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3D and VR solutions changing the digital landscape. Vectary – The Easiest Online 3D Design and 3D Modeling Software. (132) How to Create a Loomie Avatar for Google Meet and Zoom. (@loom_ai) / Twitter. (10) VRaktion (@VRaktion) / Twitter. (10) (@VR_Content) / Twitter. (10) VARS.AT (@Vars_at) / Twitter. Work With VR (@workwithvr) / Twitter. Product - WebAR SDK for World Tracking, Face Effects, Image Targets, Inline AR. Powerful Tools to Create Extraordinary WebAR, AR, WebVR Experiences.

Moviestorm FirstStage. (4) Moviestorm (@Moviestorm) / Twitter. Vectary – The Easiest Online 3D Design and 3D Modeling Software. (4) Shadow Creator (@ShadowCreator_) / Twitter. Sketchbox (@sketchbox3d) / Twitter. The cool AR apps keep coming, with virtual art and visual Bluetooth tracking [Videos] Augmented Reality may have been around for decades in various forms, but it’s clear that Apple’s enthusiastic backing in the form of ARKit has breathed new life into the medium.

The cool AR apps keep coming, with virtual art and visual Bluetooth tracking [Videos]

We’ve already seen demo apps for such diverse things as virtual make-up counters, car manuals, film-making, music videos, navigation and much more. And the latest examples allow you to try out paintings by seeing how they’ll look when hung in your home, and track down your misplaced belongings visually … NordVPN If you’ve ever bought a painting only to find that it doesn’t look as good in your home as it did in the gallery, Artupia aims to help. The company already has an existing iOS app with an AR feature designed to virtually display the art on your own walls, and it has announced that it will be updating this with a much more sophisticated ARKit version later this month.

And if you’re an artist, you’re invited to make your art available through the app. ARCore vs. ARKit: Google Counters Apple – IoT For All – Medium. It should come as no surprise that, as augmented reality expands into consumer markets, technology companies are shuffling to stake their holds on valuable territory.

ARCore vs. ARKit: Google Counters Apple – IoT For All – Medium

It should also, then, come as no surprise to see Google cleverly time their ARCore announcement with the upcoming iPhone 8 release from Apple. First, let’s take a brief moment to understand AR. AR, or augmented reality, is the combination of real and virtual images in realtime. Given the application and technology is available to you, you could superimpose a giant squid into your refrigerator.

HoloKit: Open Source Mixed Reality for Everyone. Escape game VR : GoGlasses a testé Virtual Room - GoGlasses. Virtual Room est un escape game VR mêlant réflexion et immersion.

Escape game VR : GoGlasses a testé Virtual Room - GoGlasses

Un cocktail réussi qui a déjà conquis le cœur des premiers utilisateurs. Le nôtre également. Un an. Un an que le projet Virtual Room occupe une place centrale dans les petits papiers de Vincent Kawnick et ses partenaires, à l’origine du concept. Aujourd’hui, Virtual Room est sorti de terre pour s’implanter dans la capitale française, Paris. > Lire aussi : Carte de France des salles d’arcade en réalité virtuelle by GoGlasses : où trouvez les meilleurs espaces VR de France ? Ainsi, cet escape game VR peut accueillir jusqu’à quatre joueurs en simultané, où collaboration, communication et observation seront les maîtres-mots pour accomplir différentes missions. « Plus on est, plus c’est cool », nous précise Vincent. « Le but est que toutes les personnes entre 12 et 70 ans puissent y jouer.

S Virtually Unlimited - A New Way To Travel. Cardboard Plastic. NYT VR: Virtual Reality by The New York Times. Pourquoi la vidéo à 360 degrés sera le phénomène de 2016. ARTE360 - l'appli. Introducing 360 Video on Facebook. By Maher Saba, Engineering Director, Video Starting today, 360-degree videos will begin rolling out in News Feed.

Introducing 360 Video on Facebook

Our goal at Facebook is to connect you with the people and things that matter, every single day. Over time, we’ve seen that people enjoy more immersive content in their News Feeds. This is one reason video has been so successful on Facebook, and we’re excited to take it a step further with 360 video. To create 360 videos, a special set of cameras is used to record all 360 degrees of a scene simultaneously. In the future, imagine watching 360 videos of a friend’s vacation to a small village in France or a festival in Brazil — you’ll be able to look around and experience it as if you were there.

Camera 360° HD pour vidéos et photos immersives. Gear 360 - The Official Samsung Galaxy Site. VIRTUAL REALITY. Magic Leap. Cardboard – Google. Samsung GALAXY Note4. DAS tête : 0,366 W/kg et le DAS corps : 0,382 W/kg.

Samsung GALAXY Note4

La mémoire utilisateur est inférieure à la capacité totale de la mémoire, en raison du stockage du système d'exploitation et des logiciels permettant le fonctionnement du téléphone. La mémoire utilisateur disponible varie selon l’opérateur de téléphonie mobile et peut changer après des mises à jour logicielles. Toutes les spécifications et descriptions fournies par la présente peuvent différer des spécifications et descriptions du produit.

Samsung se réserve le droit de modifier ce document ainsi que le produit qui y est décrit, à tout moment, sans obligation de la part de Samsung de notifier ces modifications. Oculus. Augmented Reality - Home. Vive. Microsoft HoloLens. Réalité virtuelle.