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jQuery News Ticker. Ideal Forms, a small framework to build forms. jCharacterfall - A small, addictive jQuery game. BriskButton für Websites - jQuery Plugin - SOYOS Labs. Vorschau zu diesem Artikel Keine Online Demo zu diesem Artikel verfügbar Kostenloser Download (Kommerziell und persönlich) Dieser Download wird Ihnen absolut kostenlos von SOYOS Online Solutions zur Verfügung gestellt. Ein BriskButton für Websites unterscheidet sich auf den ersten Blick nicht von einem regulären Button. Fährt man über den Button mit der Maus, bläht sich der Button auf die gewünschte Größe auf und blendet Ihren individuellen HTML/CSS -Inhalt ein. Sinnvoll eingesetzt kann man mittels BriskButtons die Benutzerfreundlichkeit von Websites erheblich erhöhen. Einsatzmöglichkeiten für BriskButtons gibt es viele. Bieten Sie mehrere Versionen zum Herunterladen Ihres Produkts an, so können Sie diese alle innerhalb des BriskButtons darstellen, denn Sie selbst definieren die Maximalgröße des Buttons und können den Inhalt selbst bestimmen.

{*style:<b>Individuelle Einsatzmöglichkeiten BriskButtons (jQuery Plugin) können alle individuell konfiguriert werden. Jetzt kaufen und sparen! Orange. FitVids.JS - A lightweight, easy-to-use jQuery plugin for fluid width video embeds. SimpleCart(js) - Javascript Shopping Cart by The Wojo Group. Basic jScrollPane demo. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec in ligula id sem tristique ultrices eget id neque. Duis enim turpis, tempus at accumsan vitae, lobortis id sapien.

Pellentesque nec orci mi, in pharetra ligula. Nulla facilisi. Nulla facilisi. Vestibulum dictum consectetur magna eu egestas. Quisque et massa leo, sit amet adipiscing nisi. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. TransformJS - 3D and 2D Transforms for jQuery. jQuery Notification Menu | Codebase Hero. Pjax. Chosen - a JavaScript plugin for jQuery and Prototype - makes select boxes better. Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. Downloads Project Source Contribute Standard Select Turns This Into This Multiple Select <optgroup> Support Single Select with Groups Multiple Select with Groups Selected and Disabled Support Chosen automatically highlights selected options and removes disabled options. Single Select Multiple Select Hide Search on Single Select The disable_search_threshold option can be specified to hide the search input on single selects if there are n or fewer options.

Default Text Support Chosen automatically sets the default field text ("Choose a country... ") by reading the select element's data-placeholder value. Note: on single selects, the first element is assumed to be selected by the browser. No Results Text Support Setting the "No results" search text is as easy as passing an option when you create Chosen: Limit Selected Options in Multiselect You can easily limit how many options the user can select: Right to Left Support. jQuery Overtakes Flash on World’s Top Websites | appendTo - The Company Dedicated to jQuery. “Developers are choosing jQuery over Flash for new development,” said Mike Hostetler, co-founder and CEO of appendTo. “This data confirms a trend that’s been a couple years in the making.

More and more website developers are choosing jQuery and JavaScript over Flash and the rate at which this transformation is occurring is only accelerating.” jQuery is an open source library that makes it quicker and easier to build JavaScript Web pages and Web applications. Often with jQuery you can use a single line of code to achieve what would have taken 10-20 lines of regular JavaScript code. JavaScript is a scripting language that allows Web authors to create dynamic pages that respond to user interaction. “There are three key technologies within a typical website: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. jQuery has been the leading JavaScript library, by far, for a quite a while.

jQuery has been extensively used across many browsers, from Internet Explorer 6 through the latest mobile browsers. JqVideoBox v 1.5.1 - Emposha. Yepnope.js | A Conditional Loader For Your Polyfills! Deck JS » Modern HTML Presentations. 5 Excellent jQuery Mobile Tutorials | Recently jQuery Mobile Alpha 2 was released. One major goal of the project is to reach more than the top-tier mobile Web browsers such as those used in Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, BlackBerry OS, mobile versions of Window and Hewlett-Packard’s Web OS.

With jQuery Mobile, developers can write applications for a number of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Although jQuery Mobile is still relatively new, I was able to find some of excellent jquery mobile tutorials. In this article I will share with you 5 excellent jQuery mobile tutorials that you can use as a guide to learn jQuery Mobile.

How to Build an RSS Reader with jQuery Mobile This is maybe the first jquery mobile tutorial that I found in the net. This tutorial teach us how to build a simple Tuts+ RSS reader, using PHP and jQuery Mobile. jQuery Mobile: What Can It Do for You? Getting Started with jQuery Mobile & Rails 3 This tutorial teach us how to create CRUD application with Rails 3 and jQuery Mobile. JsPDF | Snapshot Media. Jsmovie - jquery plugin to animate image sequences. Inspired by some transparent flash animations all over the web, I decided to have something other then flash to get similar results. So i created a jquery-plugin to animate image sequences. Changes Current Version 1.4.4 added the possibility to set performStop in the settings fixed some miner issues it's now possible to write an angular directive for jsMovie 1.4.3b fixed some spelling (I'm german) added comments to all methods added an extra parameter to the play method. now its possible to let the movie only pause and not stop after the animation has finished. was requested by a lot of users that would use the tool for 3D animations 1.4.2 added a performStop value in the play method -> when ending a movie you can now pause by setting it to false and stop on true better documentation of the source code in the uncompressed file fixed a bug where adding a clip staring from frame 1 didn't work new default for showPreLoader is false Website Documentation Example html code: js code:

Estro - jQuery Ken Burns & swipe effect slider plugin - by pixelentity - Example 4. Multiple Ajax Requests with Jquery. jQuery quickie: Unlimited Scroll using the Twitter API. Time for another relatively simple jQuery tutorial, just like my previous jQuery quickie. At work, I'm currently working with Silverlight and implemented unlimited scroll. This is a great technique that could be used on loads of websites. Instead of the regular pagination, where the user has to click to see the next page, unlimited scroll automatically loads the next page when the user is at the bottom. I wanted to take this technique and port it to another jQuery example.

Simply check out the demo to see the first tweets from my Twitter stream. Of course, you can use this same technique for something else instead of loading tweets, for example for loading next blog posts etc. Just for the purpose of the example and aiming the focus on the jQuery part, I've created the most simplistic and minimal HTML you'll need. The first division (#tweets) is placed as a container that will hold all the loaded tweets.

Now to give this HTML some little bit of styling using CSS. jQuery What do you think? Tiny Scrollbar: A lightweight jQuery plugin. Nonsense The chart shows how much lessons young people took in sports during 1999 sorted by sport and gender. The most popular sport for boys was football with 67 lessons. Girls do not seem to like football that much they only took 18 lessons. Swimming was the most popular sport for girls with 52 lessons. boys also took an interest in swimming and took 47 lessons. The diagram shows the evolution of the horse over a period of 40 million years. The table shows where students got there money from over a ten year period in the United Kingdom. These days sporting champions are more motivated by fame and money. The diagram shows the process of how to do a research. Jquery custom content scroller. Last updated on Mar 10, 2015 Originally published on August 1, 2010 by malihu, under Plugins.

Highly customizable custom scrollbar jQuery plugin. Features include vertical and/or horizontal scrollbar(s), adjustable scrolling momentum, mouse-wheel (via jQuery mousewheel plugin), keyboard and touch support, ready-to-use themes and customization via CSS, RTL direction support, option parameters for full control of scrollbar functionality, methods for triggering actions like scroll-to, update, destroy etc., user-defined callbacks and more.

Current version 3.0.8 (Changelog)Upgrading from version 2 When upgrading from version 2.x to 3.x it’s important to use version 3 CSS and .png files. Version 3 is backwards compatible but it’s also a huge overhaul. Version 2 is still maintained and updated here. How to use it Get started by downloading the archive which contains the plugin files (and a large amount of HTML demos and examples). Initialization Initialize via javascript more info Initialize via HTML. jQuery Scrollbars v2 - JS Development Project - APL Web. Getting the most out of jQuery selectors. Convert a Menu to a Dropdown for Small Screens. The Five Simple Steps website has a responsive design with a neat feature. When the browser window is narrow, the menu in the upper right converts from a regular row of links into a dropdown menu.

When you're on a small screen (iPhone shown here) and click the dropdown, you get an interface to select an option where each option is nice and big and easy to choose. That sure makes it easier to pick a place to go than a tiny link. Yeah, it's two taps instead of one, but that's arguable since you'd probably have to zoom in to tap the right link otherwise. The HTML The HTML for these two menus is different. Let's go with that for now. The CSS By default we'll hide the select menu with display: none;. Then using media queries, we'll do the switcheroo at some specific width. But now you gotta maintain two menus? Well yeah, that's one concern. Using jQuery, we can do that with just a few lines of code: Then to make the dropdown menu actually work... But aren't dropdown menus kinda obtrusive? Kinda. Having Fun With CSS3: Spinning Newspapers.

Martin Angelov Imagine a cop drama taking place in the 1930s. After a streak of bank heists, a young detective is given the case of his life. He accepts the challenge, and after grueling months of hard work and life-threatening situations, he manages to bring the bad guys to justice. What follows is a classical device used by film makers of the period – newspapers flashing and spinning towards the camera, praising the heroic feats of our protagonist. So lets have some fun and build this classical scene using the CSS3 animations capabilities of the new versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari, picking useful techniques along the way. The Idea Using JavaScript, we will load a sliced up version of the newspaper (slices are independently encoded as PNG or JPG for smaller filesize), and combine them in a single canvas element. We also define a simple CSS3 keyframe animation, which uses transformations such as scale() and rotate() to animate the canvas elements.

The Sliced Newspaper Background <! Estilo para campos select con jQuery o Prototype. Uno de los componentes más feos por defecto es el select, por suerte y gracias a CSS podemos cambiar su aspecto visual, no obstante si lo que buscamos es un cambio más radical podemos hacernos de la magia de jQuery para cambiar completamente no solo lo visual sino también lo funcional de estos campos. Para cambiar el aspecto visual de los campos select podemos utilizar Chosen, un plugin javascript compatible con jQuery y Prototype que modifica radicalmente lo visual, como así también algunos aspectos del funcionamiento de estos componentes tan utilizados en prácticamente cualquier sitio web. Ejemplo del resultado que podemos lograr con este plugin: Les sugiero que prueben el plugin en funcionamiento en la web oficial.

Web: Chosen Pablo Programador desde hace más de 11 años, adicto a internet, cafeinómano, fanático de la información, intento de emprendedor, trabaja de forma compulsiva solo en lo que ama. Image Wall with jQuery and CSS3. Iriscouch/request_jquery - GitHub. Tutoriel: Drag and Drop JQuery, exemple avec une liste des tâches. Facile jQuery, css Après un tutoriel pour créer un diaporama simple avec JQuery, qui d’après vos commentaires vous a assez intéressé, voici un nouveau tutoriel basé sur le Drag and Drop. L’exemple que nous allons voir est une liste des tâche simple, que je vous présente sous la forme d’une liste de courses. Le principe est simple, on ajoute des éléments, on les renomme, on modifie leur ordre et on les supprime. On va voir dans cet article comment utiliser de manière très simple la bibliothèque d’animations et d’interactions JQuery UI.

Celle ci permet d’avoir « nativement » des interfaces pour pouvoir déplacer des éléments et contrôler où on les dépose (drag & drop) ainsi que pour les trier. Ces interfaces sont les suivantes : Mise en page et intégration Partie HTML Nous allons créer une page xHTML simple, composée des éléments suivants : Nous avons besoin dans ce tutoriel de deux fichiers CSS : Pour la mise en page de la page elle mêmePour la mise en page de la liste des courses (shopping list)

GameQuery - a javascript game engine with jQuery. Animated Text and Icon Menu with jQuery. Update Timeline using Jquery as in Twitter | Live Twitter Search using PHP - Anoop S Achari | PHP | Javascript | JSON | AJAX. Anoopsachari | Aug 20, 2010 | Comments 3 Hello friends back to blogging after sometime . Recently i got a mail from one of my friend asking about how can we update a timeline using an animation effect as in twitter timeline . Here i am giving you a code in jquery that would help you to implement the same . I have also added a search feature in the code . Just check the demo . An Introduction to jQuery Templates. The goal of this blog entry is to provide you with enough information to start working with jQuery Templates. jQuery Templates enable you to display and manipulate data in the browser. For example, you can use jQuery Templates to format and display a set of database records that you have retrieved with an Ajax call. jQuery Templates supports a number of powerful features such as template tags, template composition, and wrapped templates.

I’ll concentrate on the features that I think that you will find most useful. In order to focus on the jQuery Templates feature itself, this blog entry is server technology agnostic. All the samples use HTML pages instead of ASP.NET pages. In a future blog entry, I’ll focus on using jQuery Templates with ASP.NET Web Forms and ASP.NET MVC (You can do some pretty powerful things when jQuery Templates are used on the client and ASP.NET is used on the server). Introduction to jQuery Templates A Basic Sample of jQuery Templates Using Template Tags Summary. jCountdown - jQuery Plugin | Web Muse. jCookie - jQuery Plugin | Web Muse. Google Plus Style Animations with Jquery and CSS3. Functions overview - php.js. jQuery Proven Performance Tips And Tricks (Slides) Quovolver | a simple jQuery plugin for revolving quotes.

Christianv/jquery-lifestream - GitHub. Making a Custom Facebook Wall with jQuery Templates. jQuery Credit Card Format Valiation Plugin: Smart Validate. jQuery spin button html form control. jRumble | A jQuery Plugin That Rumbles Elements. jLinkPreview. Visual Form Builder - Beautiful Forms In Seconds Preview.

Snippet :: jQuery Syntax Highlighter. jQuery Spinner Control - Spinning List of Items. jQuery File Upload Demo. Activity-indicator. Easy Paginate - jQuery plugin for pagination. Zebra_Dialog, a lightweight dialog box plugin for jQuery. Jquery-preloader - jQuery plugin to preload components. LeanModal - a JQuery modal plugin that works with your CSS. Craftyslide - A tiny jQuery slideshow plugin. jShowOff: a jQuery Content Rotator Plugin by Erik Kallevig. Slides, A Slideshow Plugin for jQuery. JbhSlider, un slider en jQuery - par Jacques Bodin-Hullin. jQuery Topbar message Plugin Demo. jQuery plugin: Easy Image Zoom. Useful image hover slide effect with jQuery | image hover,image slide. Trepmag/jrac - GitHub. DropKick - a jQuery plugin for beautiful dropdowns.

Scriptbreaker. Jbar @ GitHub.