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The best of Brain Pickings this year. 15 fun things to type into Google. How to get a good night’s sleep - In the Loop - Open Colleges Blog. Getting a good night’s sleep can mean the difference between having an amazing day, and having a bad one.

How to get a good night’s sleep - In the Loop - Open Colleges Blog

For such a simple daily activity, it is astounding how many things sleep can affect: memory, learning capability, mood, aging, health, mental health, weight gain and your ability to judge and reason. According to sleep experts, the recommended amount of sleep for an adult per night sits between 7 and 9 hours. Depending on individual needs. For many, sleep is an issue. Either they cannot get to sleep, have disturbed sleep, or sleep too much. Below are 8 ways you can help yourself get the sleep you need to function at your optimal level. Create a sleep schedule. Vinyl Records, Vinyl Record Crafts and Vinyls. National Wattle Day. Family history. The Library's collections offer a wealth of resources to the Australian family historian.

Family history

Many family history sources are now available electronically. Check our eResources for titles under the subject of Genealogy. Here, you can find links to our major subscription services, networked family history resources on CD-ROM, as well as selected free websites. You will need to come to the Library's reading rooms to use some of these which include: Frequently used family history material on microfiche and microfilm such as electoral rolls and shipping records can be found on open access in the Newspapers and Family History zone of the Main Reading Room.

You can also search the Library's catalogue for topics related to family history, such as published family histories, local histories, military histories and diaries, ship information and biography. Major family history-related resources in our collections (with research guides) include: CommunityRun. 'No One Should Die Because They Cannot Afford Healthcare': One Meme's Story - Rebecca J. Rosen. People shared some version of the "no one should" meme more than a million times—and as they did, they changed it.

'No One Should Die Because They Cannot Afford Healthcare': One Meme's Story - Rebecca J. Rosen

Sometime around early September of 2009, someone decided to show their support for President Obama's healthcare bill with a Facebook status. 9 tips for cutting down paper clutter at home. Paper clutter poses a challenge for the most organized among us, with seemingly limitless amounts of junk mail arriving daily.

9 tips for cutting down paper clutter at home

Short of going paperless (a great option, if you can pull it off), managing and filing paper can reduce the clutter currently occupying your desk, dining room table or kitchen counter. (And by the way, keeping your papers in shoeboxes isn’t the best answer either.) Support Eric McDavid! Six things I didn't believe about having a newborn. It's the great paradox of parenthood; having a baby – which around 85% of women do – is both one of the most "normal" thing you can do with your life and the most incredible thing you ever will.

Six things I didn't believe about having a newborn

You might put together a mean strategic plan or win clients with a single word, but baby wrangling is not something you're trained to do. You heard about babies and yeah, yeah, you know you'll be tired, that babies cry, that they can be hard work. But if you can manage a team, surely you can manage one little baby!

Customary Medicinal Knowledgebase. Customary medicinal plant knowledge possessed by the Australian Aboriginal people is a significant medicinal resource.

Customary Medicinal Knowledgebase

Published information on customary medicinal plant knowledge is scattered in different literature resources, available in heterogeneous data formats, while the knowledge is distributed among various Aboriginal communities across Australia, due to varied languages. Unfortunately, this knowledge is in danger of being lost due to loss of biodiversity, cultural impact and demise of the custodians of the ancient knowledge.

To document, conserve and disseminate this knowledge, we have developed the Customary Medicinal Knowledgebase (CMKb), an integrated multidisciplinary resource. CMKb is an online relational database for collating, disseminating, visualising and analysing initially public domain data on customary medicinal plants.


Gifts. Five wonder materials that could change the world. "The history of materials is a history of mistakes," says Mark Miodownik, a materials scientist at University College London, who traces his own fascination with materials to the moment he was stabbed in the back with a razor while ambling to school one day.

Five wonder materials that could change the world

The remark is spot on. Over the centuries, scientists have been as likely to stumble on the next wonder material during a botched experiment as to create it from scratch on purpose. The tradition continues today: more than one material tipped to revolutionise the world, or at least give us better gadgets, came about through serendipity, if not outright blunders. But the chance discovery of useful materials might not carry on for much longer. Scientists are now turning to computers to design materials and work out their properties before going anywhere near a laboratory or workshop.


Town gears up for garage sale. MALDON is gearing up for a town-wide garage sale on Saturday with more than 50 households, or garages, on the list.

Town gears up for garage sale

See your ad here Town gears up for garage sale. A Philosophy Podcast and Philosophy Blog. River Watch - Brown Bear & Salmon Cams - Bears. The Undercurrents of Our Education System: Recognizing and Subverting Cognitive Disinformation I The Hampton Institute. The Undercurrents of Our Education System: Recognizing and Subverting Cognitive Disinformation Anna Brix Thomsen I Education I Analysis I July 16th, 2014 In his book, Underground History of American Education[1], one of the most progressive yet unappreciated voices of pedagogy today, John Taylor Gatto, exposes the undercurrents that steer the direction of the education system.

The Undercurrents of Our Education System: Recognizing and Subverting Cognitive Disinformation I The Hampton Institute

One of the most prominent examples is Gatto's critical analysis of assistant professor at Harvard University, Alexander Inglis's (1879 - 1924) book Principles of Secondary Education. In the book from 1918, Inglis lists the 6 primary functions of education. Gatto then takes these as his critical point of departure to show how these functions are as alive and kicking today as they were one hundred years ago.


How to Carry Major Appliances on your Bike. Right around the same time I bought this new fixer-upper house, I bought a special piece of equipment to help make the project more efficient.

How to Carry Major Appliances on your Bike

With the new house a five minute walk from the old one, commuting time was not an issue. But with the hundreds of trips carrying tools and materials required for a project like this, I didn’t have the right vehicle. DIY Natural Dry Shampoo For Light or Dark Hair - TheHippyHomemaker. Have you heard about dry shampoos yet? They seem to be all the rage among my friends, but I had never actually thought about using them. I am not sure why I hadn’t tried dry shampoo yet, it’s not like I take a shower every day…or even every other day.

Shhhh….don’t tell! You wouldn’t know it because I smell like I have very peaceful pits (hehe), but making my hair look like it has been washed, when I clearly haven’t had the time to wash it, sounds like a dream to me! I had not ever used a dry shampoo before now. 50 ways to reuse your garbage. Ralph Waldo Emerson once described a weed as, “a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” Might we not consider garbage in the same way? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, after all. To the non-recycler, an empty bottle is garbage. If Your Lawn Is Green, It’s Pretty Likely You Aren’t. Yards were the first thing I noticed when we pulled into our new neighborhood two years ago. Mature landscaping with plenty of huge flowering rhododendrons and trees, but most of all, lush green lawns. Every house sported a beautifully kept expanse of grass, and the constant tsst-tsst-tsst of expensively installed sprinkler systems attested to the homeowners’ devotion.

Our yard, in comparison, was the only brown one. Maya Angelou quotes: 15 of the best. The Odd Work-Break Ratio That's Great for Productivity. Everyone has that person in the office. You know, the one who always seems to get way more done than everybody else, but who never seems stressed or frantically trying to finish an assignment. How does he or she get it done? Climate Change. MELWAY Edition 1. Geographic information system. Walking Tours of Melbourne » Melbourne Subterranean Tour. Play Recipes. Transformer coffee table turns into dining room table. Spanish design firm OITO designs the M-Table, a transformer which converts with a lift from a coffee table to a dining table, using a base with both short and long legs.


Why Walking Helps Us Think. Table of Contents - Math Open Reference. TinkerLab - Creative Experiments for Makers and Tinkerers. Nesting boxes, La Trobe Wildlife Sanctuary. The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop. ABC National Interview with Will Potter About What Australian Factory Farms are Trying to Hide. 5414.png 7,984×4,781 pixels. (98) Town Wide Garage Sale.