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Coronavirus ( covid 19) Recipes. The Evolution (and Legalization) of Lofts. I decided to write this article because many of us at have clients who seem interested in the history of a particular building, but we’ve never been asked about the history of lofts altogether.

The Evolution (and Legalization) of Lofts

When I tell my clients, they always seem fascinated. So… here’s a quick history lesson for anyone interested! Lofts have grown up considerably, from their decidedly un-glamourous origins to the high-end living spaces they have become today. It should be noted that owning a loft in Toronto is the same as owning a condo: they both come with property management, maintenance fees and sometimes amenities (depending on the building). Lofts are simply a different ‘style’ of condo, but with a much more colourful and romantic history. From spacious ateliers to poverty and back. Evidence for the effectivness and cost-effectiveness of interventions to reduce alcohol-related harm - E92823.

15 Maps That Show How Americans Use Drugs. Japan's mysterious 'Dragon Eye' lake - BBC Reel. The world is filled with wonders that inspire a sense of awe and sheer amazement.

Japan's mysterious 'Dragon Eye' lake - BBC Reel

Japan's mysterious 'Dragon Eye' lakeThe natural phenomenon appears just once a year - if at allNow Playing Spain's otherworldly red riverA wondrous red river in southern Spain has become a laboratory for Nasa operations aimed at exploring Mars.Watch now NatureCould this be Japan's 'Atlantis'? NatureA rare weather phenomenon like no otherNorth Carolina’s thermal inversion and rare sea of clouds.Watch now. George RR Martin apologises over 'racially insensitive' comments. Game Of Thrones author George RR Martin has apologised after coming under fire for comments deemed ‘racially and sexually insensitive’ at this year’s Hugo Awards.

George RR Martin apologises over 'racially insensitive' comments

NPR's Favorite Books Of 2019 : NPR. NPR Choice page. Players’ Choice: Vote for the best new game of July 2020 – PlayStation.Blog. What game made your July that much better?

Players’ Choice: Vote for the best new game of July 2020 – PlayStation.Blog

Was it the high-flying action of Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Jin Sakai’s stunning journey through Ghost of Tsushima, the freeform tricks of Skater XL, or perhaps the animated antics of Cuphead? Now’s your chance to let us know. Get those votes in below before Sunday, August 16, at 11:59pm PST / Monday at 7.59am BST / 8.59am CEST, and we’ll reveal the winner next week. See you then! How does it work? Why did the City of Toronto lease WE Charity's former HQ for $6 million? I was not consulted properly prior to city staff signing the lease agreement.

Why did the City of Toronto lease WE Charity's former HQ for $6 million? COVID-19: Status of Cases in Toronto – City of Toronto. When using the charts below, hover over the bars to view numbers (counts) and other relevant information.

COVID-19: Status of Cases in Toronto – City of Toronto

Please note that the data shown here may differ from other sources, as data are extracted at different times. The data in the charts are subject to change as the public health investigation into reported cases is currently ongoing. Additionally, data definitions are subject to change as the pandemic evolves. This information is updated three times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. View mobile version. The Province of Ontario provides a detailed summary of COVID-19 cases in the province that is updated each day at 10:30 a.m.

These maps illustrate the distribution of COVID-19 cases across our city, as suggested by their home address. These maps are intended to provide information to help prevention strategies reach those people most affected. Maps include cases from outbreaks in long-term care and other institutional settings. And are organized in the following four categories: Here Are All the Livestreams & Virtual Concerts to Watch During Coronavirus Crisis (Updating) UPDATE: This roundup is now weekly -- check out all of the livestreams to watch for the week of July 27 here.

Here Are All the Livestreams & Virtual Concerts to Watch During Coronavirus Crisis (Updating)

As the nation adjusts to the new reality of life under self-quarantine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of artists and musical institutions are taking the show online to share some musical joy during these trying times. With venues and bars on lock down across the country, there are plenty of things you can watch from the safety of your couch, thanks to everyone from Miley Cyrus to the New York Metropolitan Opera and the fine folks at Disney. While sites like Stageit have been offering up livestream shows for less-known artists for years, the loss of road time has inspired some acts to look for a new, temporary way to bond with fans until a return to normal.

Toronto's best new restaurants 2020. The entrance—at the back of a coffee shop, through a shadowy corridor of metal mesh walls—takes some sleuthing.

Toronto's best new restaurants 2020

The house specialty is the Thai miracle combo of sour, briny and charred. If you’re looking for pad Thai, keep looking. 23 Best Restaurants in Toronto. As one of the most culturally diverse cities on the planet, Toronto evades categorization.

23 Best Restaurants in Toronto

While restaurants in other cosmopolitan cities like Paris or Tokyo have iconic, immediately identifiable cuisines, Canada’s largest city manages to remain a moving target. Some would say its strong suit is the diversity of cuisines available; others would point out the Canadian influence across all categories, which emphasizes foraged ingredients and provincially sourced meats and produce.

The bottom line is, that you've got a lot of choices. Whether you’re in for a high-brow dining experience, or just a quick bite at the neighborhood haunt, you will find that Toronto’s food scene—truly—has something for everyone. Read on for our picks for which Toronto restaurants to eat at first. For even more recommendations and info, check out our full Toronto City Guide.

Cheeky boar leaves nudist grunting in laptop chase. Image copyright Adele landauer A nudist in Berlin got too close to nature for comfort when a wild boar snatched his plastic bag - which had his laptop inside.

Cheeky boar leaves nudist grunting in laptop chase

The naked man gave chase to the boar and her two piglets - much to the amusement of fellow sunbathers. Adele Landauer, an actor and life coach, took photos of the chase at Teufelssee - a popular bathing spot - and put them on Facebook. "Nature strikes back! "