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Be The Healing. The Problem with the word 'Gypsy' - Gypsy Appropriations. Apr02 I first read this article some time ago, but I seem to always come back to it when explaining to people what the word "gypsy" really means.

The Problem with the word 'Gypsy' - Gypsy Appropriations

The general population has two different definitions, depending on what area of the world they live in... in Europe, Romani people are generally thought of as thieves, vagabonds, scum. We are a "lower race", and as tempting as it is to blame that on Hitler and his campaign to kill us all in the Holocaust, the truth is that the persecution of Romani people goes way farther back. The front page of the internet. As I write this, I fully understand that I will likely be within a small minority when it comes to this opinion, but that’s often where you live when you’re actually, you know, a minority.

the front page of the internet

I get it. I get that the world has been a certain way for a long time, video games have been made in a certain way, for a certain group of people, for a very long time; but just because something has been done for a long time does not necessarily mean we should continue on as we always have. The media we create and mass produce for everyone reflects our society’s values and beliefs as a whole, and that’s why it’s important to have real discussions about problematic elements within the movies, television shows, and video games that we consume. Is anything ever going to be 100% perfect?

Campaign Zero. Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person  Years ago some feminist on the Internet told me I was “privileged.”

Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person 

I came from the kind of poor that people don’t want to believe still exists in this country. Have you ever spent a frigid northern-Illinois winter without heat or running water? I have. Black Twitter Emerging As Major Force In A Technological Civil Rights Age. WASHINGTON (AP) — Michael Dunn's conviction of attempted murder — but not actual murder — in the shooting death of black teenager Jordan Davis prompted the creation of hashtag #dangerousblackkids on Twitter.

Black Twitter Emerging As Major Force In A Technological Civil Rights Age

Users posted photos of black babies and toddlers, spoofing the fear that Dunn testified he felt before opening fire on a car full of teens at a convenience store. That was the calling card of Black Twitter, a small corner of the social media giant where an unabashedly black spin on life gets served up 140 characters at a time. Black Twitter holds court on pretty much everything from President Barack Obama to the latest TV reality show antics. But Black Twitter can also turn activist quickly.

The perils of flying while brown. MY NINE YEAR-OLD daughter has developed a fear of the TSA.

The perils of flying while brown

Chris Rock: It's not black people who have progressed. It's white people. In New York magazine's November 2014 interview with Chris Rock, writer Frank Rich asked the comedian about issues ranging from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, to Bill Cosby's rape allegations.

Chris Rock: It's not black people who have progressed. It's white people.

But perhaps the most insightful part of Rock's interview came when he dismantled the idea of "black progress": How to deal with racist people. When you are the victim of, or witness racist behaviour, have you felt frozen and mute, unable to address the racist?

How to deal with racist people

Or violently angry? Here’s a list of suggestions and techniques, compiled from various people’s responses to the question “How do you deal with racist people?” Racist people can have a strong negative energy. How to deal with racist people. Casual racism FAQs. Download PDF Download Word What is casual racism?

Casual racism FAQs

Casual racism is one form of racism. It refers to conduct involving negative stereotypes or prejudices about people on the basis of race, colour or ethnicity. Examples include jokes, off-handed comments, and exclusion of people from social situations on the basis of race. A Guide For Dealing With Casual Racism. I am biracial, borne of a Taiwanese mother and American father.

A Guide For Dealing With Casual Racism

My features are decidedly not Caucasian, but hard to pin down to one specific category, a tiny frustration that gets at the heart of humans, because subconsciously, we all live to categorize. I deal with a host of questions pertaining to my background from “What you mixed with, girl?” To the timid “What … background are you?” I will entertain these questions, my response varying on the scale from begrudging to enthusiastic. Painting for Peace in Ferguson, a children's book. Take Action in Solidarity with Refugees: 10 Things You Can Do to Help in Ireland « Participant holds a banner during the Day of Action on the ‪Refugee Crisis organised by Uplift, Migrant Rights Centre Ireland and Irish Refugee Council in Dublin, 5th September 2015 Last update: 18/05/2016 The ongoing human tragedy across the Mediterranean and Europe has shocked us all.

Take Action in Solidarity with Refugees: 10 Things You Can Do to Help in Ireland «

While we are still waiting for our government to take a firm action and commit to help refugees, charities, NGOs and people across Ireland, have been organising to put the pressure on our political leaders to finally act, as well as find more practical ways to help ease the crisis. MEDIA RELEASE Afrophobia in Ireland. Afrophobia in Ireland Exec summary. Afrophobia mediumRes. 4 Ways Parents Can Support Their Mixed Race Children. According to my mom, when my brother was around four or five, my Black (African-American) paternal grandfather put a plate of rice and beans in front of him.

My brother immediately burst into tears and asked, “Why do the beans look like that?” And then refused to eat. My brother’s problem was that my grandfather hadn’t given him traditional Puerto Rican arroz con gandules, but rather white rice and black-eyed peas. My mom always says that my brother continued to cry and ask, “Why are the beans looking at me?” The story goes that my grandfather got upset and said, “This is Black food! “9 Questions Natives have for White People” and White fragility: That time I was in Buzzfeed videos. Ending Anti-Blackness Needs to Be a Top Priority for Asian Americans – Here's Why.

Anti-Blackness exists in every continent. It exists among all of our non-Black communities of color; it exists among the people in our families; and it exists among us, individually, too. Which means it’s our responsibility to continually fight to end anti-Blackness in every way we can. Among non-Black people of color, there is the widespread notion that racial justice means being united against white supremacy. Yet, non-Black people of color rarely address the question of how the abolition of white supremacy can never be realized if rampant anti-Blackness among non-Black people goes unchecked. 4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears. 7 Ways Social Justice Language Can Become Abusive in Intimate Relationships.

“It’s that bone gnawed moment when you realize ‘The Community’ will do nothing to stop him from showing up at your backdoor in the middle of the night with the rifle he bought for the revolution” On Apache Pizza and the Globalization of American Indian Cultural Appropriation. By Adam Hoffman, Guest Contributor This was it…I had finally made it to Ireland! As an American, it had always been my dream to travel abroad and tour Europe. At the age of 25, I was well overdue to see a different part of the world. And, as a budding psychologist who studies the development of ethnic and racial identity in youth, I was excited to experience and learn more about the Irish culture and its people. 6 Ways Well-Intentioned People Whitesplain Racism (And Why They Need to Stop) The Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation. Please classify me!

4 Thoughts for Your Yoga Teacher Who Thinks Appropriation Is Fun. Letter To My Yoga Teacher. 4 Thoughts for Your Yoga Teacher Who Thinks Appropriation Is Fun. 4 Ways To Honor Native Americans Without Appropriating Our Culture. 4 Ways To Honor Native Americans Without Appropriating Our Culture. Memo to the world: Not every Indian outfit is a sari.

I’m an Indian woman in her mid-forties, single, childless, jobless, who dresses like an uncool teenager, wraps presents in newspaper, drinks, smokes, occasionally pops into a bar or a movie theatre alone, drives around in the middle of the night, has no ambition, dances tango, has taken to the guitar, is a commitment-phobe and an atheist, and says no a lot. What's the difference between a hijab, niqab and burka? - CBBC Newsround. Hijab, niqab, burka - there are lots of different kinds of coverings worn by Muslim women all over the world. When Cultural Appropriation Goes Wrong In India. Image India Today/via YouTube. 11 of the Most Culturally Appropriated South Asian Accessories – And What they Really Mean. Originally published on Wear Your Voice Magazine and republished here with their permission.

S*T*A*R*S. 13 Must Reads For The Black Feminist In Training. How To Be A Better Ally: An Open Letter To White Folks. Ferguson: How White People Can Be Allies. Protesters hold a rally Aug. 18, 2014, in New York City in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Mo., protesting the death of Michael Brown and the excessive use of force by police. Andrew Burton/Getty Images Michael Brown, an African-American teenager, was shot six times and killed by Darren Wilson, a white police officer, during a stop for jaywalking in Ferguson, Mo. Ferguson: How White People Can Be Allies. 11 Things White People Can Do to Be Real Anti-Racist Allies. 13 Must Reads For The Black Feminist In Training. 70 Classic Black Films Everyone Should See At Least Once. SURJ Holiday Placemat for Racial Justice - Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) Representations Matter. 11 Ways White America Avoids Taking Responsibility for its Racism.

Admit It: Your Fave Is Problematic — Matter. Untitled. Anti-Racism. Segregation Now. School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson. A Clever Teacher's Tricky Game On The Class Got The Back Row Pretty Annoyed. It is Alright, Ma. Bell hooks. Renée Cox. The Importance of Listening as a Privileged Person Fighting for Justice.

About. Lorde Sounds Like Teen Spirit : Best Music Of 2013. Racial empathy gap: People don’t perceive pain in other races. “SNL’s” cringe-worthy truth: Leslie Jones’ slavery sketch was shoddy — but important. TheUnbearableWhitenessofEmceeing.pdf. WHITE RAPPER FAQ Part 2. WHITE RAPPER FAQ Part 2. WHITE RAPPER FAQ. BattyMamzelle: Solidarity Is For Miley Cyrus: The Racial Implications of Her VMA Performance. Where Did You Get The Idea You Could Raise A Black Child? Why do white people think they understand how it feels to be racially profiled? Interview: Kara Walker Decodes Her New World Sphinx at Domino Sugar Factory. "I wanna be a white rapper" - Childish Gambino. White Anti-Racism: Living the Legacy. 17 Things White People Need To Know About #YesAllBlackPeople. Gradient Lair.

Moving the Race Conversation Forward. Black science fiction. Afrofuturism. Janelle Monáe. White (mis)appropriation (with tweets) · sunili. Miley Cyrus, Feminism and The Struggle for Black Recognition. Endia Beal: “Can I Touch It?” explores gender, race, and generational gaps in the corporate environment (PHOTOS). Detangling racism: White women’s fixation with black women’s hair. 'You Can Touch My Hair' Explores Fascination With Black Hair, Sparks Debate (VIDEO, PHOTOS)