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Kundalini & Spiritual Emergency: What Doctors, Psychologists, and YOU Need to Know by Lissa Rankin. Kundalini needs to be described both in secular, spiritual, and Western religious terms in order to meet people where they are.

Kundalini & Spiritual Emergency: What Doctors, Psychologists, and YOU Need to Know by Lissa Rankin

We need to demystify and normalize kundalini in the West within the fields of transpersonal, integral, humanistic, and other forms of psychology, other sciences, and various additional avenues of secular discourse. A few examples of describing kundalini within Western-inspired frameworks over the years include the work of Stuart Sovatsky (transpersonal psychology), Itzhak Bentov (general science), Gopi Krishna (Western perspective & Hindu) and Philip St. Romain (Christianity) among others. Q: What is kundalini? Briefly speaking, kundalini can be thought of as a reservoir of prana (Sanskrit: “life-energy/life-force”) that is located in the area of the perineum. The term “kundalini” comes from an evolving Sanskrit terminology—its 5th century BCE roots denote the name of a snake-deity meaning, “bowl or water-pot.” Physical Manifestations • Lethargy. • Mood swings. OPEN HAND – What is Kundalini? – How to Activate it? – 5-10-14.

Image Source There’s a profound spiritual possibility open to all people: the opportunity to be absolutely connected to the source of all life, and have that energy steer us in the direction of destiny.

OPEN HAND – What is Kundalini? – How to Activate it? – 5-10-14

Kundalini is the natural creative alignment with the divine; it is our inherent birthright that most have been separated from. How do you unify lower and higher self so that you may reactivate your Kundalini? Kundalini yoga. What is Kundalini and how to Activate it? I can recall in my spiritual journey a time of inner purification, which steadily integrated and unleashed soul through my being.

What is Kundalini and how to Activate it?

Each step was like a home coming - a remembrance of who I was and where I really came from. Why Awaken Kundalini? Everybody should know something about kundalini as it represents the coming consciousness of mankind.

Why Awaken Kundalini?

Kundalini is the name of a sleeping dormant potential force in the human organism and it is situated at the root of the spinal column. In the masculine body it is in the perineum, between the urinary and excretory organs. In the female body its location is at the root of the uterus, in the cervix. This center is known as mooladhara chakra and it is actually a physical structure. It is a small gland which you can even take out and press. To awaken kundalini you must prepare yourself through yogic techniques. Although kundalini is said to reside in mooladhara chakra, we are all at different stages of evolution, and in some of us kundalini may have already reached swadhisthana, manipura or anahata chakra.

Once the multipetalled lotus of sahasrara blossoms, a new consciousness dawns. Kundalini Yoga: Beneficial or Dangerous? Sadhguru speaks about what kundalini is, and looks at the process of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga: Beneficial or Dangerous?

He explores how this powerful spiritual process should be approached with utmost responsibility and reverence. Sadhguru: In the yogic culture, the snake is a symbolism for kundalini – the unmanifest energy within you. The nature of kundalini is such that when it is still, you do not even know it exists. Only when it moves, you realize there is so much power within you.

14 Things Every Kundalini Yogi Should Do in 2014. In my bliss bubble teaching. 2014 is a 7 year...a year of the aura and a shiny new YOU!

14 Things Every Kundalini Yogi Should Do in 2014

It's a great year for cleansing, detoxing and emotional balance....and most of all a great year to step into the dream-you that you've always wanted to be in the here and now. Start now! Here are 14 things that every Kundalini yogi should do in 2014 (in so far as "should" means "Jump for joy and embrace Infinity! ") 1- Love yourself with crazy abandon. I mean crazy, lost in love, poetry-spouting deliciousness. 2- Touch shuniya, the still point. This could mean a daily 2 1/2 hour sadhana in the amrit vela. 3- Forgive your parents, your exes, your siblings, your spouse and even your mean teacher from 3rd grade. You are the only one who is tasting your bitterness. 4- Bow to something greater than you. It doesn't matter if what you bow to is called God or the Universe or Love. 5- Stop calling yourself fat.

Or ugly. 6- Develop a strong navel center. Boom. Kundalini Rising: A Comprehensive Guide To The 7 Chakras. Kundalini Rising, Part 1: The Root Chakra “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ Carl Jung Imagine your spine is a tree trunk with seven ascending flowers (chakras) growing out of it.

Kundalini Rising: A Comprehensive Guide To The 7 Chakras

These flowers are either opened or closed depending upon your health, mental disposition, and ability to communicate with the cosmos. These flowers emit a distinct energy unique to your personal frequency, but they are profoundly interconnected, both with each other and with the greater cosmos. The new Kundalini point on Earth - Women's Journeys (Los Angeles, CA) 14 Things Every Kundalini Yogi Should Do in 2014.