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Chocolate Aquafaba Mousse.


Fluffy vegan chocolate mousse with aquafaba - Lazy Cat Kitchen. Avocado Vanilla Pudding - Heavenlynn Healthy. The other day, I got an email from a lovely reader, suggesting that I needed to mix avocado with almond milk, because apparently it turns into pudding.

Avocado Vanilla Pudding - Heavenlynn Healthy

And I don’t mean the British kind of pudding, which I learned means dessert in general, but I mean the gel-like dessert that comes with different flavors like chocolate or vanilla. Plum Cake with Buckwheat & Spelt Dough - Heavenlynn Healthy. I’ve had some exciting few weeks, which is why it has been a bit quiet on the recipe side, but today, I’d like to introduce you to a German specialty: plum cake with buckwheat & spelt dough.

Plum Cake with Buckwheat & Spelt Dough - Heavenlynn Healthy

The original dough is obviously not made with buckwheat or spelt, but normal white flour, but white flour isn’t really nutritious, so whole-wheat it is. Germans eat their plum cake with a yeast dough – now, this might seem very strange to non-Germans, but trust me, it’s divine. The dough is similar to that of bread: flour, yeast, almond milk and a bit of coconut oil, and you simply top it with fruit, but you normally only see it with plums, or damsons, a special and very sweet kind of plum that we get over here. The real hero of this post, however, are my new plates and mugs from Broste Copenhagen*, one of my favorite interior and pottery brands.

It’s funny, but you would think that I have a large cupboard of plates and bowls and could host a large number of people. Total time Author: Lynn Hoefer. Blood Orange Granita. Cacao banana oatmeal & avocado pudding. Although I still have my fair share of banana ice cream and cold smoothies even in winter, chilly mornings just call for warm and comforting breakfasts sometimes… and this cacao oatmeal is the perfect answer.

cacao banana oatmeal & avocado pudding

Especially if accompanied by some avocado pudding. A breakfast bowl jam-packed with energy, nutrients and antioxidants from the oats, avocado, dates and raw cacao. * I used homemade almond & hazelnut milk Pour the plant milk and water in a medium-sized pot over high heat and bring to a boil. Add your oats and lower the heat. New and Improved Sweet Potato Brownies. For the Brownies 500g of sweet potatoes (about 2 medium) 12 medjool dates 6 tablespoons of pure maple syrup 100g of ground almonds 2 tablespoons of melted coconut oil a pinch of salt 100g of ground oats 6 tablespoons of raw cacao powder For the Icing 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

New and Improved Sweet Potato Brownies

BROWN BUTTER CUPCAKE BROWNIES. Dessert, Chocolate Hugh Forte · These are not necessarily the direction I see this site going but there is a time and place for everything and sometimes that's an excellent brownie.


I was paging through cookbooks for inspiration and Hugh couldn't get past these in the Food52 Baking Cookbook.


CAKES. ICE-CREAM. BARS. PARFAITS. Strawberry pannacotta. August 13, 2011 Strawberries are almost over, but I’m trying to get out of them as much as possible.

Strawberry pannacotta

This morning we prepared pannacotta, for the good beginning of a weekend. You will need (for 2): The Raw Brownie. Um, so, I am about to change your life.

The Raw Brownie

Ready? The Raw Brownie. I guess I haven’t mentioned it yet, but I am now working as a chef in the premier raw food restaurant in Copenhagen. Yes, I still have my other restaurant job and I still love “cooking”, but it was time to immerse myself in something new to learn more and deepen my understanding of how food can come together. Boy, am I getting an education!

It seems the one area I am not confused about or having any difficulty with is the dessert menu. The Raw Brownie is no exception. You will be totally surprised at how incredibly rich and satisfying these are, with a complex flavour that remarkably, comes from only five ingredients. Medjool Dates – I should certainly mention that we are total date snobs over at our restaurant, using only the best ones we can find – Medjool dates. Apricot + Pear Crumble – easy vegan recipe, sugar, wheat + oil free.