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CreativeMamy. 15 DIY crafts you need to make right now. It's cold, it's raining and quite frankly, it's utterly miserable outside at the moment.

15 DIY crafts you need to make right now

So stay in! But then it hits you. It's not that great inside either. You're young, so you haven't got all of that furniture and all of the little decorative trinkets that accumulate over time, and if you have, you haven't got nearly enough. So we say, make them! Instead of spending your time sitting around moaning about the weather, why not spend your time doing something useful? Why not spend your time crafting some of these? Freshers Fields is back for 2013! 1. Source Stick your button collection around a balloon (and importantly) to each other. 2. Source Glue, buttons, cardboard and a bit of artistic ingenuity and you'll have yourself a great sign for your bedroom door (assuming you use the first letter of your first name). 3.

Simply wash out a screw top spirit bottle, find a screw top soap dispenser and put it together. 4. Source 5. 6. Source 7. 8. 9. Source 10. Source 11. Source Hollow them out and plant. How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds. DIY. Trash to Couture original DIY tutorials Click on the links below the pictures to see the page.


::::::::::::::Before beginning::::::::::::: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Give credit to my website if you use any photos, content, or finished product from my tutorials (as I'm sure most of you would). Do not post my entire step by step instructions (use one picture only). Our 20 Favorite Crochet Sites - Womans Day - StumbleUpon. Bags, Totes, Purses, oh my! How to cut glass. I posted a picture about 1 week ago on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter of me cutting glass using just string.

How to cut glass

I got LOT’S of requests for a tutorial on how I DID THIS! So here it is. 101 New Uses for Everyday Things. Braided Rag Rug. Pin your three sewn strips anywhere you can be comfy (you are going to be there for a while!

Braided Rag Rug

I did mine to my runner on my dining room table) this is the start of your braid. once you get close to the end of your braid you are going to fold over the end of your strip and snip with your a slit. grab the end of your new strip (the end without the slit) and pull through both slits (from behind) this will adjoin your strips and you will be able to continue your braid this is what it should look like, now keep braiding. Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns. The best FREE patterns so WONDERFUL people like YOU can create and SHARE!

Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns

Please let us know about any broken links that you find. THANKS Thousands of free patterns Search Over 200 Free Crocheted Afghan Patterns at Dump A Day Simple Ideas That Are Borderline Crafty - 35 Pics. Shoe Lacing Methods. Mathematics tells us that there are more than 2 Trillion ways of feeding a lace through the six pairs of eyelets on an average shoe.

Shoe Lacing Methods

This section presents a fairly extensive selection of 43 shoe lacing tutorials. They include traditional and alternative lacing methods that are either widely used, have a particular feature or benefit, or that I just like the look of. 43 Different Ways To Lace Shoes Criss Cross Lacing This is probably the most common method of lacing normal shoes & boots. Arts and Crafts Links Directory. French Desk Set: Basket Liners.

I adore being organized.

French Desk Set: Basket Liners

Random Tutorial Generator. Secrets of the No-Sew Rag Rug. Thank you for visiting Little House in the Suburbs.

Secrets of the No-Sew Rag Rug

If you like what you see, please check out OUR BOOK. I thought that with all of the emphasis on recycling and reusing these days, a no-sew rag rug post would be more common. However, in my own internet research, I find that it’s something of a unicorn. It follows the same principle that we all used in making those funny cotton loop potholders–under, over, under, over.

See? No-Sew Homemade Rag Rug (Or trivet, potholder, centerpiece, place mat, what-have-you.) 1. 2. 3. 4. Search results for 'crochet' Crochet Me. Crochet School. Sorry I've taken so long to post this very last post of the crochet school series.

Crochet School

Would you believe me if I said I don't want it to end? Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts. So way way back, in June, I wrote this Studio Organization post, about starting the process of organizing my studio by cleaning out the closet full of junk.

Tutorials for Recycling T-Shirts

Well, it's September and...let's just say the closet is a work in progress. Some of the things that are taking up space in the closet are shirts that I never wear anymore. I realized I could repurpose them into something else! Weekend Project: Magnetic MakeUp Board Laura Thoughts. Free fonts from Scrapbook - Your source for scrapbooking supplies and more! How to make your own pore strips. You know those Biore pore strips you buy at the drugstore for about $12 a pop? Yeah, those. Today I’m going to teach you how to make your own homemade pore strips. Why? Because: Giant Doily Rug. Blown up your doily and move it from table to floor!!!! Giant doily rug or floor mat is one of the most wanted crochet rugs in the recent years since it was created and made well-known by Ladies & Gentleman.

Look at it, doesn’t its sublimity spice up the floor and the home decor? This giant doily rug is for my sister’s new house, I am going to make another one for mine when I am moving in… hopefully end of this year. 67 Homemade, All-Natural Cleaning Recipes. - A Community for Crafts and DIY Projects with Free Craft Ideas, Inspiration, Advice and More.

Zentangle - Pattern steps / how to draw. Sew everything. Alina's Adventures sew everything A P indicates a printable tutorial or pdf pattern. An F indicates a personal favorite. Jewelry Maker's Knowledge Center: Free Patterns & More. Everything you ever wanted to know about jewelry-making supplies, beads, beading, and more! You'll find inspirational design ideas, answers to jewelry-making questions from leading experts in the field, project tutorials, thousands of event listings, and the latest colors and styles. It's all here in one, easy-to-use resource. Discover the answers you've been looking for with the EncycloBEADia® Resource Expert advice on beads and jewelry-making, a dictionary of industry-terms, gemstone information, beading articles and more! Look through our beading patterns, projects and how-to's to find your next project or a way to add a new technique to your existing designs.

These featured designer-artists represent a range of artistic styles, all offering inspiration to others. How to Make Brownie in a Mug. DIY Découpage Floral Bag. When H&M asked us to DIY a boho-inspired item for their summer issue, découpage was the first thing that came to mind. Honestly, does it get any better than customizing a simple handbag with a brilliant floral print? However you create it, it’ll be satisfying to know that you’ve designed yourself a one of a kind bag! Smart Bargains on Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies. Close. DIY Projects. 11 awesome things to make using empty wine bottles. Free sewing patterns, how to sew, new sewing quilting techniques, sewing machines and sergers.

52 Weeks Project. Neat Ripple Pattern. Ahhhhhhhh look at all those hooky ripplesome ripples, aren't they glorious? I love crocheting this pattern, its relatively simple, rhythmic and soothing, but playing with colours in this way is also energising, exciting and a lot of fun. Well to me it is any road. there's something magical and mesmerising about the way the ripple effect makes the colours sing and dance next to each other, and it's a pattern I can see myself coming back to time after time.

100 Ways to Repurpose Everything (Mega Roundup!) DIY Easy Summer Bracelet DIY Projects. DIY Picture Tiles - You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again. Lately I’ve been having this huge urge to decorate the house. This is big news. I do not decorate. Arguably, one of the reasons why is because I. absolutely. hate. to. buy. mass. produced. decor. How to Sew a Fabric Bowl. January 14th, 2009 Email 566 users recommend Use your fabric bowl to store notions, buttons, jewelry, or other small trinkets. Roperug_pattern1.pdf. Crochet string bag pattern from 1933. This pattern was once found at but that link is no more. How to Sew a Fabric Bowl. DIY: Quilled Bird Necklace. DIY Beads and Chains Bracelet DIY Projects.

Anthro inspired pillow. Lace Trimmed Envelopes. How to Crochet 5: Seaming Your Work. 25 Handmade Gifts. Tattered floral challenge… Crochet Adornment Patterns – Crochet Hooks You. I’m so smart…lol. Balzer Designs Classroom. Art, Heart & Healing – a FREE course for all! Search results for "free" Search results for "free" Artfully Wild with Effy Wild. I am free - A free Art Journaling Workshop - Bloknote Academy. :.. Art Journal Tangents & Tactics Series. Doodlicious Daybook Instructional Video (play 1st) Tiare Smith Designs. Vicky Papaioannou. FREE Drawing, Painting Lessons & Art Downloads. Findingyourmuse. Strathmore Online Workshops. Strathmore Online Workshops.

Groups - The Inspiration Place. Free Videos — Ivy Newport. Free Online Class. Search. Untitled.