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Karl Vanden Bogaert

Student @ Paris 8, Computer Science Interest's Fields: - Science - Technologies Job: Railway Signalling Projects

Le Web sémantique: mythe ou réalité ? The Semantic Web of Data Tim Berners-Lee. Web sémantique. Sitographie. W3C Semantic Web Activity Homepage. The Semantic Web is a web of data.

W3C Semantic Web Activity Homepage

There is lots of data we all use every day, and it is not part of the web. I can see my bank statements on the web, and my photographs, and I can see my appointments in a calendar. W3C Data Activity - Building the Web of Data. More and more Web applications provide a means of accessing data.

W3C Data Activity - Building the Web of Data

From simple visualizations to sophisticated interactive tools, there is a growing reliance on the availability of data which can be “big” or “small”, of diverse origin, and in different formats; it is usually published without prior coordination with other publishers — let alone with precise modeling or common vocabularies. The Data Activity recognizes and works to overcome this diversity to facilitate potentially Web-scale data integration and processing. It does this by providing standard data exchange formats, models, tools, and guidance. The overall vision of the Data Activity is that people and organizations should be able to share data as far as possible using their existing tools and working practices but in a way that enables others to derive and add value, and to utilize it in ways that suit them. W3C Data Activity. As many people who work in the field will know, the 2007 INSPIRE Directive tasks European Union Member States with harmonizing their spatial and environmental data.

W3C Data Activity

The relevant department of the European Commission, the JRC, has lead the definition of a complex data model that is broken down into various themes. Naturally enough, the data is modeled in UML and the implementations are based largely on OGC standards that make use of XML/GML etc. However, a number of projects are experimenting with using the model in Linked Data environments. Flux RSS (fr) Flux RSS (en)