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Architecture for Humanity Posted by Garrett Jacobs on Dec 30, 2013 Related program: Year in Review Archives Happy New Year! We kick off 2014 by reflecting on a year of building a more sustainable world through the power of design. Ease the holiday transition with inspiring stories, emotional testimonials and beautiful images of passion and talent.
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Designmatters - Blog Designmatters - Blog {*style:<i>In the spring of 2012, one Undergraduate Film and two Graduate Broadcast Cinema students traveled to Kauai, Hawaii as part of the Designmatters Fellowship Program , in order to create a documentary for the National Tropical Botanical Gardens . The student team was comprised of a director (Olaolu Jegede), a cinematographer (Jonathan Augustavo), and an editor (Jorge Sandoval). This project was supported by a grant from the Acacia Foundation. In this blog post, Olaolu gives a candid account of his experiences in Hawaii directing the documentary entitled Garden in the Sea. </i>*} Colorado seems like a funny choice for a workshop on Earthquake Risk Perception.
Les limites des bonnes intentions : le design social n’est pas si simple Les limites des bonnes intentions : le design social n’est pas si simple Par Hubert Guillaud le 27/10/10 | 8 commentaires | 2,620 lectures | Impression Julie Lasky pour Metropolis Mag vient de signer un très pertinent papier sur les limites de la conception sociale. A l’heure où l’engagement social des designers se multiplie, sous de multiples formes (sociétés à but non lucratif, initiatives sociales d’entreprises, mobilisation étudiante, partenariat avec des ONG, compétitions de design…) et de multiples sujets (allant de la conception d’abris d’urgence, aux purificateurs d’eau ou au four solaire… ), nombreux sont ceux qui jugent ces travaux certes bien intentionnés, mais pas nécessairement concrets. Où sont les résultats de toutes ces initiatives ?
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Social Capital Markets

Social Capital Markets

The Right People are Showing Up for This Year's SOCAP Barn Raising Somebody told me this morning that, though she’s... The Network is People: Complex Tech Implementation in the Developing World Starts with Understanding Relationships This article is written by Justin Noodleman, an MBA...
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news « thinkpublic Looking for thinkpublic? We’re taking a pause, as our founding director Deborah is going on maternity leave from September 2012. We’ve learnt from many of our projects with new mums and children’s services, that starting a family can be like starting a business, extremely consuming in both time and energy. Which is why we are finishing off our current projects and pausing the work of the studio, we see this time as a chance to focus on a few initiatives, whilst feeding our imaginations. “I started thinkpublic when I was 23 and I had no idea what an impact it would create. thinkpublic has grown from strength to strength, I have been lucky to work with some amazing people on a diverse and exciting range of projects. news « thinkpublic
Réutilisation | Durabilité : les valeurs de Vitsœ

La Maison Radieuse Le Corbusier de Rezé, architecture XXème siècle, monument historique de France