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Augmented Reality in the Browser with Awe.js. Augmented reality is a neat concept.

Augmented Reality in the Browser with Awe.js

We take a view of the world around us and supplement it with images, text, sound and video. Tech companies are starting to explore the possibilities of AR with devices such as the Meta Glasses, Microsoft HoloLens and Magic Leap. These very exciting AR headsets are not quite ready for consumer release yet, so it may be a little while before every household has a pair. However, there is another way of introducing the world to augmented reality using something they may have easier access to – the mobile browser. I have previously covered other sorts of reality creation and manipulation using JavaScript and Three.js here at SitePoint in my articles on Bringing VR to the Web with Google Cardboard and Three.js and Filtering Reality with JavaScript and Google Cardboard.

What You’ll Need For this demo, you’ll currently need Google Chrome for Mobile. Lastly, you’ll need to print out a marker onto a piece of paper. The code Awe.js. - Test scene for Head-up Cardboard. Sign Up. Learning Three.js. Rokoko/ at master · jchillerup/rokoko. Oculus Rift - Virtual Reality Headset for 3D Gaming. RAIL GUN by UzBrainnet. About this project Risks and challenges The most critical problem in railgun development was fine-tuning the 360 degrees rotation in the virtual game area.

RAIL GUN by UzBrainnet

If the user turned the gun 180 degree in real life, they would not be able to see the screen thereby inhibiting their enjoyment of the game. We had to develop a way that the user could turn in virtual space without turning around in reality, all while keeping motions intuitive and natural. This is the main problem that occurs when the game is played without a virtual reality headset (e.g. The goal was to develop a gun controller for truly realistic FPS game-play, and losing the game screen from sight was the biggest obstacle. After this technology was developed, UzBrainnet put it to extensive testing to ensure that all of the motions playing an FPS game felt natural. Sketchbook Pro. Guide to game controllers on Android. We’ve talked a lot about game controllers on the site, and unfortunately the number of articles make it hard to get the big picture at this point.

Guide to game controllers on Android

We need a place to collect all that information so that new users can easily get started, so that’s what this guide is for. Read on to learn all about using game controllers on Android. The Best Controller for FPS - A SpaceTec SpaceOrb 360 Controller working with Windows 7 using Arduino and OrbShield. JOYSTICK POUR TÉLÉPHONE A ÉCRAN TACTILE.

Wipeout 2 Episode 5 Winter Events Gameplay. Wipeout: In The Zone Multiplayer: Episode 1. Toon Boom Animation. Connexion. How to create multiplayer Oculus Rift games in Unity. How to create multiplayer Oculus Rift games in Unity 10 months ago This is long overdue.

How to create multiplayer Oculus Rift games in Unity

Viewbox, a VR headset by Simon Josefsson. 21 Amazing VR Startups in 5 Minutes! Interviews from TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2015. Virtual Reality Creative Community — Everything you need to start streaming in ‪‎VR‬... Streaming a Raspberry Pi Camera Into VR With JavaScript. I spent the week tinkering with a Raspberry Pi Camera and exploring ways to get it to stream images to a web browser.

Streaming a Raspberry Pi Camera Into VR With JavaScript

In this article, we’ll explore the simplest and most effective way I found to stream images into client side JavaScript. In the end, we’ll stream those images into the Virtual Reality viewer built in my earlier article on Filtering Reality with JavaScript and Google Cardboard. What You’ll Need For this demo, you’ll currently need a Raspberry Pi (I used the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B) with Raspbian installed (NOOBS has you covered here), an Internet connection for it (I recommend getting a Wi-Fi adaptor so your Pi can be relatively portable) and a Camera module.

If your Pi is brand new and not currently set up, follow the instructions on the Raspberry Pi NOOBS setup page to get your Pi ready to go. If you’ve got a bunch of stuff on your Pi already, please make sure you back everything up as the installation process replaces various files. The Code Attaching Your Pi Camera . Organic Motion RealityCapture LIVE Development Kit (DevKit) Cell Phone Cover Fashion Creative 3d Gun Shape Hard Phone Case Cover For Iphone 5/ 5s Cell Phone Wallet Case From Henyun_technology, $7.86. Ship to:Stock in:

Cell Phone Cover Fashion Creative 3d Gun Shape Hard Phone Case Cover For Iphone 5/ 5s Cell Phone Wallet Case From Henyun_technology, $7.86

DIY Project – Wearable IMU Tracking Sensor. Project Motivation In this post I present a self-made wearable IMU (inertial measurement unit) tracker which can be used for Virtual Reality applications as well as for any other application which makes use of real-time acceleration data or orientation data.

DIY Project – Wearable IMU Tracking Sensor

I got inspired by wearables which got on the market a few years ago. There are also companies like xsens selling tracking sensors for Motion Capture applications. However, those sensor are quite costly. And I began thinking “Why not trying to create a cheap version by yourself ?”. It is important to clarify that my tracking sensor does not achieve the performance nor the tracking quality as professional products from companies like xsens.

Souris Bluetooth - A vendre €9,90 à Waterloo. Leap Motion Developers. Leap Motion 3D Jam 2014. The 2014 3D Jam is closed – vote for your favorite 2015 Jam submissions now!

Leap Motion 3D Jam 2014

3D Jam 2015 Community voting is now open for the 2015 3D Jam! This year’s competition saw 180+ submissions from 89 countries battling for over $75,000 in cash and prizes. Your votes will count alongside ratings from the official 3D Jam judges to choose the best projects in the AR/VR and Open tracks. Winners will be announced in January 2016, so stay tuned and share your favorites! 3D Jam 2014 After six weeks of heated competition, the first 3D Jam saw 150+ final submissions from developers in more than 40 countries around the globe. Leap Motion 3D Jam 2014. Pixova LitePixova Lite. June 26, 2015 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

Pixova LitePixova Lite

Virtual Association. Abdellatif MGHARI - Le Koekelbergeois. Manual Bone Control. iOS 9 Patch Plan Manual Bone Control.

Manual Bone Control.

Discussion in 'Editor & General Support' started by archie07, Oct 28, 2007. Members. How to Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently - Techchore. How to Remove Shortcut Virus from flash drive and computer How to remove shortcut virus? I receive so many complaints about this shortcut virus. How it affects every precious file that we value the most. If your file is infected by it, it will be hidden and inaccessible until at some point that it becomes corrupted and unusable. Not good, right? In response to that, I created this ultimate guide on how to remove shortcut virus and other important things that you need to know about this virus. Types Shortcut virus has two variations; the most common is Flash drive Shortcut virus, then the File and Folder Shortcut virus.

Protect Your Computer From autorun viruses and worms - Make USB Disk more secure. Now-a-days many computer users are facing problems regarding viruses and worms, These worms may be very harmful as well as computer speed consuming too. This is not in the case of internet users only many computers which are not connected to internet have also such viruses and malwares installed in them, Now what is the source of such viruses and woms? Many of you don't know that even the usb drive may have some virus in it which can replicate itself at its own. Yes, I am talking about autorun.inf viruses, Today i am going to discuss ways to make your pc secure from such viruses.

How these autorun.inf worms and viruses propagate? By default, Windows system enables an Auto Play function. How to Remove Shortcut Virus Permanently - Techchore. How To Remove Modern Shortcut Virus in 30 Seconds or Less - Vintaytime. Fernook in a Gundam. Games Inbox: VR arcade revival, Condemned 3 hopes, and Evolve single-player. The evening Inbox tries to solve Nintendo’s third party problem, as one reader seeks advice on getting into Persona. To join in with the discussions yourself email Next gen arcades So that’s two new coin-op stories in just a few days, eh?

Someone would almost think that arcades are coming back or something. I don’t believe that for a minute of course but it is a shame as there’s nothing like a good custom-made cabinet and controller. I wonder though whether the advent of VR might bring back a kind of arcade renaissance? A VR Arcade? Why It Makes Sense, and Why It Might Not Work. My first exposure to virtual reality came courtesy of an aggressively mediocre Disney movie. He dons the world’s ugliest headset to play a first-person shooter game called Dactyl Nightmare. The game looks awful even by mid-’90s standards, a time capsule of that decade’s failure to commercialize VR, and is mainly there to add tension to the fact that the First Kid is being stalked by a kidnapper, Timothy Busfield in a creepy mustache.

Lasertag @ Planet Lasertag Oberhausen #1. Présentation Megazone Laser Games Dijon. Q-ZAR Laser Tag in Carle Place, NY. Presentation. Demonstrations The exhibition ReVolution is the international competition which every year rewards the most innovating Virtual Reality projects from 2006. Loopband voor virtual reality is hit op Kickstarter (video) Equipment. Equipment. Virtual Reality Article. Agoria défend l'industrie technologique. Mise à jour du Plan Régional pour l'Innovation — Innovative Brussels.

Les startups bruxelloises s'emballent pour la réalité virtuelle. Si Soft­ki­ne­tic a ou­vert la voie, Bruxelles re­gorge d’en­tre­prises créa­tives et in­no­vantes dans le do­maine de la réa­lité vir­tuelle. Projets - Politique régionale - Commission européenne. Un projet pilote de réalité virtuelle offre à des étudiants de l’ouest de la Finlande des outils d’apprentissage utiles.-Projets - Politique régionale - Commission européenne. Depuis des siècles, les enseignants et les étudiants utilisent un nombre d’outils didactiques et d’apprentissage traditionnels relativement réduit: cours, séminaires, tutoriels et livres. DDW 2015. The exposition HYPERSPACES shows the social applications of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

We want to connect people to the world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality through interactive installations and let them experience the range of possibilities that is within their reach, but still relatively unknown. FreePIE integration. OpenCV Object Tracking using CamShift algorithm and Unity3d Mashup. Käy's Blog. CL - Home - Code Laboratories. Instant Body Movements. Eye-Tracking To Improve Camera Motion And Depth-Of-Field. Unbenanntes Dokument. Start - Catopsys. Tracking - The VR Geeks Association. Project ideas - The VR Geeks Association. Aestheticinteractive/Hover-VR-Interface-Kit. Unity3D Developers - Belgium. RUIS for Unity readme. Download - Reality-based User Interface SystemReality-based User Interface System. The irony: Microsoft makes depth-tracking phone while ignoring Kinect. Ivo Leko - innovating. De Neural Impulse Actuator (NIA), ontworpen door de OCZ Technology Group, Indiegogo.


CYBERGUN. RESEARCH. VRCADE. LOCOMOTION. Razer Hydra. HMD. Wiimote Hack. Space Navigator. Controller. BODY Tracking. EYE TRACKING. HAND TRACKING. STUDIO. PORTAL. Digital Arts and Entertainment - Contact. Fund The Realm on Kickstarter and help to reinvent the point-and-click adventure genre. Here at Pocket Gamer Towers, we've always got our eyes peeled for interesting-looking mobile games that may be worth your hard-earned cash. Atomhawk Design's The Realm might just be another one.According to the game's newly published Kickstarter page, The Realm is an "imaginative reinvention" of the point-and-click adventure genre.

Get lost in The Realm: new details emerge on the design behind the Kickstarter adventure title. The Realm Game by Atomhawk Design+Lantern Interactive. The making of The Thing. The Thing was, and remains, a potentially enthralling, if hazardous, video game license. The movie harnessing a fascinating collection of themes (fear of the unknown, fear of disease and an exploration of man's basic distrust of man) and merging them with a grizzled, yet realistic collection of characters and some suitably nauseating special effects.

And it may well have been a box-office flop, but there's no doubting that John Carpenter's film has one of the best cinematic endings ever: exhausted and emotionally drained, the remaining characters, MacCready and Childs, sit within the burning ruins of their Antarctic research station, almost too shot to care whether the other turns into the eponymous creature or not. BE.VR - Virtual Reality in Belgium (Brussels)

Unity 3D

Blender. Free Pie. A classer.