home, but you may not have the time for a full renovation, or the resources available for expensive design trends.

The good news is that you don’t have to renovate your home in order to completely transform it; all you need to do is incorporate these simple ideas. Holiday Season Elegance: What Compliments Glass Room Dividers. The holiday season is a time for celebrating. Easy Tips to Make Any Living Room More Stylish. Most of us eagerly await that time of day when we can leave work behind, hit the sofa, and enjoy some snacks and a movie. However, once the relaxation’s done, we’re off to the bedroom for a good night’s rest so that we can get up and do it all over again. Sure, the living room may not look like a magazine picture, but who has time for all of that?

The Psychology of Color in the Home. Staying on Trend and Designing the Perfect Living Room. Whether it’s your go-to space for winding down after a long day or the place where family and friends gather, your living room should be enjoyable to be in. If it’s looking more tired or dated than it used to, a new personality with these living room design ideas may be what the style doctor ordered. Anything Goes The best thing about home design today is that anything goes, which means nothing is off limits for your living room or any other room in your home, for that matter.

Choosing Paint Colors for Different Rooms in the House. Learning the Color Wheel for Interior Design. Autumn 2018 Interior Design Trends - Get Ready to Fall Into These Ideas. Autumn is a time of great change. As the trees begin to get ready for winter, they celebrate this shift in glorious color before letting their leaves fall to the forest floor, where they become nourishment and protection for the coming months. Custom home builders in Calgary and the Foothills. For over a decade, Diamond Valley Custom Homes has been enriching Calgary and the Foothills area, specializing in luxury custom homes and acreage development. The McIlroy brothers cater to the discerning client and pride themselves on being a truly custom home builder. From our qualified in-house crew able to handle the unique requests of our clients, our extensive home building knowledge, and our meticulous attention to detail, we focus on projects that are out of the ordinary. For this reason, we serve only 2-3 custom build clients per year.

Our commitment to and understanding of our client’s vision throughout the build, ensure total customer satisfaction. At DVC Homes, we use a collaborative approach which allows our client’s to be involved as much or as little as they wish. Create a Focal Point in Your Living Room with Glass Wall Dividers - The Sliding Door Company. If you’ve ever walked into a living room and loved its beautiful view, fireplace, or another feature right away, you noticed its focal point. Envision Your Home Retreat, Complete with Sliding Glass Doors.

6 Incredible Interior Doors that Will Delight the Interior Designer in You. The Sliding Door Company Can Solve Your Space Planning Challenges! The Latest Trends in Kitchen Design: Your 2018 Guide. Elevate Your Home with Contemporary Sliding Glass Doors. How Glass Room Dividers Solve the Open Floor Plan Problem. Why Innovative Designers Are Embracing Glass Room Dividers. 2019 Interior Design Color Trends. Modern Farmhouse Interiors: How to Create the Style. 2019 Most Popular Interior Design Trends. How To Design a Small Bedroom Like a Pro. The Best Closet Organization Hacks for 2018. How to Get the Most Out of Your Small Space! Waste Not, Want Not: How to Design the Modern, Sustainable Home. What Millennials Want in a Home: Popular Trends and Amenities. Designing the Most and Least Beloved Rooms in Your Home.

6 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring. Why You Need a Breastfeeding Room in the Workspace, and How to Create One. Slide or Swing into Spring with The Sliding Door Company! Custom home builders. The Integrity Behind the Design: What We Do & Why We Do It. 5 Reasons Bi-Folding Doors Will Dominate 2018.

Escape the Ordinary and Embrace the Exceptional with Glass Room Dividers! How to Create a Stylish, Cozy Home with the Help of Sliding Doors. 4 Clever Ways to Maximize Space with Glass Room Dividers. The Trendiest Interior Design Colors for 2018. How Hospitality Spaces Can Benefit from Interior Sliding Doors. Turn that Interior Design Dream into a Reality with Glass Sliding Doors! The Sliding Door Company Pitches in to Help Hurricane Victims Rebuild.

10 Innovative Space-Saving Solutions for Kitchens, Pantries, Hallways & More! Divide & Conquer With Interior Glass Door Solutions in Seattle. Glass Door Solutions Save Space! Welcome to the Atlanta Showroom! Slide Into a World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions in Boston, MA. Upgrade Your Home with Beautiful Modern Glass Room Dividers. Create a Stylish Home Office in 5 Steps. Slide Into a World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions in Ft Lauderdale. 7 Worthwhile Upgrades to Beautify Your Home and Boost Its Value. Slide Into a World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions in Houston. Solve Space Planning Challenges With Interior Glass Doors in San Jose. Interior Glass Door Solutions Save Money and Space in San Francisco! Custom home builders Calgary. Slide into a Pasadena World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions.

Sliding Door Complaints: Privacy Complaints People Have About Small Homes/Condos. Sliding Door Complaints: Can’t Hide Clutter in Your Open Plan Home? Here Are the Secret Fixes. Sliding Door Complaints: Handicap Complaints About Non-ADA-Compliant Doors and Hardware. Sliding Door Complaints: Space Saving Solutions that Help Optimize Every Inch of Square Footage. Slide into a Costa Mesa World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions. Explore Interior Glass Door Solutions at Our Phoenix/Scottsdale Showroom! A World of Possibilities With Interior Glass Door Solutions in San Diego! A World of Possibilities with Interior Glass Door Solutions in Denver! Meet The Sliding Door Company’s Culver City Team. Interior Glass Doors Promote Bring the Outdoors In. Changing Your Home's Style with Interior Sliding Glass Doors. How Interior Glass Doors Have Changed. Glass Room Dividers & Importance of Family Room.

Flexible Room Dividers Have Arrived! Interior Glass Doors Allows Natural Light. Mid Century Architecture & Interior Glass Doors. Glass Room Dividers Create Spaces That Matter! Glass Closet Doors & Color Influence. Interior Glass Doors From Our Own Factory. Calgary home builders. Glass Closet Doors Save Space and Inspires The Whole Room! What Every Bedroom Needs. The Influence Of Color. All About Interior Barn Doors.

Optimize Your Space With Interior Sliding Doors.