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Socle interministériel de logiciels libres. - explore federated networks. :Vital articles. List of 1000 most important articles for the English Wikipedia Vital articles are lists of subjects for which the English Wikipedia should have corresponding featured-class articles. They serve as centralized watchlists to track the status of Wikipedia's most important articles.

The very most important articles are in Level 1. This page constitutes Level 3 of the vital articles list and includes approximately 1,000 articles. All articles from higher levels are also included in lower levels. Articles are labelled as: These symbols and article counts are updated daily by User:cewbot. The bot only update counter with the pattern "(000 articles)" in section title.All attributes of articles get from corresponding categories.The bot will automatically update the summary table if there are summary table marks.

This list is tailored to the English-language Wikipedia. Articles should not be added or removed from this list without a consensus on the talk page. Total 1,000 articles. Arts (42 articles) Sans titre. Building The Uncensored Library. Canary Watch – One Year Later. Codeurs en Liberté. Our World in Data. AlgoTransparency. Download the latest indie games. FREE ONLINE GAMES - Play the Best Free Games at! Game and Software Preservation. Nominations au Journal Officiel - Nathann Cohen. Open Food Facts - World. Polis Console. Open Internet Project. Duniter. EU DisinfoLab. | Plateforme syndicale et coopérative. Linc.cnil. Comment promouvoir des technologies protectrices de la vie privée, en s'adressant au plus grand nombre, tout en respectant les pratiques et sensibilités de chacun ?

Pour répondre à cette question, LINC a choisi de tracer une cartographie des « pratiques de protection de la vie privée », pour rendre compte de la diversité des approches et des outils, sans labelliser tel ou tel produit ou service. Répondre à la mission de promotion des technologies protectrices de la vie privée La loi pour une République Numérique affirme la mission de la CNIL de "promotion de l’utilisation des technologies protectrices de la vie privée, notamment les technologies de chiffrement des données". Mode d’emploi Sur le modèle de la cartographie du design de la privacy, nous avons choisi de symboliser des usages par des verbes, découpés en actions et des sous-actions. Scolopendre - Accueil. Wiklou, le Wiki du Biclou. Atelier Le Vieux Biclou, à Montpellier‎ Wiklou, le wiki francophone du vélo Plein d'infos : vélos, pièces, réglementation, propulsion, tourisme, vélodiversité, quotidien, ateliers, associations locales, fédérations, expertise, santé, villes... Le wiklou est un espace de partage de ressources autour du vélo sous toutes ses facettes. Initialement conçu par et pour les ateliers vélos participatifs et solidaires, il est devenu au fils du temps un outil utilisé par toutes et tous. Vous pouvez lire un petit historique ici. À l'instar de Wikipédia, le wiklou est collaboratif et propose un espace encyclopédique en libre accès, en lecture comme en écriture, c'est-à-dire que n'importe qui peut, en accédant au site, modifier la quasi-totalité des articles publiés sous licence libre.

Vous pouvez retrouver l’arborescence des catégories ici. Une liste de discussion permet également de discuter du wiklou en dehors des pages de discussion du wiklou pour coordonner son évolution. Les nouveautés sur le site. CC Search prototype. Works. European Strategic Observatory.

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WikiHow - How to do anything. Crotos. Crotos Cosmos Callisto Lab → Contribution mode Crotos is a search and display engine for visual artworks powered by Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons • 383 355 artworks, including 212 627 with HD image • Links to Wikipedia , reference websites – multilingual – free and open – Lab Cosmos Callisto Random Chronological order ShipwreckIvan Ayvazovsky - Feodosia National Gallery I. Asymmetric Lady - Portrait of Eugenia...Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz - History Museum of Katowice Claes Rålamb, 1622-1698David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl (attributed to) - National Portrait Gallery of Sweden Saint JeromeGirolamo Savoldo - National Gallery Diana and Actaeon (Diana Surprised in Her Bath)Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot - Metropolitan Museum of Art OfficerJean-Louis-Ernest Meissonier - Museum of Fine Arts Self-PortraitMoritz Daniel Oppenheim - Jewish Museum Im AtelierWilhelm Trübner - Bavarian State Painting Collections Riders halting at a Lakeside InnPhilips Wouwerman - private collection Nine FiguresNational Gallery of Art 1 secondes.

WebArchivists | Thoughts and projects about web archiving, data preservation and more… Thinkovery | Le magazine pour comprendre aujourd'hui. AutoCanary | First Look Code. AutoCanary is a desktop program for Windows, Mac, and Linux that makes the process of generating machine-readable, digitally signed warrant canary statements simpler. A warrant canary is the colloquial term for a published statement that a service provider has not received legal process that it is prohibited from disclosing to the public, such as a national security letter. Once a service provider receives a legal request that contains a gag order, the canary statement is removed. For more information, see EFF’s Warrant Canary FAQ. How it Works Before you begin: Choose one person in your organization (probably your General Counsel) to be responsible for signing warrant canary statements.

When you run AutoCanary, you see a window with these fields: Frequency: This defines the interval that the warrant canary will cover. When you click Save and Sign all of these settings will be saved, so the next time you run AutoCanary you won’t have to change anything. Background Disclaimer. Contrôler ses cookies.

All — FREEBIE.SUPPLY. DiasporaND* CVE - CVE List Main Page. Cryptome. I2P Anonymous Network. Bitmessage E-Mail Gateway. /| copyme / Kopimi (copyme), symbol showing that you want to be copied. use kopimi in your own fancy. kopimi may be put on homepages or blogs, in books, in software, as sound logos in music or whatever. 1. copy one of these kopimi symbols, or make up your own 2. put it on a homepage 3. link the logotype to: Open Internet Project. AdNauseam - Clicking Ads So You Don't Have To. As online advertising is becoming more automatic, universal and unsanctioned, AdNauseam works to complete the cycle by automating all ad-clicks universally and blindly on behalf of the target audience. Working in coordination with Ad Block Plus, AdNauseam quietly clicks every blocked ad, registering a visit on the ad networks databases.

As the data gathered shows an omnivorous click-stream, user profiling, targeting and surveillance becomes futile. AdNauseam is a browser extension designed to obfuscate browsing data and protect users from surveillance and tracking by advertising networks. Simultaneously, AdNauseam serves as a means of amplifying users' discontent with advertising networks that disregard privacy and facilitate bulk surveillance agendas. AdNauseam joins a broader class of software systems that serve ethical, political, and expressive ends. Floodwatch. Dégooglisons Internet.

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine. Reset the Net.

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Libre Resources. Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics. Connect with Faceook, sign in for free, and get unique, personalized information anad analysis on your social data-computed by Wolfram|Alpha Clustering of your friends What are the groups of friends that make up your network? How do these groups relate to each other?

Where in the world are your friends? Where do your friends live? Your network's global reach Who lives farthest from you? How popular are your friends? How many friends do your friends have? What do you talk about on Facebook? The bigger the word, the more often it's used in your conversations. When do you use Facebook? When are you most active? Where are your friends at in life? Do your friends' ages reflect what kinds of relationships they're in? Explore the structure of your friend network How do your friends connect you to your other friends? Who plays the special roles in your network? How are your friends tied together? Your most popular photos What is your most liked photo? Get a new perspective on your friends. La Quadrature du Net | Internet & Libertés. The diaspora* Project. Gozil. Awesome Bar - Find your bookmarks, history and tabs when you type in the address bar.

The location bar, also called the URL bar or address bar, displays a site's web address (URL). We call it the Awesome Bar because it remembers those websites you've visited before, guesses where you're trying to go and displays a list of suggested sites you can choose from. The more you use it, the better it gets. This article covers the details of how the location bar autocomplete feature works and will have you using it like a pro in no time. The location bar can also be used for other types of searches. For more information, you can see: Just start typing in the location bar and the autocomplete drop-down will show matching sites from your browsing history, as well as sites you've bookmarked or tagged.

Matched terms are highlighted, making the list of results easy to scan. The part of the entry that matches what you've typed will show in bold. The location bar also learns from your browsing behavior. URL autocomplete Prevent Firefox from automatically completing URLs Switch to tab.